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Laptop is an essential part of our modern lives. Yes, a smartphone today can do almost everything a laptop can. But there are still some things that are best suited to be done using laptops.

Things like editing documents, playing high-end games, doing some sort of official work are better and easier on laptops.

In short, there are some things that feel better suited to be done on a laptop.

And sometimes, you may need to use your laptop on the go and it becomes cumbersome to carry a laptop around, tucked under your hand.

You will be always worried with the handling of your laptop with care, as it might slip from your hand and fall.

No one wants that!

What you can do instead is carry a laptop messenger bag.

These bags are small enough to be easily carried while safekeeping your laptop.

They come in all sorts of models, colors, and designs.

Using a laptop messenger bag also makes you look sleek, stylish and professional.

And that’s why here, I have an article on some of the best laptop messenger bags, to make sure you can buy the right one for your needs.

With a unique wine red color, this laptop bag is sure to draw eyes towards it.

The bag is made of premium quality leather with an enticing mahogany finish which gives it great durability.

The bag has a length of 40 cm, height of 28 cm and a width of 85 cm.

It is provided with one large compartment to hold the laptop and other small compartments to hold any other smaller accessories.

It also has a soft sleek belt that provides comfort while carrying it.

The Clownfish bag weighs 780g and has space for a laptop of size 15.6 inches.

Apart from the above wine-red color, the Clownfish Vino laptop bag comes in a variety of other shades, such as black, brown, mahogany and maroon.

The material of this messenger bag is leatherite.

It is slim, sleek and stylish, perfect for carrying around for office-goers and students.

Its inner material is made of synthetic material.

It has one year of warranty from the date of purchase.

Its dimensions are 42 x 2.5 x 33 cm.

There are additional four storage pockets for portable mouse, ipod, cell phone, pens, documents, diaries and other stationery.

It can take weight up to 4 kgs.

It has another variant that is not just a laptop bag but also a tablet bag.

It has a similar size as to the original laptop bag with the addition that it has another extra compartment for carrying a tablet along with other necessary accessories.

Made from synthetic leather, this laptop bag feels almost like genuine leather.

It also has greater durability and has a strong finish.

It is made in India.

The company provides a 365-day warranty from the date of purchase.

It has 8 litres of volume and weighs about 870 grams.

Its dimensions are 31 x 41 x 6 (in cms).

The inner material is made from polypropylene, thus making it soft and great for safekeeping of important objects like your laptop and other things.

It has a zipper closure with a flap and a padded handle.

The shoulder strap is adjustable, allowing you to adjust the bag’s length as per your comfort.

The messenger bag comes in five other color options, namely black, caramel, honey brown, hickory and tan brown.

This bag from House of Tara is made with genuine leather and specially coated 100% cotton canvas.

The laptop bag can accommodate a laptop of size 15.6 inches.

The dimensions are 15" x 12" x 3.5" (width x height x depth).

There are two external pockets for storing any quick access stuff. These pockets are present on the front side of the bag.

The bag weighs about 1 kilogram.

Divided into two compartments, it has an inside zip pocket and an organiser sleeve.

The main compartment has a leather flap with two leather straps and buckles closure.

It has a short haul handle and a detachable shoulder strap that is adjustable in length.

On the whole, it has a great design that shows its decent yet stylish look.

Its color variants include dark tan-raven black, dark tan-taupe grey and dark tan-tibetan red.

This messenger from AmazonBasics is designed for a 17.3-inch laptop or for laptops and tablets smaller than 18 x 1.5 x 12 inches (L x W x H).

It has a zippered back pocket that keeps your smartphone within reach.

This bag, moreover, is directly from Amazon, so you can be assured of the bag’s quality being top-notch.

It has carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap as well.

It is made of polyester, which makes it very durable, thus keeping your laptop safe.

Its external measurements are 18.3 x 2 x 12.3 inches (L x W x H).

Amazon provides you with a 1-year warranty on the bag.

It has convenient outer pockets for easy access without having to open the main compartment repeatedly.

It comes in a stunning black color and weighs 726 grams.

It also has a size variant. While the original one provides a space of 17.3 inches, this variant is a bit smaller and gives a 15.6 inch space for the laptop compartment.

This messenger bag from Killer can carry laptops of size upto 15.6 inches.

Its outside is made of durable, PU coated, 100% polyester fabric which is water resistant.

It has two compartments – one is for laptop and the other is for additional accessories.

Its dimensions are 15.5 x 11.5 x 6 inches and it weighs about 800 grams.

With its elegant design, you are sure to look fashionable when you step out of your home with your laptop in this bag.

This bag has an outer zipper compartment for easy and quick access of frequently used items.

This Barbosa's messenger bag comes in brown color, reminiscent of the authentic leather bag.

The bag weighs about 1 kilogram and has dimensions of 33 x 36 x 6.5 cm.

With a compact size and look, this bag can be your go to partner for carrying your laptop around in style.

And it does so with fashion.

With an adjustable shoulder strap to use it with comfort, this bag has all the reasons why you should go for it.

This messenger bag is made of vegan leather, so it's not made from actual animal skin.

It has 2 main components, with one being laptop section and a zipper pocket on the inside.

There is an adjustable shoulder strap and two handle straps for easier usage of the bag.

It is made in India and is made from rust free zinc puller and A-grade zippers.

It has front organizer panel for easy access to mobile, id card, pen and other office accessories.

The shoulder strap is detachable, adjustable and is padded for extra comfort.

The bag comes with a backside strap, so that it can be attached to a trolley suitcase.

It has a volume of 25 litres and has a 1 year warranty.

The bag can accommodate upto 17 inch laptops.

There is another variant of this laptop bag which comes in black color.

The dimensions of the Urban Forest Taylor leather laptop messenger bag are 15’’ x 11.5’’ x 3.5’’ and it can carry laptops of size up to 14 inches.

The front face of the bag has an end-to-end zipper compartment.

The leather used in here is the one selected by professionals for the best comfort, safety and durability.

The laptop compartment is padded to keep the compartment shock-proof and to keep the laptop safe during carrying it.

Every stress point on this bag is double stitched to provide extra durability and overall strength to the bag.

The volume capacity is of 7 litres, which when coupled with its dimensions, make for a decently sized laptop bag.

It has a leather patch on shoulder strap to provide comfort for the shoulder when carrying it.

There are three more color variants of this messenger bag – black, blue and dark brown.

The outer material of this laptop bag is made of leather and the color is of tan brown giving it the appearance of classic messenger bags.

The weight is 500 grams and the dimensions are 39.37 cms x 8.89 cms x 29.21 cms (L x W x H).

There are 2 compartments, one for laptop and other for the necessary accessories.

This laptop bag comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap.

The bag can accommodate laptops of size upto 15 inches.

The manufacturing warranty for the bag is 6 months.

The bag weighs 500 grams and has flap closure over it.

This bag can accommodate laptops of size 15.5 inches.

The dimensions of the bag are 15.5 inches x 4 inches x 11 inches (L x W x H).

The warranty on the bag is for 6 months.

The outer material is of leather and it comes in brown color.

The inner material is made of high quality fabric.

These high quality materials make this messenger bag waterproof in nature.

The bag weighs 500 grams.

This messenger bag from Wildhorn has pretty much the same specifications as that of the previous one.

The outer material of this Novex messenger bag is made of faux leather and the inner material is made up of polyester.

It has a soft casing in the inner side to provide safety to the laptop from movement damage.

It has 12 litres of capacity and weighs about 480 grams.

With respect to its volume capacity, the bag provides much more space for just under 500 grams of weight.

You can carry laptops of size upto 15 inches in this messenger bag.

It has a zipper type lock mechanism and has a single compartment for laptop.

In addition to the single compartment, there are three more compartments on the outside for quick access to other small items.

With metallic zips, rivets and buckles, this bag is one great fashion statement.

The bag is fashioned with an extendable strap that can help adjust the sling length. The strap can also be detached from the bag.

"The Retro" is a messenger sling bag with a retro design and contemporary benefits.

It packs the color scheme and design of the previous generation of messenger bags with added features that make it suitable for the newer generation.

There are 2 open and 1 zipped internal pockets for a small camera, pen drive or a power bank.

The compartment made for laptop can hold laptops of size 15.6 inch.

It also has inner mesh pockets.

The dimensions of the bag are 25 x 37 x 9 (in cms).

The weight of the bag is about 800 grams and the closure of the bag has a hook and loop mechanism.

The bag can be easily carried around with grab handles and the adjustable shoulder strap.

Scarters offers this messenger bag for laptops in two other color options – blue and grey. All of them also come in a smaller size for 14 inch laptops.

“The Informal” is a multipurpose laptop messenger bag and as the name suggests, it can be used on an informal occasion as well as a formal one.

It comes in a charcoal black color and has 2 compartments for up to a 15.6” laptop or tablet, hard disk, file, notebook, cheque book and other documents.

It has an adjustable and removable shoulder strap.

It also has two external buttoned pockets for a mobile phone, charger or a power bank and other utilities.

What’s more? The bag is made to be water resistant, so you have nothing to worry about the insides getting wet, even in the rain.

Its dimensions are 9.5 x 39 x 28 cm and it weighs about 950 grams.

Apart from the charcoal black color, “the Informal” also comes in a cedar brown color variant.

This slim, compact messenger bag is made of polyester material. It is full foam-lined to protect screen and body from accidental damages.

The laptop bag is ideal for businessmen, students, professors and travelers.

Its external dimensions are 17.00 x 13.05 x 3.5 inch (L x H x W). The internal dimensions are 15.50 x 11.00 x 2.39 inch (L x H x W).

The main compartment comes with velcro strap and is perfect for carrying laptops of size up to 15.6" and A4 documents.

It has a large front zipper pocket for quick access to regularly used accesories like mouse, cell phone, pens, headphones and other stationaries.

The interior of the bag is laced with shockproof padding which protects it from accidental bumps, reducing damages caused by impacts, and protects your devices from scratches.

In addition to the shoulder straps that are adjustable, the bag also has double handle straps for a much more versatile handling ability.

There is a foam padded laptop pocket with velcro strap closure and a non-zippered pocket for the charger, mouse, etc.

It has a big enough compartment to keep extra articles like books, important papers, documents or other traveling stuff.

This messenger bag has other size variant, that allow 14’’ sized laptops instead of the 15.6’’ ones.

It's also available in other color options, namely black and blue. All of them are also available in a smaller size for 14 inch laptops.

This is a light weight laptop messenger bag with 15’’ wide laptop compartment.

The bag is made from nylon material.

Even the shoulder strap is made of nylon to make sure that the shoulder doesn’t get under a lot of strain.

Though there is only one compartment, it has enough room to store your daily essentials along with a 15.6 inch laptop.

The bag also has a water resistant coating to make sure all of your belongings are safe.

The bag weighs 680 grams and has dimensions of 40 x 7.6 x 29.2 (in cms).

The Cosmus nylon bag has a unique eye-catching black-red color combination.

There is also a 1-year warranty on the product on manufacturing defects.

This bag has a popular variant that comes in a black-grey color combination.

For those you love minimalism, this black laptop messenger bag from Trajectory comes with a very simple and professional design.

It has ample space to keep all your necessities for the office like files, folders, pens, laptop, iPad, earphones, and other accessories.

Its multiple compartments will accommodate all your belongings and still keep you comfortable by holding off all the load with its cross body hanging design.

The dimensions of the bag are 40.5 x 5.5 x 30.5 cms (L x W x H).

It can accommodate laptops of size 15.6 inches and comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Made from premium and rich quality PU leather fabric with durable polyester lining, this is one sturdy bag.

Few tips before you buy a laptop messenger bag...

Now that we are done with discussing about the various models of some popular and famous premium laptop messenger bags, let’s figure out what to look for in a laptop messenger bag.

If you happen to be an office-goer, then a sturdy, durable bag is what you should be looking for.

This means that you should always check the specifications of a laptop messenger bag such as weight, durability and number of compartments.

The first and most important factor is the size of the bag. Your bag should be able to accommodate your laptop perfectly. Check for the maximum laptop size that would fit in the messenger bag and choose accordingly.

Carrying a laptop is a responsibility for some, and it should be. After all, to everyone, their laptop is precious. The last thing you need to worry about is its safety and the problem of having to carry it around in a heavy bag.

So, go for the bags that are lightweight and provide inner mesh along with protective padding on the inside for the safety of your laptop.

Having shoulder straps or handles is completely a personal choice and depends totally on you. Though most bags come with handles, you can choose not to use them, if you don’t want to.

You would also want to carry a variety of other accessories along with your laptop, so you should keep in mind how many extra or other non-laptop compartments a bag provides.

Last but not least, check for the warranty of the bag offered by the brand.

Hopefully, I was able to help you with the right messenger bag for your laptop.

Thanks for reading! :)

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