Best Watches for Women Under Rs. 2,000

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Watches are an integral part of one’s fashion wardrobe. One can never have enough of them in their watch collection. With so many interesting designs and colours nowadays, you can literally have a separate watch for each of your outfits.

When it comes to women's wear, watches are simply indispensable. Not only they make a perfect fashion accessory, but they also play a vital role in enhancing your overall appearance. Depending upon on your watch's style, you might come off as elegant, classy, bold, vibrant or minimalist.

It's always good to have different genres of watches in one's watch collection. This gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of options so that you can ace your look on any occasion.

In this post, we're going to review some of the best watches for women under Rs. 2,000. We have shortlisted these watches after hours of research on the web. For each watch, we have considered its price, its quality and its reviews from real customers.

Before going through our list, we would advise you to go through the things that you need to keep in your mind before choosing the right timekeeper. But if you’ve already decided on what you need, you can go ahead and scroll down to our best picks!

Women's Watch Buying Guide

  • Lifestyle – Your decision to wear a particular watch should be based on the ambience of the situation.

    If you are a college-going student, then you should get a watch that would match with casual outfits like jeans, tees, palazzos and tops.

    For working women, formal watches with minimum details are ideal for office wear and meetings.

    If you are into sports and fitness, you can get a watch cum fitness band that would help you keep track of your daily calorie burn, heart rate and steps.

    For gadgets-geek, a smartwatch is a must. Smartwatches are basically smartphones on your wrist.

    Party and jewellery watches are perfect for family receptions and parties.

  • Dial's theme – Watch dials these days come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

    Round-shaped dials are the most common and popular ones among women.

    Other common shapes include square, rectangle, oval and asymmetrical. You can experiment with these shapes if you want to get something which is unique and different.

    When it comes to size, watches with small dials emit a very graceful and modest aura. The ones with bigger dials are ideal for that casual and bold look.

  • Band type and fastening mechanism – There are primarily two types of bands when it comes to fastening the watch – the one with a buckle clasp, and the one with a fold-over clasp.

    The first one requires a leather or resin strap, whereas the second one needs a metallic or a stainless steel bracelet.

    Both straps and bracelets look equally good. You should go for one that complements your personality and your outfit.

    However, if the area around your wrists tends to get moist every now and then, you should avoid leather or raisin straps as they might lead to rashes. Bracelet design watches have a loose fit and they would allow your skin to breathe.

  • Battery-powered vs. automatic – Most watches these days are battery-powered and use a quartz crystal for regulating the electronic oscillator.

    The second class of watches are the mechanical ones. These are the previous-gen watches that run automatically and don't require a battery. However, they require regular winding from time to time for their operation.

    Between these two types, quartz watches are both accurate and economical. Mechanical watches are expensive since they are antique by nature, and therefore are preferred by those who are mesmerized by their artistic beauty.

Now that we have covered the basics of choosing the right wristwatch, let’s dive into our list of best watches for women under 2,000 INR.

Product NameDial ShapeBand MaterialVariants

Best Women's Watches Under Rs. 2,000

Fastrack (NK6150SM04)RoundStainless steelBlue dialCheck Price
Fastrack (NL2298SM02)RoundStainless steelWhite-
black dial
Check Price
Fastrack (NL9827PP07)RoundSiliconePurpleCheck Price
Fastrack (NK6112SM01)RoundStainless steelNo variantsCheck Price
Fastrack (NL9827PP01)RoundSiliconeBlack, redCheck Price
Sonata (NL8073YM01)AsymmetricalStainless steelNo variantsCheck Price
Fastrack (NL6111SL01)RoundLeatherNo variantsCheck Price
Fastrack (NK6111SM02)RoundStainless steelNo variantsCheck Price
Fastrack (NK6015SL02)OvalLeatherSilverCheck Price
Timex (TW000X200)RoundStainless steelNo variantsCheck Price

Best Women's Watches Under Rs. 1,500

Sonata (NL8092YM03)OvalStainless steelNo variantsCheck Price
Fastrack (NL6152SL02)RoundLeatherBlack,
Check Price
Sonata (NJ8080BM01C)RectangleStainless steelNo variantsCheck Price
Sonata (NL8063YM05)AsymmetricalStainless steelNo variantsCheck Price
Sonata (NK8048SM04)OvalStainless steelNo variantsCheck Price
Sonata (NL8114YM01)TonneauStainless steelNo variantsCheck Price
Sonata (NJ8085YM01C)OvalStainless steelNo variantsCheck Price
Sonata (NK8093YM02)OvalStainless steelNo variantsCheck Price
Sonata (NL77029PP03)RoundRubberNo variantsCheck Price
Maxima (38303CMLI)RoundStainless steelNo variantsCheck Price
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Best Women's Watches Under Rs. 2,000

This watch by Fastrack has a clean and visible dial and is powered by a heavy-duty Li-ion battery.

It is a mix of classic design with a modern touch to the dial.

Its water-resistant feature is an added advantage.

The rotating dial and push-button clasp make it an ideal go for everyone.

Variants: Blue dial.

This stylish watch displays a white dial free of any pattern or mark other than the brand logo and a silver stainless steel band.

The watch embodies the quote ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ and provides the wearer with a classy look.

The watch has an adjustable closure made up of a pin and a series of holes in the mesh metal band. This allows the watch to fit nicely around your wrist without slipping off.

Variants: White-black dial.

This Fastrack watch makes a great fashion statement with its bold wrist strap and elegant dial.

The perfect balance of warm shades and white accomplishes the final touch of its design.

The round-shaped dial comes in a classy shade of white. It contains three sharp hands and stylish markers.

The strap of this watch comes in a vibrant shade of rose pink. It has a smart texture, which enhances the attractiveness of this watch.

Variants: Purple.

This silver-toned watch by Fastrack features a stainless steel bracelet band.

It has a classy and chic look and also comes with a buckle clasp closure.

The offbeat design is surely going to grab you some attention.

The stainless steel look and the modern dial adds a good amount of flair to this watch.

Variants: No variants.

This offering from Fastrack has a very stylish and sleek build.

It is a very fine blend of classy and trendy.

The watch comes with a hard plastic case material. The plastic is strong, sturdy and waterproof.

The strap is made from silicone, making it is very light and comfortable.

It comes with a traditional buckle clasp.

The watch is lightweight and comfy. Thus it can be worn for long hours without feeling uneasy or heaviness on the wrist.

Variants: Black, red.

This classy watch from the house of Sonata oozes elegance with its stainless steel strap ending in a jewel-studded clasp.

The watch is designed to look like a piece of jewellery as well as show you the time.

The product comes with jewel decorations on the metallic belt, and the dial of the watch perfectly blends with the chain.

Variants: No variants.

This Fastrack women's watch comes in a unique green hue that many would find appealing.

The round white analogue dial has bold stick markings and numberings which facilitate ease of reading time.

The green minute ring adds colour to the classic white dial.

The leather strap comes in an attractive sea green shade, adding more style to your look.

Variants: No variants.

This silver watch by Fastrack has a stainless steel bracelet band and an elegant sea-green toned dial with casual and yet modern number stickers.

It also sports a buckle clasp closure.

The interior of the dial has a brushed metal look which reflects well under the light.

Variants: No variants.

This model from Fastrack has a round brass case that makes the product more durable than the cases made from other materials.

The band is of soft leather which makes it comfortable to wear in extremely humid conditions. It is so soft, that your gentle and nurturing skin does not get affected.

The silver and black combination of the strap colour also gives an appealing look to the watch.

Variants: Silver.

This gold and silver-toned watch by Timex comes with a stainless steel band.

It also has a round, silver dial with a modern and subtle golden minute and hour hands.

The dial is clean and the negative space provides ample design statement.

The watch comes with a buckle clasp closure.

Variants: No variants.

Best Women's Watches Under Rs. 1,500

This golden watch by Sonata has a stainless steel bracelet band and a champagne coloured dial.

The oval shape gives a hassle-free vision of the dial and makes the watch look classy and elegant. The small diamonds studded on the inside of the dial give it a rich appearance.

The watch can be secured with the help of a simple latch. It can be released by lifting the clasp and unsnapping it from the latch bar.

This watch is suitable for those who are looking to get one for a formal event.

Variants: No variants.

This semi-formal watch by Fastrack has a leather band with a chic and modern grey circular dial.

The buckle clasp is an adjustable closure made up of a pin with a series of holes on the strap.

It provides a firm fit to your wrist and enhances your fashion statement.

Variants: Black, silver.

This silver analogue women's watch by Sonata comes with a stainless steel bracelet band.

It has a rectangular, silver-coloured dial with floral patterns.

Its deployment clasp type buckle has a comfortable fit and keeps the watch securely fastened to your wrist throughout the day.

Variants: No variants.

This women's watch by Sonata features a white dial that has plain three hands and studded markings at the quarter intervals.

Its metallic, gold-toned case is fitted with a crown for time adjustment.

Made of stainless steel, the gold-coloured strap can be fastened by a three-piece sliding clasp.

Two teardrop-shaped red enamel designs connect the case to the strap.

This watch is suitable for semi-formal events and wedding functions.

Variants: No variants.

This silver-toned watch by Sonata has a stainless steel interlock design bracelet band.

The white toned, oval dial has flower patterns with diamonds studded in it which makes it look fancy and elegant.

The interior of the dial comes with an intricate floral pattern to complement the classic style of this watch.

If you’re a silver shade lover, then this piece surely deserves a place on your wrist.

Variants: No variants.

This gold-toned watch by Sonata features a stainless steel band and a red dial.

The dial has studded feminine stones and has a brushed gold colour to it.

The overall design of the watch is lovely, and it has a growing fanbase.

It has a sturdy metal casing that offers durability and keeps it looking brand new for a long time.

Variants: No variants.

This ladies' watch by Sonata has an oval dial in champagne colour.

The dial has two plain hands powered by quartz movement.

With a gold-tone stainless steel case, the dial has a floral print with gold dot markers at five-minute intervals.

It has a stainless steel casing and a crown to adjust the time.

The gold-coloured strap is made of stainless steel material.

Variants: No variants.

This gold-toned watch by Sonata has an elegant and sturdy stainless steel bracelet band.

It is paired up with a red, stone-studded dial with gold coloured hands.

This is a simple yet stylish offering from Sonata; you would look absolutely gorgeous if you paired this simple and sleek gold watch with a white dress.

Variants: No variants.

If you’re looking to get function over form, then this is the watch you need to get.

This blue coloured watch by Sonata has a rubber strap, and a circular, bold and modern black coloured dial.

It has 100 m water resistance, which means it is splash resistant, but not advisable for diving or prolonged exposure to rain.

Variants: No variants.

The silver-toned watch by Maxima sports a stainless steel band and a modern brushed pink dial.

It also has a date and day setting which can be operated by unlocking the crown.

The fold-over safety clasp gives you grip and comfort until the end of the day without any hassles of it slipping or falling off.

Variants: No variants.

With that, we have now come to the end of our list of best watches for women under ₹2,000.

If you have shortlisted more than one watch, you can either buy all of them if you love the flexibility of having multiple options to choose from, or you can refer to the features table to narrow down your choices.

We hope you were able to choose the right timekeeper for your collection, which will help add flair to your wardrobe.

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