Best Mini Sewing Machines in India

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Mini sewing machines have become a major trend as the need for compact machines has grown over the last few years.

The classical machines were a burden for those who did tailoring occasionally.

With time, electric sewing machines took over the traditional pulley based sewing machines.

Most foot operated traditional machines were fixed on a table. The machines occupied a lot of space and had to be taken care of properly. They required oiling every now and then.

The modern sewing machines are faster and more efficient. They use electricity and are compact. They don’t require any kind of oiling and are easy to use.

Mini Sewing machines are smaller than the usual electric sewing machines and are basically used for simple stitching purposes like stitching thin torn garments.

They are also ideal for beginners and children who want to try their hands on sewing as a hobby.

The Liolis mini sewing machine, is one of the top-rated mini sewing machines available online.

It is compact and can perform basic sewing operations.

It meets the requirements of an average household.

The sewing machine runs on electricity.

It can be used for most types of fabrics.

However, thick fabrics like denim and velvet cannot be stitched using this machine.

The product comes with double threads and two-speed control.

The same product is sold under different brand names. You can refer them in case this one is out of stock.


  • Lightweight: The sewing machine weighs under 1 kg. Therefore, it is very portable and easy to work with. It can be easily carried from one place to another.

  • 4 sewing modes: It comes with four sewing modes that allow you to perform different kinds of stitchings.

  • 2 speed controls: You can set the speed of the machine to two different speeds- high and low. This makes sewing borders and sleeves hassle-free.

  • Pre-threaded: This machine comes pre-threaded. This allows you to jump into sewing right away, without having to strain your eyes threading the needle.

  • Chain-locking stitch: It sews in a durable chain-locking stitch. This ensures long lasting stitches.

  • Chargeable: The sewing machine can also be charged with the adapter that comes along with it. This allows for sewing even in absence of electricity.

    You can also run it on four AA batteries.

    Needless to say, you can operate it by just plugging it to a power source.

  • Foot pedal: The sewing machine comes with a foot pedal as well, for those who are used to it.

  • Assistive light: It comes with a guiding light that allows you to focus on the area currently being stitched.


The following accessories are included with this mini sewing machine:

  • 4 Metal Bobbins

  • 1 Needle

  • 1 Needle Threader

  • 1 Foot Pedal

  • 1 Power adapter


  • It cannot be used to stitch thick fabrics like denims and velvets.

  • A mini sewing machine can be used for only basic stiching tasks. Advanced sewing tasks like embroidery stitching cannot be performed with it.

  • Running the sewing machine without a cloth can cause issues in the bobbin.


One drawback of this machine is that it doesn't come with a warranty.

However, after going through all of the reviews, I can say that they last long if used properly.

Similar models

The same sewing machine is sold under different brand names as follows:

The mini sewing machines are usually cheaper than the bigger heavy-duty electric sewing machines and are comparatively portable.

Mini sewing machines come in handy for those who don’t stitch frequently.

They are useful when you quickly need to sew up something.

I hope I was able to help you with your search for best mini sewing machines in the market.

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