Tearable Cloth

by Nikunj Madhogaria | Last Updated


This awesome interactive time-killer was developed by Adam Brooks.

You can check out his works at CodePen and GitHub.

How to play?

  • Tear the cloth with your mouse.

  • Right click and drag to cut the cloth.

  • Refresh the page for resetting the interactive.

When I first discovered this interactive, I was in absolute awe. As a web-developer, I was really impressed.

I always ended up shredding the cloth to the tiniest of threads. After that, I would keep on tossing those threads. SO MUCH FUN!

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About the Author

Nikunj-Madhogaria Nikunj is an IT professional based out of Bengaluru. He completed his Bachelors in Computer Science from KIIT University. He likes to create simple solutions using programming. His hobbies include cycling, playing table tennis and solving Rubik's Cube.