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Tote bags are said to be the perfect college and office companions. They come in a variety of different styles and colours and are the new fad; however, unlike most fads, this one is extremely practical and hence, here to stay because tote bags or totes are not only extremely practical but also add a lot to your overall look and help you stand out in a crowd.

Totes are generally sturdy and help you carry a lot of things around while also pulling your outfits together. They are not very bulky and can be used in a variety of situations.

Tote bags are commonly used not only as shopping bags, statement pieces or purse but also as a laundry basket or as cabinet organizers.

This highly versatile nature of tote bags makes them a wardrobe must-have for everyone who likes combining fashion and function.

How to choose a tote bag that is ideal for you?

While it is true that tote bags are an absolute must-have for everyone it is also equally true that everyone’s ideal tote is different, after all in this age we all lead extremely different lives and have distinct lifestyles.

With so many styles to choose from it can be extremely difficult to select your perfect tote companion, you can make taking that decision a little easier for yourself by following our step-by-step guide to selecting the tote bag which exceeds all your expectations and becomes your favourite thing to carry around town.

  • Purpose of the tote: The first step to selecting the ideal tote bag is to have a clear idea as to how you want to use the tote bag.

    A tote bag that is to be used as a shopping bag would look different from the one which is to be used as a daily handbag.

  • Size: After you have decided how you are going to use the tote bag you have to decide how big or small the tote bag has to be.

    If you need a bag to carry around college you’d need one which is about 15 × 12 × 8 inches while a 7-inch tote would be ideal if you want to carry one around as an accessory and so forth.

  • Material: After you have decided the size you would have to select the material of the bag.

    Here you can go for a simple canvas tote with a quirky statement, a classy leather tote which feels like butter in your hands or a faux leather tote bag which looks incredibly classy and yet is eco-friendly.

  • Strap style and colour: The final thing to look for is the strap size and style.

    This becomes incredibly important as it is essential to only invest in a bag that is comfortable to carry and doesn’t have straps that are too fragile or made of a material that pokes your skin in an extremely uncomfortable way.

    This is also important to ensure that the tote is durable and you aren’t being ripped off.

  • Get Shopping! In case you are still confused and do not know which tote is ideal for you, take a look at our top picks for the tote bags currently available in the marketplace and find a tote bag you genuinely love and want to flaunt around.

Now, let's take a close look at some of the best tote bags in India.

If you are looking for tote bags in a particular price range, I have grouped all the products listed in this post into appropriate price brackets to help you with the same.

Tote Bags Under Rs. 3,000

This women’s tote bag from Leaderachi has a unique vintage design which makes it a crowd favourite.

Real leather has been stitched by highly skilled craftsmen to give it a high-end finish.

It pairs well with a range of outfits and gives you a professional look. It is perfect for courtrooms, boardrooms, and travelling across the globe.

It is 12 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 5 inches deep.

It comes with one big main compartment with a zipper. There are inner pockets for phone, wallet and pens. There's also a padded inner pocket, and a padded zip pocket on the back.

There's a buckled pocket on the front which is ideal for people who not only have to carry a lot of stuff, but those who love to stay organised and prepared for whatever the day throws at them.

Variants: No variants.

This unique chic tote bag from Caprese is made from faux leather material and comes in an elegant and unique metallic colour.

With its 22 centimetres height, 34 centimetres length and 13.5 centimetres width, it has a lot of room for your belongings, making it ideal for dinner dates, brunches, and fancy outings.

Just like other bags by Caprese, it has been crafted to perfection and hence is a wardrobe must-have.

Variants: Pink, orange, green, blush pink, black, bluish-green, grape, reddish-pink.

This tote bag made of faux leather material comes in an amazing muted mauve colour.

Its dimensions are 44 × 11 × 28.5 centimetres. The 2 compartments and the 2 pockets make it extremely spacious, and appropriate for a variety of occasions.

Its flat shoulder straps make it highly durable while the faux leather makes it resistant to wear and tear.

With easy access back pockets and zip closure, this bag does the Caprese brand justice.

Variants: No variants.

This Caprese women’s tote bag just like any other Caprese bags has been crafted to perfection by the brand known for its quality bags.

It has been made with faux leather which gives it an amazing texture and durability.

Its two compartments and 2 pockets with additional organizers ensure a bag that carries everything you need in a neat and organized way.

Its design and immaculate saddle brown colour give it a snazzy and classy look which improves your overall appearance.

Variants: Coral red, pale blue.

This Fur Jaden women’s handheld tote bag and sling combo guarantees comfort and style.

These tan coloured bags have been made with attention to detail with PU fabric.

The sling comes with a snap system which is useful when you need just the essentials, whereas the handbag comes in handy when you need more than just the bare minimum.

The handbag comes with three compartments making it roomy, and its sturdy double handles ensure that it was built to last.

Variants: Chocolate brown.

Tote Bags Under Rs. 1,000

From the house of EcoRight, this tote bag is made from a special blend of jute and cotton.

The fabric which has been used to make this bag is of an extremely high-quality weave, it combines the sturdiness of jute with the softness of cotton making it extremely sturdy yet easy to carry.

This tote bag is suitable for everyday work and travel and is 100% reusable and biodegradable.

The black colour is ideal for everyone who is only likely to stop wearing black if they make a darker colour.

The bag is highly versatile and pairs well with a variety of outfits.

Variants: Plain blue.

This tote bag from the house of EcoRight is made of fabric which is extremely durable which makes this ideal for everyday work and travel.

It is reusable and biodegradable and comes in a nice and visually pleasing blue colour which has been attained using eco-friendly dyes.

The strap has been attached through reinforced stitching which makes it strong and durable.

It also comes with a a zipper closure system which helps keep your things secure.

Variants: All variants available in link.

This tanned beige tote bag from the house of Laurels is made of a synthetic material that makes it not only eco-friendly but also long-lasting and sustainable.

It has been made to retain its shape for a long period.

It is highly versatile and never fails to satisfy the owner’s needs with its practical and spacious compartments and pockets.

Its metallic chain attachments add a dramatic flair to it and add to the beauty of its sturdy straps.

Variants: Dark brown, black, red.

This multicoloured handbag is made of synthetic polyurethane and poly silk which makes it durable and comfortable to carry around even when filled with loads of weight.

Its colourful Buddha design makes it pair well with most outfits, yet giving it a unique look, especially when combined with the stitch detailing found on this stylish handbag.

The poly silk material makes it feel softer and looks extremely pleasing aesthetically, making it a perfect companion for a day out or just another day at the office.

Variants: Design 1, design 2, design 3, design 4.

This tote handbag is made of strong cotton canvas which makes it super sustainable and sturdy.

It is the perfect combination of fashion and function.

This stylish blue patterned tote handbag has spacious compartments which have been further segregated into smaller compartments which make it even more spacious that too in an organized manner.

The real leather straps give it a soft texture and make it extremely easy to carry.

It is the perfect companion for Sunday brunch, dinner dates or just another day at the office.

Variants: All variants available in link.

Tote Bags Under Rs. 500

This beige multipurpose tote bag comes with a quirky and trendy print which helps you stand out.

It is highly versatile and can be used as a lunch bag, shopping bag, and handbag.

Its 3 compartments satisfy the clean freak within and help you keep your belongings organized and clean, while the zipper helps keep them safe and secure.

It is made of jute which not only makes it good for the environment, but also really durable and lightweight.

Variants: Cartoon eyes, food logo, life quote, purple love grass, life quote & cycle, food quote & clock.

This aesthetically pleasing patterned tote bag is green coloured and is made from jute.

It is perfect for those situations when you need to add a little flair to an outfit.

It is easy to carry and is pretty spacious.

It has two compartments which help you stay organized and pockets which keep your valuables safe.

This 12 × 14 × 5 inch handbag has been handcrafted to perfection by Womaniya and is a crowd favourite.

Variants: No variants.

This tote bag is ideal not only for college students and those who spend their days in office but also comes in handy when going grocery shopping or while travelling.

It comes with dual sturdy polyester straps that are extremely soft to touch and make it extremely easy to carry even with a lot of weight inside.

The straps also pair well with its synthetic chic pink coloured exterior and a zipper which secures all your belongings in place.

Variants: Blue, green, black, brown.

This tote bag from EcoRight comes with a cute print of "Bamboozled Panda".

The bag is made of canvas material and comes with a zipper closure. Its dimensions are 16 × 13.5 inches.

Since the bag is quite spacious, it can be used on a daily basis as a grocery bag, college bag, shopping bag, or a handbag.

Like all other EcoRight tote bags, this one is also environment-friendly and is 100% biodegradable.

Variants: All variants available in link.

We hope that this list of our top picks for best tote bags in India has helped you in finding the tote bag you want, and prevented you from buying a tote you don’t like.

In case you're still not sure about which tote bag to go for, you can always go back to the step-by-step guide. It will surely help you find the tote bag you have been looking for.

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