Our Story 📖

There have been multiple occasions where after purchasing something online, we come to know that the same or similar product was available on an ongoing / upcoming sale. Now, this is really upsetting because you know that you could've saved some money or you could've bought a better product at the same price. This guilt is shared by many online buyers as they are not aware of the latest deals and offers. To make sure that the online buyers don't suffer from this guilt in future, we came up with DealTohPagalHai.

Our Mission 🚀

Our mission is to help online buyers save their precious time and money. We do this by making them aware of the latest deals and offers before they make any purchase. Our users can find latest discounts in ANY category in just ONE click!

Developer 💻

Nikunj Madhogaria
DealTohPagalHai was founded by Nikunj Madhogaria, an IT professional based out of Bengaluru. He likes to create simple solutions using programming. His hobbies include cycling, playing table tennis and solving Rubik's Cube. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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