Best Home Air Purifiers in India

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Air pollution, dust and all other things that make us want to crawl into the comfort zone of our home.

After a long tiring day of endless chaos, coming home brings a sense of peace in all of us.

But what if our comfy four walls also get polluted by dust particles and bacteria from outside?

With air quality getting worse every single day, we need to take some actions to control it.

One such invention is home air purifiers.

What are air purifiers?

Home air purifiers or air cleaners are filter like machines that are used in homes to clean the contaminants present in the air.

Usually they are kept in living room or any other room to improve the air quality of the house.

The basic function of an air purifier is to make the air surrounding a room considerably clean, by removing all the dust particles, harmful bacteria, pollutants, and allergens.

Air purifiers are available in a number of varieties with different features and specifications.

How do air purifiers work?

Air purifiers work on two different air cleansing technologies. One is active air purifiers and another is passive air purifiers.

Active purifier uses ionization to cleanse the water, while passive purifier filter removes pollutants present in the room.

Benefits of using an air purifier in your home

  • Good for allergic people since it removes allergens.

  • It reduces CO₂ present in air.

  • Reduces the concentration of other pollutants.

  • It also removes impurities like pollen, mold, dust mites, pet dander, etc.

Characteristics of a good air purifier

  • High efficiency: The air purifier should do the task it's primarily supposed to do, that is, efficiently removing dust and pollutants from the air in your home.

  • Low noise: The noise level (in decibel) should be lower.

  • Affordable: The air purifier should be budget friendly and a value-for-money investment.

  • Fast cleansing: It should cleanse your home quickly.

  • Smart: It should come with remote control and app control facilities.

So to save the day from polluted air, we are listing out 5 of the best selling air purifiers.

The comparison table below will help you to choose the best home air purifier for your home based on your expectations.

Product NameWeightNo. of
Mi 2S
Low-cost + Alexa compatible
4.8 kg3Yes310 m³/hr1 yearCheck Price
Beta 350

7-stage air filtration
4.8 kg7Yes170 m³/hr1 yearCheck Price
Air Touch i8

7.0 kg3Yes300 m³/hr1 yearCheck Price
Coway Sleek
Pro AP-1009

3-year warranty
7.5 kg3Yes303 m³/hr3 years
(on motor) /
1 year
(on parts)
Check Price

Highest CADR (clear air delivery rate)
9.8 kg3Yes376 m³/hr2 yearsCheck Price
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The motto of Mi’s air purifier 2S is to provide clean, odour-less, allergen free air to the customers.

This air purifier comes in classic white color and stands 2 feet tall.

Mi 2S has an amazing OLED display with auto brightness adjustment.

Features of Mi 2S

  • OLED display: OLED is the organic light emitting diode used for displays in electronic/electrical appliances.

    This OLED allows user to check the air quality level up to PM 2.5 in the room.

    It also helps to track the purity level of your air with temperature and humidity levels.

  • Brightness adjuster: Mi air purifier 2S is designed in such a way that automatically adjusts the brightness controls to ambient light without disturbing the room atmosphere.

    Let it be your studies, prayer or sleep Mi gives you a peaceful experience.

  • Laser sensor: Most of the home air purifiers come up with particulate matter sensor to detect dust particles.

    Mi air purifier 2S detects particulate matter as small as 0.3 um with accurate precision and displays it on the OLED screen so that one can always know the amount of PM present in your room.

  • Three layered filter: Mi 2S comes up with 3 layers for purification from dust particles.

    • The first layer that is forms the inner core consists of activated carbon which is famous for removing formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals present in the air.

    • The second layer which is in the middle uses a technology called H11-grade which filters micron sized dust particles and vicious bacteria; this technology is made from TORAY, Japan.

    • The final outer layer consists of filters which removes particles that are transmitted through air.

  • CADR: CADR is the clean air delivery rate which is used as an international standard for determining an air purifier’s goodness.

    Mi air purifier 2S has a CADR rate of 310 m³ per hour to provide fast and powerful purification.

  • Structure: The structure of Mi 2S is tower like to ensure maximum coverage and forms a 360 degree air filtration cylindrical path.

  • Alexa power: One of the best feature of Mi air purifier 2S is its ability to connect with Amazon’s Alexa devices which is easy and effective.

  • Weight of the product: The Mi 2S weights 4.8 kilograms which is comparatively light weight than most of the home air purifiers.

Pros and cons of Mi 2S

  • Easy to replace with Mi's 10 day easy replacement policy

  • Many service centers around the country

  • Effective and silent design

  • Light weight

  • Out of stock air filters

  • Motor issues

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Atlanta healthcare’s beta 350 air purifier offers numerous functionalities like 43 watt powerful purifier, low noise level, multi-mode functions etc.

Features of Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350

  • Filtration process: The filtration process consists of seven layers as mentioned below.

    • Pre filter layer: This outer layer removes the dust particles like pollen, dust mite and hair.

    • HEPA: HEPA layer is used for removing fine impurities present in air.

    • Anti bacterial layer: This layer helps in killing micro organisms like bacteria.

    • Activated carbon layer: It removes bad odour, formaldehyde and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

    • Photo catalyst: Used to remove disinfectants and allergens.

    • UV layer: This layer neutralizes air borne microbes to give much cleaner air.

    • Ionizer: This is the last layer which improves air quality by neutralizing suspended particles and generating high density of ions. This in return, creates a forest-fresh environment.

  • Odor sensor: Atlanta beta 350 comes up with a powerful odor sensor and automatic device control.

  • Silent sensors: Equipped with mighty ultra-silent sensors that works smoothly with any noise.

  • Weight of the product: Atlanta beta 350 which is a compact and sleek model weighs as light as 4.8 kilograms.

Pros and cons of Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350

  • Easy installation

  • Customer service is good

  • Noise-free

  • Filter quality is poor

  • Sensor problems might arise

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Honeywell is a well known brand known for effective home solutions and this air purifier fits perfectly into that category.

This classic white beauty has a motor power of 42 watt.

Let’s explore its features.

Features of Honeywell Air Touch i8

  • Air filter meter: Honeywell’s air touch i8 comes with an indoor air purifier model and a meter with PM level of 2.5 to measure pollution level.

  • CADR: The clean air delivery rate of Honeywell works at a rate of 300 m³ per hour.

  • Filtration process: Honeywell Air Touch i8 has 3 layers of filtration.

    This filter also combines the properties of HEPA and HiSiv filters to remove minute pollutants and keep the air safe.

  • Ozone-free: Honeywell i8 comes with a technology called Ozone-free which doesn’t release ozone gas (a pollutant that causes respiratory diseases and lung infections) as a byproduct of the filtration technology.

  • Weight of the product: The Air Touch i8 has a minimal design and weighs around 7.0 kilograms.

Pros and cons of Honeywell Air Touch i8

  • Highly durable filters

  • Easy to use

  • Value for money

  • Child lock

  • Poor service

  • Quality is not good, might deteriorate soon

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Coway is one of the renowned brands in the world known for its home air purifier design.

Coway air purifier models are made in Korea using HEPA technology.

Features of Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009

  • CADR: Coway has a CADR rate of 303 cubic meter per hour for effective performance.

  • Filtration: It has a 3 step filter process.

    • Pre filter: The outside layer protects the room from pollutants.

    • Urethane Carbon filter: Coway uses their patented urethane-carbon filter for deep filtration of allergens.

    • HEPA filter: HEPA filter here have multiple layer for maximum coverage.

  • Filter life: Coway sleek air purifiers have long filter life up to 8500 hours at the rate of 12 hours/day.

  • Weight of the product: The product looks hands down exotic with its unique design at weighs at 7.5 kg.

Pros and cons of Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009

  • Makes air quality considerably better

  • Good product design

  • Unique urethane-carbon filter

  • Filter are not durable and have a lower lifespan

  • Customer service availability is low

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The brand name Philips needs no introduction as they are considered as one of the powerful and leading brand all over the world known for their innovation ideas to make simple and effective home solutions.

Philips 3000 series AeraSense air purifier is one of the popular products from the house of Philips coming with a powerful 60 watt motor.

This model is especially designed for homes with larger living/bed rooms.

Features of Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20 AeraSense

  • Nano protect S3 filters: Philips 3000 series comes with a unique concept of nano S3 filters to make your air as healthy as possible.

    • Pre filter: Removes mite and other dust particles from air.

    • Activated carbon filter: Activated carbon is famous for sucking out impurities from air also removing bad odors, harmful gases etc.

    • HEPA: The HEPA filter comes with two layers.

      One is Anti bacterial layer consisting of German technology and another layer removes fine particles up to 0.02 micron also removes H1N1 and other disease causing bacteria.

  • Vita shield IPS: Vita shield uses intelligent purification systems to remove minute particles 100 times smaller than PM 2.5

  • H1N1 protection: The HEPA filter used here gives maximum protection against H1N1.

  • Digital timer: Philips 3000 series comes with a 24 hours digital timer.

  • Air alert: Philips air purifier with its AeraSense technology gives healthy air protect alert.

  • Turbo mode: Consists of turbo mode for smart purification.

  • Sensor touch panel: The panel board of Philips 3000 series comes with sensor touch design with precise control.

  • Air inlets: Philips has 3 air inlets dedicated for maximum performance.

  • Weight of the product: This air purifier weighs nearly 10 kilograms due to its larger size and multiple capacities.

Pros and cons of Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20 AeraSense

  • Maximum coverage

  • Trusted brand name

  • Good quality product

  • Improved filter design

  • H1N1 feature

  • Weighs more when compared to other models

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These are the 5 best home air purifiers available in India on the basis of quality, price, performance, protection, and experience.

Mi brand air purifier is best for its cost-effective solution and provides HEPA filter protection and Coway brand ranks with better performance and quality.

All of the air purifiers mentioned above are HEPA filter activated and provide multi-stage protection from dust particles.

To make your selection easier you can refer the comparison chart shared earlier.

I hope this article has helped you in your search for the right air purifier for your home.

Home air purifiers make the air in your home clean to hang out with your friends and families with dust out and clean air in!

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