Best Leather Messenger Bags for Men

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It doesn’t matter who you are. Whether you’re a teacher, or a student, or a software job techie. All of us need to carry things around when we go somewhere.

Some of those things are manageable to carry around, like your phone, wallet and maybe a pen or so. But add two more things to the list, and you will realize that you have run out of pockets.

This is where messenger bags come in. They allow you to carry that extra stuff fashionably. You can carry anything from notebooks, to files. From keys, stationery, to maybe even tiffin boxes.

Almost all messenger bags have a unique characteristic look, the strap that goes around the shoulder of one arm, a flap that covers the bag.

A lot of people don’t understand the elegance of having a messenger bag to carry their stuff around. Some even see it as an embarrassment.

Truth couldn’t be farther.

Using a messenger bag is recognized as a respectful sign across the world. It is used by many professionals when they commute to carry their stuff around.

Here we have an article to help you look at and decide the best possible messenger bag for you.

The Hammonds Flycatcher leather messenger bag has an authentic leather material and has a Bombay Brown color that gives it a classic look.

The volume capacity of the bag is 20 litres and weighs in at 980 grams. So, it is relatively light to carry around given the storage it provides.

The strap is of adjustable size so that it fits everyone of various heights.

And what’s more is that the bag has a warranty on it for 6 months.

The warranty covers any manufacturing defects.

The bag is tear resistance thus meaning that it’s suitable for rough and tough usage.

The dimensions of the bag are: 30 x 41 x 12 (in cms).

The bag has a zipper in it.

The inner material is made up of fabric, polypropylene (synthetic).

The bag is made of full-grain leather which is the top layer of the buffalo skin. This is the most expensive and toughest part.

The USP of this messenger bag is that the leather has two tones (i.e. shade of two colors), and it is an original grain leather made through a 12-step process.

A messenger bag that goes for everyone, and has a laptop compartment in it as well.

This suits perfectly for today’s needs as almost everyone carries a laptop around.

Such features make it ideal for office-goers and professionals.

In addition to carrying your laptop within it, you can carry along stuff like diaries, important papers, laptop charger, stationary.

It features 2 additional zipper storage pockets (1 inside and 1 outside).

The dimensions of the messenger bag are 30 x 43.2 x 7.1 (in cms) and it weighs about 700 grams.

It has an overall stylish and sleek design giving it an appealing outlook.

The laptop compartment that the bag provides is 15.6-inch-wide, that allows laptops of almost all sizes to fit in with ease.

The messenger bag features a single main compartment with separate space for your laptop.

It also comes with space for your office accessories such as your pens, notebooks, stationery items, phones and chargers etc.

This makes it a multipurpose bag to own.

This messenger bag from Leaderachi is made with a 100% genuine hunter vintage leather that is crafted from tough, semi full-grain boot leather, which takes hits well and looks even better with age.

Like the first messenger bag, this bag too is made with premium and strong full-grain leather (the top layer of the buffalo skin).

The distinguishing feature of the leather is that it may have wrinkles, scratches that are inherent to it.

The bag is 14’’ tall, 11’’ wide, and 3.5’’ deep with 1 zipped compartment for extra safe-keeping during your commute, along with the inner pockets for various items such as phones, earphones, chargers, papers, stationary, etc.

The bag weighs in at 322 grams and comes with a 6-month warranty on any manufacturing defects.

The strap is adjustable and the unique flap design makes the bag a great choice for those who like the trendy and fashionable stuff to use.

The inner fabric in classy olive green adds to the timeless design and matches the vintage looking real leather.

This is a unique 100% cotton blue colored messenger bag.

Its unique design and multiple pockets make it a truly great piece of accessory to have.

The bag is ideal for weekend trips as it has 4 external pockets that add so much more to its storage capacity.

Its main compartment has a zip closure which has a flap cover on top of it.

The bag is 14’’ wide, 12’’ tall, and is 5’’ in depth making it quite spacious.

The outer material also has leather and canvas in addition to cotton. The inner material is of canvas only.

A padded partition is present with a loop to secure the laptop of size up to 15.6-inch size, in case one wants to carry a laptop in the bag.

The strap of the bag allows it to reach lengths of 24 inches.

Overall, this bag is a great decent deal for anyone looking for a messenger bag.

It’s a messenger bag with laptop compartment in it.

The bag is ideal for professionals / office going men and women.

It has a classy and great look with its black color.

The dimensions of the bag are 15.6" x 12" X 6", allowing the bag to accommodate much more belongings.

The strap of the bag is adjustable to suit various heights and it is also detachable.

The outer material of the bag is made of artificial leather giving it a high class look and a smooth finish.

It comes with a laptop compartment and another compartment for holding the necessary accessories for the laptop.

Inner material consists of fabric and synthetic material.

The messenger bag is not water resistant.

It has 2 additional zipper pockets, 1 pouch pocket with velcro closure at front and 1 zipper pocket at the back (for portable mouse, ipod, cell phone, pens, documents, diaries and other stationeries).

There's a popular variant of this bag which is almost identical to the original messenger bag. The only difference lies in the color of the bag.

This variant comes in a dark brown color, as compared to the black of the original. It has identical size, compartments, and other features similar to the original bag.

With its timeless design and great color combination, the Leaderachi messenger bag totally pulls off the tan brown color.

It comes with a unique front side pocket compartment, that can be used to store small, handy, repeatedly needed things.

This makes them easier to reach for, instead of having to open the bag every now and then.

The outer skin is made from 100% authentic hunter vintage leather skin.

All the stitches and craft work are done by hand, thus increasing their quality.

The bag measures 30 cm tall, 26 cm wide and 4 cm deep (without stuffing) with 1 large main compartment sealed by a zip and a leather cover with magnet closure.

All in all, it’s a perfect look for professors, engineers, students, teachers and just about any professional.

Handmade by professionally skilled craftsmen, this messenger bag is a sight to behold.

Its finishes and stitches are top-notch.

The messenger bag is 12.5’’ tall, 14’’ wide, and 3.5’’ deep.

It has 1 large compartment sealed by a magnet aided leather closure flap.

It also has 1 small zip pocket on the inside and 1 zip pocket on the back.

The bag weighs 322 grams.

There is also a zip pocket on the flap closure in addition to another small pocket on the front of the bag.

This messenger bag from Leaderachi also comes with a manufacturing defect warranty for a period of 6 months.

With an adjustable strap for comfort of the user, this bag also has a unique tanned brown color.

Leaderachi guarantees the durability of the messenger bag even under harsher usage.

The inner compartment also has a split pocket section for storing phones, chargers or other small enough items.

This Wildhorn leather brown messenger bag, undoubtedly, has an elegant look to it.

It speaks a unique style and fashion sense.

The front material is made of leather.

The back material is made of nylon and inner material is made of a very durable cotton fabric.

The weight is 200 grams, so it makes the messenger bag a very light bag to carry around.

It has 2 compartments and it is not water resistant.

The messenger bag has a dedicated laptop compartment which can easily fit 15 inch laptops.

The bag has an adjustable strap.

Wildhorn provides a warranty of 6 months’ duration on the messenger bag against manufacturing defects.

This Urban Forest leather messenger bag / laptop bag for men is designed to suit your best interests.

The dimensions of this messenger bag are 15” x 11.5” x 3.5”.

It has ample number of compartments making it spacious and increasing storage.

The leather used for this messenger bag is hand selected by experts through a rigorous selection process.

The luxurious vegetable tanned leather is masterfully sewed to ensure long lasting durability.

The bag weighs 1.24 kilograms.

It has two main compartments and it offers plenty of room for all of your possessions.

The adjustable shoulder strap and the high-quality fittings give it an antique look.

The insides of the bag come with jacquard lining which has a premium feel and is extremely durable. This lining has Urban Forest's rich branding all over it.

The padded laptop compartment will fit in your 14’’ laptop just perfectly.

The other roomy compartments will accommodate almost anything that you intend to carry along while you are moving.

Its strong haul loop gives you comfortable portability.

It has 3 more color variants: black, blue and dark brown.

This bag has a front zipper and twin zipper compartment in which one has a padded 14" laptop compartment and the other has padded compartments.

The inside of the bag has a small removable holder for earphones and a mobile pocket.

The bag comes with 2 handles, one short and one long cotton shoulder strap with a length of 65 cm. The shoulder strap is detachable and its length is adjustable. It comes with an extra shoulder pad for comfort.

It also comes with a 6-month warranty.

On the whole, it provides a decent look that makes it an ideal choice for professionals on the job.

It has a soft shell and the inner material is made of smooth fabric, making it suitable for storing important and delicate belongings.

What’s more is that there are scratches on the bag. Yes, you read that right. The bag has scratches on it.

These are an integral part of the leather as they showcase the utmost quality of the leather and should not be mistaken for defects.

The Le Craf designer stylish messenger bag comes in another navy blue color.

For those looking for a messenger bag on the more stylish side, should definitely go with this one.

This messenger bag from K London comes with a laptop compartment in it making it ideal for professionals and office going men.

It is slim and compact in size, and is suitable for carrying business as well as day-to-day items like tablet, laptop charger, phone, power bank, pen, diary, visiting cards, keys etc.

The messenger bag is handcrafted in the Indian K London design studio, situated in Delhi.

It has 3 additional zippers (one of them is on the inside and the other two are on the outside).

The bag is 16.5 inches long, 12.6 inches tall, and 3.54 inches wide.

It weighs about 200 grams, so it is pretty light and convenient to carry around.

Most of the material used for the bag is leather, along with synthetic fibres for the inside.

It has a laptop compartment that accommodates laptops of size 15.6 inches.

This messenger bag is not water resistant.

Its original color is camel brown, but it also comes in two color variants, namely black and dark brown.

The Hammonds Flycatcher leather laptop bag is quite a spectacular piece of leather to own.

With its smooth and unique design, it speaks of elegance.

This bag has a main interior compartment with front pocket zip for added security and a fully lined interior of synthetic fibre for safety of the belongings.

What’s special is that you can use it as a messenger bag, shoulder bag or a laptop bag.

The bag uses a great color finish of tan brown that goes well with the design.

With its attractive and trendy look, the bag also packs a carry volume capacity of 8 litres and weighs 400 grams.

Its dimensions are 27 x 37 x 6.5 (in cms) and it comes with an adjustable strap.

The Hammond bag also comes with a 6-month manufacturing defect warranty.

This is one great piece of awesomeness that you should totally go ahead to get.

This sling bag may not be made from pure leather, but it’s got the feel and look of authentic leather all over it.

The bag uses synthetic leather of 1.0 mm toughness.

It has quality anti-rust zinc slider and zipper, durable polyester material inside the bag, crafted with utmost precision and finish.

It has an adjustable strap and the entire product is handcrafted in India.

The size of the product is 20 x 8 x 25 (in cms).

It weighs about 400 grams and is provided with a 1-year warranty from the manufacture.

Unique, simple, yet stylish. This is what the Hidegear messenger bag is.

Its classic color and look, makes it a great messenger bag to carry around.

It comes with one main compartment with inner pockets to hold essentials.

There are two another compartments in the front and back for various small things to store.

The back side pockets are padded with cushioning to make it more safe to handle the stuff within.

It has even scar marks that prove its authenticity as genuine leather giving it a great finish.

It weighs 800 grams and has a size of 30 x 28 x 4 (in cms).

The messenger bag also comes in a dark brown variant.

This messenger bag from Carry Trip comes with multiple pockets.

With its inner and exterior pockets, you can easily organize your belongings inside this bag.

It is compact and gets things done as far as carrying your belongings around in a stylish and fashionable manner is concerned.

It has dimensions of 17 x 19 x 7 (in cms).

The PU leather gives it a shiny appearance and makes it sturdy at the same time. This makes the bag look trendy, and a style statement to own.

It is small enough to carry easily yet large enough to fit most of your belongings.

It has an adjustable strap.

With its attractive appearance and great dimensions, the Carry Trip Kangaroo PU leather men's shoulder bag can be your go-to bag for your night outs and day meetings.

The bag comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large.

A leather flap closure messenger bag with brown color is what you call a classy messenger bag and this Wildhorn messenger bag is all about that.

With an adjustable strap and dimensions of 21 x 1.27 x 26 (in cms), it is a perfect for carrying your stuff around.

Its outer material is made of leather and it comes with a single main compartment.

It is not laptop compatible. However, it can carry tablets like iPad Mini and other small accessories.

The bag weighs a mere 100 grams.

Wildhorn also provides a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects on the bag.

With that we have come to the end of our list.

After going through the variations and features of these messenger bags, you should be having a perfect idea in your mind as to which messenger bag to get.

You should consider the various variables that factor in your perfect leather messenger bag.

If you are going to use it daily and carry around lots of stuff, then you should go for the bags that have a high volume capacity. Such bags would be able to store all that you require.

If you're a student, then a bag that appeals to your fashion sense and provides a decent amount of storage is perfect. You can go with some of the great color variants above that have a lower volume capacity. Try not to get a messenger bag with handles on it. After all, you don’t need those to look like an office going guy. You’ve got shoulder straps, use them!

If you happen to be looking for a messenger bag to carry with you in a hike, or some camping trip, then you should consider the pure leather, highly durable bags as they will keep your belongings safe. They come with a decent enough mix of both durability and fashion.

I hope my research on best leather messenger bags for men has helped you in narrowing down to the right one for your needs.

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