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We men don’t generally fuss over the style of a wallet during its purchase. We prefer to look at the functionality of the wallet that we are trying to get.

But what if you are looking to get a branded one for your next purchase?

Surely with a billion options in the market and rip-offs of the original product, as a customer, we are often misled into buying low-quality ones.

This is where we are coming to help you out with the next purchase of your wallet.

Which type of wallet should you buy?

There are different types of wallets available in the market such as single fold, double fold, and even triple fold.

The folding helps in keeping the wallet comfortably inside, the only downside being the contents kept inside will start to have creases.

So those who carry more cash in hand should definitely look into getting the single fold long wallets.

The advantage with a double fold or triple fold is that more number of compartments can be accommodated.

So you would need to choose the product based on what you are looking to get out of it.

The basic compartments that you need to look for in a wallet are: the cash compartment, the coin compartment with a closing zipper or button lock and a few card compartments.

Having a rugged leather wallet is really a status symbol and if you really take care of it, it will last over a decade of use.

If you’re looking to get a premium leather wallet or planning to gift it to someone, then this is the right place to begin and by the end of the article you will become an expert in the wallet purchases for yourself and your fellow men.

The table below illustrates the important features of the leather wallets reviewed in this article. It might be helpful if you need to compare them side-by-side.

Product NameCash
Black Wallet

Affordable leather wallet
TwoNoSixOne yearNoCheck Price
Otaku WalletOneOneSixSix monthsNoCheck Price
Levi's WalletOneNoEightSix monthsNoCheck Price
Black Wallet
TwoOneFiveSix monthsNoCheck Price
Brown Wallet
TwoOneFiveSix monthsNoCheck Price
Cross WalletTwoOneFourSix monthsNoCheck Price

Top-rated leather wallet
OneTwoNineSix monthsYesCheck Price
Wild Dragon
OneEightSix monthsYesCheck Price
Tan Wallet

Multicolored leather wallet
TwoOneSixSix monthsNoCheck Price
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The first product under our review is from Fastrack.

Although they were limited to producing watches initially, they have now moved into the youth lifestyle products as well.

The product is made of genuine black leather and is thin in its overall profile.

With quality stitching holding the wallet together, they have added a brownish red leather strip along the body of the wallet which ends with the Fastrack branded pin on one side.

There are about six card compartments and two long cash compartments.

Be advised that there is no dedicated coin compartment in this wallet.

The size of this wallet is a perfect standard fit for the back pocket of jeans or pants.

The company offers one year of warranty for the product.

Those who are looking to get a thin profile wallet with all the necessary components with a good design should go for this one.

The design of this wallet is inspired by the world of racing and that is evident from the race colour dyed leather compartments of this product.

But that is not the selling point of this product, this product is made with leather but designed to give the carbon fiber texture to it which makes it even more better in looks.

The product is made by the brand Otaku and it is very hard to get a hold of this product as most of the time, it gets sold out.

The product comes in a blacked out branded box which includes the product, the additional coin compartment and the warranty information.

The product holds a bit of stiffness owing to the rigid carbon fibre kind of characteristics.

There are about six card compartments plus two ID compartments and one long cash compartment which has a thin currency separator.

Each card compartment is dyed using racing colors such as red, white and blue.

Due to continuous customer requests, the company now provides a detachable coin compartment for those who don’t want to compromise that feature.

It also has the Otaku branded metal plate attached on the front of the wallet.

For those looking to get a stylish, never before seen leather textured material, with the mentioned compartment capacities, should definitely go for this one.

The next product that we have is from the clothing brand Levi’s.

They have stepped up the game and have started offering other lifestyle products like wallets as well.

As is the case with all Levi's products, the wallet is of high quality.

The leather used is textured up to have a crocodile scale feel which makes it grippy and feels premium in hand.

It's a basic single fold thin wallet which has about eight compartments in total for the cards, two secret compartments and one long cash compartment forms the basic construction.

The company has provided an extra card compartment which can be removed from the main wallet. This makes it easy to store IDs without much hassle.

There is no dedicated coin compartment for this product.

The company offers six months of warranty on the product and the wallet comes in a steel branded box.

You can use this box for long time storage and is apt for gift wrapping as well.

Those who are looking to get a branded international product of the highest quality, and which has the required compartments, should go for this one.

Surprised? Yes, it is true.

The Titan brand is offering its range of wallets as well.

A premium leather product with the top and bottom halves having textured leather, stitched on top of the smooth leather surface at the centre, gives it a clean look.

The main plus point of this product is regarding the various storage options provided.

It has three credit / debit card holders, two secret compartments, a zipped coin compartment, a sim card holder (the slit provided in the inside of the product) and two long cash compartments.

This product offers the most number of compartments.

The company offers six months of warranty on the product against just manufacturing defects.

A neat and clean cut leather designed product, this is for those who are looking to get a product which has all the essential compartments and stays within a good budget range.

This is for the brown leather lovers out there.

The brown colour along with strips of navy blue, adds a modern touch to the classic leather shade.

All the compartments and exterior are stitched very neatly and look just right in the hands.

The leather is wax and oil coated, ensuring the smoothness, and extending the durability of the product.

There are about five card compartments, one coin compartment, one ID pocket, one passport photo compartment, two cash compartments and two secret compartments.

It accommodates all these compartments by having an extra compartment flap inside and uses the bi-fold mechanism.

The company offers six months of warranty on the product.

Those who are looking to get a genuine leather coloured wallet with all the essential compartments, should go for this product.

Cross is known for their leather made products which are of extremely high quality because it passes through strict testing methods.

This product is deep brown in colour and has a basic leather texture on the surface.

It has four card compartments, two cash compartments with separation between them, one coin compartment and two secret compartments.

They have one of the best overall designs to offer and is the perfect gift that you could offer to anyone.

They offer three variants of this product, namely the black, the tan brown, and the coffee colour which has the most number of takers.

The coffee variant has a soft coffee colour on the outside and black leather and stitching in the inside.

The company offers six months of warranty on this product.

Those who are looking to gift a wallet for someone should definitely go for this one, due to the fact that Cross is a premium brand and is known for its durability.

Anyone receiving this product will know the quality of this product once they start using it.

With the advancement of technology, more and more complex fraud is on the rise as well.

One of the most widely seen fraud is the reading of your credit or debit card by exploiting the RFID tag (the black strip on the back of the card) using radio waves.

Although banks have started issuing safer cards, given time, they can be exploited as well.

So to stay away from these frauds, let us introduce you to a new set of wallets that are in the market.

They are the RFID blocking cards.

They come with the radio wave blocking material, which is present within the wallet.

This wallet from the Contact brand is for those who carry a lot of cash and card along with them at all times.

They have enabled this RFID blocking in all its sides as well.

There are about nine card compartments, one window compartment, an SD card compartment, a SIM compartment and two sets of zipped coin compartments, which runs along the length of the wallet.

Massive in storage and best in looks, this is one of the best wallets which gets you a lot of functionality.

Apart from the brown color as shown in the picture, the wallet also comes in black and beige colours.

The product comes with ten days of Amazon’s no questions asked replacement assurance in case you don’t like the product.

This wallet comes with it all.

That is how you can describe it with one sentence.

With a black exterior and soft brown leather inside, this wallet is made for those who want to "pack it, all into the wallet".

It has about eight card compartments, with even a compartment on the exterior as well.

What is even more exciting about this product is the presence of a steel cash clip which accommodates the cash inside instead of the cash compartment.

Due to this, the wallet is very much thin in profile.

Also, this feature has a learning curve to it.

In addition to all of this, there is a zipped coin compartment and two secret compartments.

Similar to the above product, this wallet also provides protection against the RFID fraud using the radio wave blocking material inside the wallet.

It comes with Amazon’s ten-day return policy.

For those who are interested in the cash clip features and the card capacity, should definitely look into getting this product for their next wallet purchase.

Another offering from Titan which has the most rugged look of all the wallets here.

It has number of tan brown and dull navy blue dyed leather layers forming the body of the product.

The well-stitched wallet provides the structural integrity of the product.

Going inside, the product has a bi-fold mechanism along with six card compartments, one window compartment, one coin compartment, one passport photo compartment, two secret compartments and two long cash compartments.

The company offers six months of warranty on the product and can be availed by producing the warranty card present inside the box.

For those who are looking to get a super stylish wallet with all the essential features, and this tan colour, should definitely go for this one.

You can compare the basic features of these leather wallets against one another with the help of the table shared earlier. It will help you in finalizing the decision on which one to go after.

With more different types of new storage options getting into the wallet space, the number of options that are available in the market can get a bit confusing.

We hope this article was able to clear your confusion about which premium leather wallet to choose based on your requirements.

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