Best Handbags (in India) for Women

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Do you know what is more difficult than putting together the perfect outfit? Finding the perfect handbag to go with it.

With literally millions of options to choose from, it can be a real hassle because ultimately there is a lot that goes into choosing a handbag that is ideal for you.

A handbag can only be perfect for you if it matches your overall aesthetic, has the right amount of space to fit your belongings, and does not compromise function for fashion and vice-versa.

Before you go scrounging the web or your neighbourhood store for the handbag that is suitable for you, take a look at the qualities that you should be looking for to make a well-informed judgement.

How to choose a handbag that is perfect for you?

What is perfect for one may or may not be perfect for another. Keeping this in mind, let us take a look at the attributes you need to consider to select the handbag of your dreams.

  • Size: The first thing you need to pay attention to is the size of the handbag. Selecting the ideal size for you pretty much boils down to the purpose you want the bag to serve.

    If you want to use the bag for carrying just the essentials then a handbag about the size of your hand would be ideal.

    However, if you want to carry more than just the bare minimum you have to consider a relatively larger alternative.

  • Comfort: Then you need to ensure that the handbag you select is comfortable.

    Make sure that the straps are not too big or too small to ensure that they sit perfectly on your body, and do not make carrying the bag difficult.

    After you have established the comfort level, you need to check if it has the appropriate amount of compartments / pockets as per your requirement.

  • Material: Then we move on to the type of material you want.

    You can decide to go with a comfortable super-soft leather bag, or an environment-friendly faux leather one, or you might wanna consider a chic canvas handbag, or even one made out of silk or velvet.

  • Color: Finally, you have to decide how versatile you want the bag to be, which implies choosing the colour either depending on your outfit, or going with colours which generally pair well with almost all outfits, like black or grey or beige.

    Lastly, you should pick the right style, which can either be occasion-specific, or something you can carry every day.

If you are still confused and do not know what to buy, take a look at our top picks for the best women's handbags in India.

In case you're on a budget, I've carefully grouped these handbags according to their prices to make the selection process easier. I've also shared the colour / design variants of each handbag I found on Amazon.

Handbags Under Rs. 2,500

This trendy handbag from Vezela comes with a crocodile texture and a beautiful navy blue colour and a glossy finish.

Its PU leather material gives it an extremely soft hand feel.

Its dual straps make it amazingly sturdy and the satchel style is sure to please anyone who loves to stay on top of trends.

The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and hence suitable for daily use for almost all kinds of lifestyles of this era.

Variants: All variants available in link.

This pink polyester handbag from Diana Korr does justice to the brand name, and adds a dramatic flair to the wearer's outfit. It looks extremely elegant, and its matte finish makes it sensational and extremely trendy.

Its dual straps make it last a lifetime.

It’s made with the newest technology available which makes it retain its shape over a long time, and the shape ensures that you can carry a huge amount of stuff without any permanent damage to it or its sassy aesthetic.

Variants: Beige, black, tan.

This Diana Korr handbag is the perfect companion for your everyday look as well as the fancy events that you have to go to.

Its peach colour is super trendy and its size makes it an absolute must-have for everyone who values fashion but does not want to compromise functionality for it.

It comes with dual metallic chain straps which give its modern style a vintage edge, and its overall design makes using it effortless and convenient.

Variants: Black, gold.

Diana Korr once again steals the show with this classic red chic handbag which combines modern style with a vintage aesthetic that makes it a crowd favourite.

It is made with faux leather which is perfectly sized for everyday use as well as for those special occasions.

The handbag makes sure that you can carry it with extreme ease. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of the women of today.

Its two compartments and five pockets make it extremely spacious. Along with that, it is also water-resistant and appropriate for a variety of occasions.

Variants: Yellow, blue, green.

This handbag from the house of Diana Korr is crafted with faux leather and its black glossy appearance alleviates every look and becomes a source of great envy to the onlookers.

It is appropriate for women from all walks of life.

Its sizeable interior with well-structured compartments and pockets help you keep it tidy, ensuring a nice and easy carrying experience.

It is water-resistant and its supporting chain strap makes it even more practical and versatile.

Variants: Blue, beige, red.

No words can do justice to this one in a million handbag by Diana which has been crafted to perfection using the latest technology.

It is crafted with eco-friendly faux leather which makes it water-resistant, super comfortable and long-lasting.

Its quirky yellow colour and checkered pattern in combination with its smooth and refined texture, make for an absolute must-have for anyone who lives for dazzling the crowd.

Variants: Black.

You know what's better than one Flying Berry handbag? Three Flying Berry bags!

These handbags are super trendy, elegant and adorable. The handbags in this combo have everything one wants from a bag.

This set consists of a handbag, a sling, and a wallet.

The blue colour, the texture, and the pattern make it a to-die-for handbag.

The handbag is incredibly spacious and the compartments help you stay organized, while the sling is party appropriate, and the wallet is perfect for those occasions when all you need to carry are the essentials.

These handbags pair well with both casual and formal outfits, and also make for an amazing gift.

Variants: All variants available in link.

This chic handbag has a fashionable design along with a velvety soft texture. Its reliable quality makes it appropriate for various occasions and enhances your look.

This simple yet dazzling combination of bags is a great investment, with the smaller one coming in handy when you need to carry just the essentials, while the bigger handbag helps you out when you need to carry numerous things in a stylish and organized manner.

Both the bags are made up of strong material for daily use. The straps ensure comfortable and easy carrying.

Designed while keeping in mind the needs of modern women this combo is a "value for money" offer.

Variants: All variants available in link.

Handbags Under Rs. 1,500

This handbag from Diana Korr is an absolute must-have for anyone who considers themselves fashion-forward.

This bag has been crafted to perfection using the latest technology. Its unmatched spacious design makes it a very practical investment, especially when combined with its perforated design and detachable strap.

It uses snap button mechanism to secure your belongings which makes it super convenient to use.

The spacious pouch that comes with it helps keep your belongings safe while expanding the provided space.

Variants: Tan, black, peach, red.

This polyester handbag from Butterflies is ideal for those who want to stand out in crowds.

The bag has a beautiful design and comes in a chic peach colour.

It is suitable for daily use, day-long trips, and casual outings and also pairs well with a business-casual look.

This bag has a timeless style and an amazing buttery texture. It's spacious and versatile.

On top of all that, its 2 compartments and 4 pockets help you stay organized and ready for anything and everything life throws your way.

Variants: Beige, red, orange.

This handbag from the house of Flying Berry is an absolute must-have with its sleek design.

Its unique urban beige aesthetic matches outfits easily, and can be carried to a variety of occasions ranging from fancy dinner parties to casual hangouts with friends.

It has a buttery zipper which is extremely elegant and practical.

Keeping in mind the latest fashion trends in town, this is ideal not only for personal usage but also makes for a great gift.

Variants: White combo of 2, more colour combos of 2.

This exemplary Lapis O Lupo handbag is made of super smooth canvas material.

It has a zipper that ensures that your belongings are safe inside it even during long commutes.

This ritzy handbag helps you keep your stuff in a neat and organized manner.

The buttons on the sides of this handbag help it retain its shape over a long period, while the double handle ensures a comfortable experience.

The handbag comes in an exceptional turquoise colour which is sure to dazzle all the onlookers.

Variants: All variants available in link.

This faux vegan PU leather handbag by Cathy London is one hundred percent cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

It comes in a super glamorous peach colour with inner fabric lining in dark brown colour, which not only gives it an amazing appearance inside and out, but also makes it more substantial and lasting.

Its gold-tone hardware gives it a unique glow.

You can carry it by holding its double handles, or you can use the adjustable (and detachable) shoulder strap to carry it on your shoulders.

Variants: Blue, off-white.

This one of a kind laser punched camel coloured handbag from Butterflies has been made with attention to detail and is extremely glamorous and faddish.

The chains on the side give it a glossy metallic look.

This 2-compartment dual-strap bag is appropriate for all age groups, and they are perfect for casual occasions.

Variants: Beige, black.

This handbag made of polyester is a wardrobe must-have for most women.

It exhibits a combination of features that you are sure to fall in love with, like its super sturdy handles and its size which is neither too big nor too small.

This bag is versatile and pairs well with more than just a couple of outfits. They go well with its chic aesthetic.

This is a handbag you definitely wouldn’t regret buying.

Variants: Combo of 2 handbags, combo of handbag & wallet.

This polyester handbag is 11 × 15 × 6 inches of perfection, and it comes in a beautiful beige colour which makes it not only a perfect companion for almost every look, but is also very trendy.

It is amazingly comfortable and turns a lot of heads in the wearers' direction.

It has dual handles that come with a cute butterfly attached to it through a tiny chain.

Its pockets help even the messiest individuals stay organized.

Variants: Handbag & wallet combo.

Handbags Under Rs. 1,000

This handheld bag and sling combo by Women Marks is simply stupendous.

The combination of black and cream gives it a unique and artful look.

The sling bag comes with its snap system, and is perfect for those times when you need to carry the bare minimum.

If you want to carry more than the essentials, you have the handbag to count on, with its three compartments and double handles which combine practicality and fashion.

Variants: Combo of 2.

This handbag from "I Define You" handbags has been handcrafted to perfection.

It has been made with genuine leatherette which gives it an amazing texture and durability.

Its three compartments with additional organizers allow you to carry everything you need in a neat and organized way.

Its design and immaculate cream colour gives it a classy look, which improves your overall appearance.

Variants: All variants available in link.

This handheld bag and sling combo from Women Marks guarantees comfort and style.

These cream coloured bags have been made with PU leather with great attention to details.

When you need just the essentials, you can use the sling bag, which comes with a snap system.

The handbag comes with three compartments that make it spacious, and it comes with double handles for comfortable grip and longer life. They come in handy when you need to carry more than just the bare minimum.

Variants: Pinkish-orange.

Handbags Under Rs. 800

This beige coloured handbag from the house of Fostelo is made of synthetic polyurethane which makes it not only eco-friendly but also long-lasting.

It has been designed in such a way that that will allow the handbag to retain its shape for a long time frame.

It is highly versatile, and never fails to satisfy the owner’s needs with its practical and spacious compartments and pockets.

Variants: Maroon, tan, white.

Like the previous one, this handbag too is made of synthetic polyurethane, making it durable and comfortable.

The handbag comes in a classic shade of beige. This makes it pair well with most outfits.

The stud and ring detailing found on this elegant handbag, gives it a metallic aesthetic and a unique look.

All of these factors make it a perfect companion for a day out or just another day at the office.

Variants: Tan, blue.

Another handbag that is made of super sustainable synthetic polyurethane.

It is the perfect combination of fashion and function.

This maroon handbag has spacious compartments that have been further segregated into smaller compartments. This allows you to store your belongings in an organized manner.

The stud and ring detailing on the bag give it an aesthetically pleasing metallic flair, which makes it ideal for everyday use as well as for formal events.

Variants: Brown, black.

Handbags Under Rs. 650

This handbag is perfect for college students and those who spend their days in office.

The dimensions of the bag are 30.5 × 11 × 25.6 cms.

Made with PU leather, it is super soft and comfortable to carry around.

Its maroon colour is super trendy and chic.

It has been stitched to perfection, and the additional external pockets give it an edge over other handbags.

Variants: All variants available in link.

This handbag is made with PU leather, and comes with 2 compartments and 3 pockets.

The bag is perfect for pretty much every occasion, be it a really important meeting, or just a casual day out with friends.

It comes with double handles which are super sturdy and durable.

Its black colour paired with its elegant yellow-coloured handles make it a crowd favourite.

Variants: Beige-maroon, white-pink, yellow-black, and more variants in link.

Hopefully, this list of our top picks for best women’s handbags in India has helped you in your quest to find that one handbag you truly love and fits your needs.

If you're still not sure about which one to go for, refer the selection guide above to figure out which handbag is perfect for you.

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