Best Chronograph Watches Under Rs. 5,000

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So you’ve been thinking about upgrading your fashion statement by investing in a chronograph watch. And, you want to get one in a budget without compromising on the quality or looks.

Before moving ahead with the article, let us discuss a few terms and features of the watches that are featured here.

Although the first chronographs were defined as those watches which had a stopwatch with an independent second hand (with start, stop and reset features), nowadays any watch which does more than just showing the time (or extra dials) is generally termed as a chronograph.

A basic chronograph will have the main time dial, a date / day display.

The higher priced variant will have further options such as tachymeter, pressure sensor, compass, thermometer etc.

If you are looking to get the higher priced variants you can check them out here.

And since these watches are entry level models, they have water resistance which maxes out at 100m (although this is the case we would advise you to limit water exposure to light drizzle and washing hands).

All the products listed here have undergone our strict review to ensure that you get the best offering your money could buy.

The products here have straps including stainless steel, resin and leather so that you can choose the one that you love.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let us review the best chronograph watches that you could get for less than Rs. 5,000.

If you don't want to go through comprehensive review of each watch, I've prepared a table that will give you a rough idea about the various aspects of these watches right away.

Product NameChronographStrap

All-blue chronograph
Date, weekStainless
Replaced if
Check Price

Low-cost chronograph
Hour, minute,
second, date
Replaced if
Check Price

All-gold chronograph
Date, weekStainless
Replaced if
Check Price

Digital + analog chronograph
PlasticOne yearCheck Price

Unique design
GMT, minute,
local time
One yearCheck Price

6-month battery warranty
Hour, minuteRubber
PlasticOne yearCheck Price

Funky look
1/10 second,
second, minute
PlasticTwo yearsCheck Price

Tachymeter function
second, minute,
hour, date,
Two yearsCheck Price
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Naviforce brand is the king of the budget watches category and they have been doing pretty well in the Indian markets owing to their design language and functions.

Our product choice is a sapphire stainless steel strap and body along with gold colored detailing.

The main gold colored detailing is of the twisted rope structure which runs along the case diameter.

The watch keeps its precision with the help of a Japanese quartz crystal.

The hours on the dial are presented in gold as well, with an enlarged numbering on one side which makes it semi formal in its nature.

Towards the bottom of the dial, we have analog display of the day and week of the calendar and it can be controlled by pulling the crown up and rotating.

The glass covering the top is hardened and is not prone to scratches that easily.

The product is shockproof up to some extent and the clasp (the hinge that connects the two sides of the strap) is the entry level and is of good quality.

The manufacturer claims the product to have about 30m of water resistance, although they do advice not to swim or shower using this product.

The product has just a replacement warranty in case of any manufacturing defects and with Amazon’s replacement guarantee you can ensure that the product that you get is the perfect one.

Those looking to get a good looking semi-formal watch without going off budget can definitely look into getting this one.

Next up we have a classic colour scheme which shoots the ball out of the park with the design that it comes in.

It comes with a black dial coupled with a stainless steel case and black leather strap.

This is a formal watch that you just cannot go wrong with, no matter what the occasion is.

This watch is heavy and sturdily built, and will have a solid presence on the hand.

The glass is made of crystal mineral, and its perimeter is covered with a black ring.

It has three crowns which can be used to set the time, the date and to actuate the timer (where the second’s hand works as a stopwatch) and a reset button which brings every presets to its normal position.

The centre crown can be lifted up to adjust the time.

The bottom crown can be pressed to reset the positions and the top crown can be used to start the three small dials present inside the case.

The classic buckle clasp with the hole punches are made of stainless steel and it sits firmly on your hands once tightened.

The watch movement is with the help of quartz and has water resistance rating of about 30 metre and advices the users to limit the water contact usage to light rains and washing hands.

The company offers replacement guarantee in case of manufacturing defects.

For those looking to get a formal watch for daily use without spending more than 2k can definitely look into getting this one.

Our tastes differ and it is the case with watches as well.

Although the older generation is more likely to get this type of watches, the all gold stainless steel chronograph is a looker at any angle! An all out gold look with the same design of the first product that we had listed.

The watch keeps its precision with a Japanese sourced quartz crystal.

It is water resistant up to 30 metres and is suitable for exposure to a light amount of water or moisture.

Since the main case is made of stainless steel, it is heavy and built like a tank, hence it is shockproof as well.

It is the same fold-over clasp mechanism for tightening the strap.

The company offers only replacement warranty in case of any manufacturing defect along with Amazon’s return policy assistance.

For those looking to get affordable formal wear for occasions can definitely go for this product.

Now we are moving on to the branded watches category which has a higher pricing along with assured quality and craftsmanship.

This product from the Sonata Ocean series is a black beauty which is of high-quality rubber resin build.

It has a digital plus analog display and time keeping is done with the help of quartz crystal.

The digital display comes with features such as time, date and day function and other welcome functions such as alarm, stopwatch timer. All these functions can be adjusted and altered with the help of three buttons surrounding the resin case.

The backlight function can be accessed with the help of the light button as well. The light is bright enough to be seen under direct sunlight.

The needles of the dials are given the phosphorescence coating which will help you see the time in the absence of light.

Sonata offers one year of limited warranty on the product and the battery will last for a very long time.

It has the characteristics of a G-shock watch due to its build type, and hence it is shockproof to a greater degree.

For those looking to get a product which has great build quality and very good water resistance, along with the analog and digital combo should go for this product from Sonata.

Now that we’ve seen the traditionally designed watches battling it out to get to your wrist, how about we move away from the traditional design and look at something totally radical?

Enter a chronograph from Giordano, which has three dials offset in a totally radical manner.

The clear glass is made of crystal and is hardened to prevent petty scratches.

The dial base is given a matte black textured look with three dials given in yellow, red and orange combo.

It has three crowns with the primary time adjustment crown in one side and other two crowns on the other side, in which one has the GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time) and another dial where you can set any other time zone setting.

All the crowns are textured on the material and it gives a good grip during its usage.

This product is apt for informal wear and will definitely get you the looks.

The company offers one year of international warranty on the product and owing to the brand name, this will last for a very long time.

The strap is made of high quality leather and comes with the classic clasp with the hole punches which will help you adjust the strap tightness according to your wrist diameter.

The back of the case is made of stainless steel with the Giordano branding to it.

The water resistance offered by the company is about 10 metres, so it is better to keep it away from all sorts of water-related activities.

For those looking to get an offbeat watch with the chronograph functions under this budget should go for this product.

The brand that transformed the watch options of youth across India with their amazing designs combined with quality and affordability. The next watch is from Fastrack, which comes with an offbeat design.

The strap overlaps over the case in front which gives it impact protection and safety from scratches as well.

The strap is made of high quality rubber resin and with the buckle clasp ensuring the fastening on to your wrist.

It has two dials, with one dial showing the hour scale and the second one showing the 60-minute scale.

The dial base is of sapphire blue hue with a carbon fiber texture to it. This makes the dials which are in orange and white more detailed.

The body has two crowns to either side and can be used to control the dials adjacent to it.

It claims to have water resistance up to 100 metres and the glass is made of mineral glass.

The company offers one year of warranty on the product and six months of battery warranty, which is a welcome addition.

This casual chronograph is for the fun-loving, carefree lot who want a funky watch with great build quality.

The blue strap is made of rubber resin which is hard and textured at the bottom for better grip on your wrists.

You can fasten the watch with the help of a buckle clasp.

The chronograph includes three small dials in addition to the main time dial, with 1/10 sec reading, a minute and a second dial and these can be actuated with the help of two buttons on top of the case with the main crown being at the centre of the other two.

The glass is made of mineral resin and the movement type is handled by a quartz crystal.

It has water resistance up to 30 metres and is fine to take out in drizzling rain and washing hands with it and since the straps are made of hydrophobic resin, it is not affected by water as well.

The company offers two years of warranty on the product.

The product comes in excellent packing by Fastrack and has superb aftersales support.

Now we are entering the premium range of chronographs or the starting range of the scientific chronograph, and this product from the Fossil brand is the best that you could get for under Rs. 5000.

High quality stainless steel body and brown leather straps mark the craftsmanship of this product right out of the box.

The white dial base along with the black dial gives a classic and pleasant look.

You can use this with party and formal wear.

The chrome bezel has a welcome addition of tachymeter dial, which can be used to measure the speed or distance that you have covered.

You can refer to this video to know how to use the tachymeter –


The three small dials provide information such as seconds, minutes and a stopwatch timer which can be controlled using the two switches provided on either side of the main crown of the watch.

All Fossil watches come with the famous Fossil tin and this too is not an exception.

The leather strap is thick enough to have a good presence on your wrist and the stainless steel case is a thick one.

The company offers two years of international warranty for this product and offers water resistance up to about a 100 metres.

For those looking to get a premium entry level chronograph for the best price possible should go for this watch.

We have now covered a good ground on the best chronograph watches under Rs. 5000, which are from the best brands in the market.

For a quick recap or a comparison between these watches, you can refer the table shared in the beginning of this post.

We hope our detailed review has helped you get your first chronograph or as a gift for your friends or family.

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