Best Exercise Cycles Under Rs. 10,000

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If it is for staying fit, or losing weight or even gaining weight, we all need exercise.

And as everyone knows, cycling happens to be an important exercise that anyone can do.

Cycling exists in almost every major exercise training plan. You may not have enough time on your hand to go out for actual cycling.

And even if you did, you might not have enough space around your neighbourhood for you to ride your cycle in a fast, paced fashion.

There might be traffic in your area forcing you to stop frequently and interrupting the flow. The best exercise cycles on a budget would be under the Rs. 10,000 range.

To allow yourself a complete and true exercise training of cycling, all you need is an exercise cycle. With an exercise cycle, you can enjoy cycling uninterrupted.

No traffic-related abrupt stops, or pestering speed breakers. You can ride at varying speeds without having to worry about running into other pedestrians or vehicles.

In short, it’s the perfect device for cycling without any hassles.

Here in this article, you will find various exercise cycles that come under Rs. 10,000 and which provide top-notch features.

I will be dividing the article into various categories, depending on their cost.

Model NamePermissible

Best Exercise Cycles Under Rs.10,000

Cardio Max
100 kgsLCD Screen1 YearCheck Price
Cockatoo CXB-05100 kgsLCD Screen2 YearsCheck Price
Kobo Spin Cycle
120 kgsMeterManufacturing
defects only
Check Price

Best Exercise Cycles Under Rs. 9,000

Cockatoo CUB-01
Free Installation Assist.
100 kgsMeter2 YearsCheck Price

Best Exercise Cycles Under Rs. 8,000

Lifeline Myspoga
128 kgsMeter1 YearCheck Price

Best Exercise Cycles Under Rs. 7,000

Powermax Fitness

Free Bundles
100 kgsLCD Screen1 YearCheck Price
Powermax Fitness
100 kgsDigital Meter1 YearCheck Price

Best Exercise Cycles Under Rs. 6,000

Lifeline Cycle100 kgsDigital Meter1 YearCheck Price
Body Gym Cycle90 kgsDigital Meter1 YearCheck Price
Cockatoo Cycle
110 kgsDigital MeterManufacturing
defects only
Check Price
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Best Exercise Cycles Under Rs. 10,000

The Cardio Max has a unique silver colour and has a 4 kg flywheel. It has a display that includes time, distance, speed, pulse, calorie, total distance travelled, scan, hand pulse sensor.

The maximum allowed weight on the cycle is 100 kgs. It has an 8 level tension controller.

To provide greater stability and grip on the footholds, the cycle gives you non-skid foot pedals with adjustable foot straps.

Its complete assembled size is 92 x 51 x 110.5 (cms). One of its most standout features is that unlike regular cycles, this one is not fully mechanical, but a combination of mechanical and magnetic.

This makes for a much smoother ride and exercising.

If you are looking for something that gets your cycling done, looks sleek and stylish and occupies less space then look no further. The Cockatoo CXB-05 comes with all those features.

The 8 levels manual tension makes for intense cycling thus increasing your calories burn.

It has a 1.4 kgs flywheel and also folds, thus making it extremely efficient in space.

The maximum weight of the user allowed is 110 kg. Its screen provides access to speed, time, distance covered, calorie burn, ODO, 8 level tension control, and pulse.

It also has a two belt transmission mechanism and magnetic resistance provide a quiet and smooth ride without interrupting you. Its folded dimensions are 13L x 21W x 53H (inches).

The original variant comes in sky blue colour and the other variant comes in black colour. One of its popular variants include the Smart X-Bike.

The Kobo Exercise Bike has a sturdy and robust design that allows for greater durability and stability. The seat is adjustable and comfortable and comes equipped with a seat shock system.

This mainly provides a comfortable sitting, throughout the exercise.

It has transport wheels that make for easier moving of the bike for convenient storage.

It allows for a maximum user weight of 120 kgs. It is designed to function efficiently and without making much operational noise.

This bike requires assembly and can be assembled with ease by following the instructions that come along with the bike.

On the whole, it has a stylish and sleek design that is perfect for compact homes and space-conserving minds.

It comes in 2 more popular colour variants:

Best Exercise Cycles Under Rs. 9,000

It comes with a 6” LCD monitor that tracks your speed, calories burnt and distance covered. Maximum user weight allowed is 100 kgs.

It has no mechanical but a magnetic motor that makes for a silent and smooth ride.

It has 8 levels of magnetic resistance that allow you to push your exercise to the next level. This upright exercise bike measures 31.5 x 48.75 x 18 inches.

This Cockatoo version of the bike is specifically designed to aid those who are aiming for weight loss as their primary goal and for those who are aiming to stay fit and get their daily cardio as easily as possible.

Best Exercise Cycles under Rs. 8,000

If you ever needed the various accessories that come with an exercise bike, then this is the best deal for you. You get all the things you need for the ultimate cycling experience right here.

The non-motorized exercise cycle machine is for home use. The electronic meter displays time, distance covered, calories burned, speed.

The manual tension knob is for strength adjustment. The ergonomic adjustable-reach arms are provided with padded grips.

It comes with a steel frame construction and has an easy to adjust the seat and handle position. All this is aided by easy setup and installation.

Best Exercise Cycles Under Rs. 7,000

The Powermax Fitness comes with heart rate sensors on the handles for an easy read of the heartbeat, which is continuously monitored and displayed on the screen.

It has a maximum user weight of 100 kgs.

It has a one-piece crank of 5.5 inches. It has anti-skid pedals for making your riding more comfortable.

It has a fully adjustable seat with gel finish and sweat proof finish. The bike comes with a one-year warranty.

It weighs about 10.5 kgs and it comes equipped with micro-adjustment tension control. It comes with an LCD screen that allows you to keep count of your calories burnt, distance travelled, time used, pulse rate, etc.

The maximum allowed weight of the user is 100 kg. This exercise bike has a flywheel of 3 kgs.

Moving handlebars while pedalling gives you a full (upper and lower) body workout burning more calories in less time.

The tension controller knob allows adjustment of resistance level thus offering different levels of workout intensity. The seat is comfortable and the height is adjustable.

The foot pedals have a lock to avoid slipping of the foot. This stationary bike has an anti-slip wide base for better stability.

The company offers a one-year warranty on this product.

Best Exercise Cycles Under Rs. 6,000

The Lifeline bike is a portable and non-motorized exercise bike. The product has to be assembled using an installation manual provided in the package.

And it is not just an exercise bike, this comes in a package along with a gym bag, tummy trimmer, skipping rope and sweat belt.

All parts of the bike come with a one-year warranty. The bike has a simplistic design and overall greyish colour.

The Body Gym Exercise Bike has a manual resistance system. It can handle the maximum weight of 90 kgs.

The bike comes with back support to provide you with the highest level of comfort while you exercise on the cycle.

The bike weighs an overall of 20 kgs.

It has a meter that shows you time, speed, and your heart rate. This bike is well designed and the grey-black combination suits the whole package.

The handlebars on this exercise bike are fixed and non-movable. The tension of the bike can be adjusted easily with the turn of a knob.

It has a meter fitted to it that shows the distance travelled, calories burnt and time used.

It comes in a silver-black colour combination.

Apart from the original, the other more popular variants include:

  • Variant-1: It comes in a silver colour with a complementary shaker bottle.

  • Variant-2: It comes in a unique orange colour and with dual action handlebars that allow you to engage in both upper and lower body workout.

Now that we have finished the comparison of the best exercise cycles under Rs. 10,000, you should through these links and shortlist at least three products first and after that move on to make the final choice.

Keep in mind to look for features that suit your needs so that you can get the best out of your product. Thanks for reading!

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