Best Watches for Women Under Rs. 5,000

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Watches are a symbol of class, they keep one punctual and of course, on time.

Especially for women, nowadays there is a large variety of wristwatches available as they are extremely trendy and a great piece of accessory that goes with every outfit. A small exquisite piece that goes on your wrist can change your look entirely.

Want a formal look? Go for the timeless classic watch.

Want a party look? There several fancy designer stones studded watches in store.

Want a sportier look? Well, worry not, the fitness bands and casual watches have that covered for you.

But then, of course, the question, why waste money on expensive wristwatches when we already have our smartphones? Well, for starters, smartphones are super distracting with all their apps, so you never, just look at the time and leave the phone, instead, we forget to look at the time and keep wasting it. Therefore, wrist watches!

Oh, and we have you covered on the best watches available on the market that will fit your budget range of Rs. 5000. In this review, we will be taking a look at some of the best watches for women under Rs. 5,000 bucks.

Now before we move on to our awesome list, let us give you a heads up on what to look for while deciding on which watch to go after.

What to look for before buying a watch?

  • The material of the fastening belt –

    The standard choice is between straps or bracelets.

    Under bracelets, there are several materials used, like gold, platinum, aluminium, ceramic, etc. The bracelet straps are generally used in jewellery and fancy watches.

    The straps are simple in design and less pricey. The material used for the straps of sports watches is usually resin and other casual watches have leather or sometimes cloth straps.

  • The operating mechanism –

    Watches in today's market have a very basic and most used quartz mechanism, they're battery-powered and accurate. They're very common as they're also less expensive than the mechanical watch, which is manual or self-winded.

    Some people still prefer mechanical ones as they're crafty and more aesthetic.

  • The style quotient and occasion –

    Well if you are one of those always on-the-go ladies you will prefer the casual watch which shows you the time without any extra jewels or ornamentation.

    And if you are a sports junkie then the smartwatches are the one for you, they keep a track on your steps and sleep and calorie burn.

    A formal and exclusive watch is for that big corporate event in your office.

    A fashion watch is dressy, trendy and will make you stand out amid a crowd.

    To keep things shinier, there are jewellery watches which are usually studded with sparkly stones.

  • The shape of the dial –

    The most simple and classic circle dial is still the most chosen design, as one can never go wrong with it.

    The next most chosen shape is rectangle and oval.

    The other asymmetrical shapes make one stand out in a crowd, they give off a very bold and confident look, a go-to for millennial women.

So, without any further ado, let’s look at some of the best wrist watches for women under the price bracket of ₹5,000.

Product NameDisplay
DigitalRectangularBlack1 yearCheck Price
AnalogCircularSilver2 yearsCheck Price
AnalogCircularSilver2 yearsCheck Price
AnalogOvalWhite2 yearsCheck Price
AnalogCircularPearl2 yearsCheck Price
ChronographCircularBlack2 yearsCheck Price
AnalogRectangularBeige2 yearsCheck Price
AnalogCircularSilver2 yearsCheck Price
AnalogCircularGrey1 yearCheck Price
AnalogCircularGrey1 yearCheck Price
ChronographCircularSilver2 yearsCheck Price
ChronographCircularPink2 yearsCheck Price
AnalogTonneauGold2 yearsCheck Price
AnalogCircularBlue2 yearsCheck Price
AnalogCircularRose Gol2 yearsCheck Price
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The black, rubber smart band by Fastrack comes with Gesture control, music control, camera control and PPT control and an OLED display.

It has IP67 water resistance which makes it suitable for surface swimming.

It is also known as the world’s slimmest smart band.

It shows weather updates and can display your phone notifications.

The glass dial is made of acrylic material so that it provides some degree of scratch resistance.

This silver watch by Fossil has a stainless steel band and silver dial.

The width of the band is 8 mm and the diameter of the dial is 32 mm.

This clean design is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe as it will go with any outfit.

The brown watch by Fossil has a leather band, its width is just 8 mm.

The round dial has a silver-tone and is made with stainless steel material and its dial diameter is 32 mm.

It has a buckle closure to secure onto your wrist.

The huge dial will have a good presence over your writs making it stand out.

This watch also comes in a peach variant.

This fancy watch by Titan Raga series has stainless steel, gold-tone bracelet band.

It sports a white brass dial and has a jewellery clasp closure.

The coir-like band is strong and durable and it gives it an offbeat look from those classic gold watches for women available in the market right now.

This watch also comes in another gold variant.

This elegant stainless steel bracelet styled watch from Titan comes with the classic ‘Mother of Pearl’ colour inside and a round brass dial to complement it.

The subtle but highly detailed peacock inside adds flair to the watch as a whole.

This decorative timepiece has an everlasting beauty which goes with all kinds of outfits.

The watch also comes in a silver variant.

The silver watch by Casio has a stainless steel band and a black coloured dial with silver-toned fragments as numbers.

It also has a multi-hand display.

It has three small dials within the main dial which shows the date, the day and the hour.

The jewel texture highlight around the main dial gives character to the usual design language.

This stainless steel, golden coloured watch by Titan comes with an exquisite beige dial which is sure to make heads turn.

The gorgeous gold bracelet makes this a fancy and yet, a minimalistic watch.

To top it all off, it has a jewellery clasp closure.

This watch also comes in a silver variant.

This watch by Casio sports a multicoloured stainless steel bracelet band and silver coloured fancy jewellery dial.

It has a date window and the date can be adjusted with the help of the raised crown.

The dial case is ion-plated.

The soft brown and silver combination is a rare piece among many.

There's another variant of this watch which comes in a silver-gold combination.

These silver colours watch by Timex have a stainless steel durable bracelet band.

The dark grey dial of the watch adds to the simplicity of this watch.

The studded jewels along with the black insides will make it an instant favourite for many.

It has a fold-over clasp.

It can be worn on an everyday basis with all kinds of outfits.

This grey and orange watch by Timex has a nylon band which gives it a basic and casual look, which is great for everyday use.

You can also get a different type of nylon band to change up throughout the week.

It has the classic Weekender design and comes with their Indigo tech, which is a light-up feature of the dial.

It also has a brass dial which is grey.

Finally, this watch sports a buckle closure.

This silver-coloured, stainless steel watch by Casio has an ion-plated dial case.

It has a multi-hand (chronograph) display, and it comes with 50-meter water resistance.

This model also comes with the rare soft brown and stainless steel combo.

It has three small dials within the main dial, which shows the day, the date and the hour (24-hour format).

These dials can be adjusted separately with the help of the two crowns on the adjacent sides of the main crown.

This white watch by Casio comes with a leather strap and a beautiful pink round dial.

The dial case is ion-plated.

It has a multi-hand display.

In this model too, it has three dials which can be adjusted with the help of the additional dials.

The strap is made from leather and has a white outlook, so make sure to clean it regularly to keep the watch shining at all times.

This gold coloured watch by Titan comes with an elegant and classy stainless steel bracelet strap and a gold-toned, asymmetrically shaped dial.

It also has a jewellery clasp closure.

The offbeat design and the lovely chain linkage will be a favourite for many.

There are two more interesting jewellery-themed designs. You can check them out here –

This stainless steel watch by Titan has a silver coloured bracelet strap and a very unique blue coloured round dial.

The hour and minute hand have a commendable presence inside the dial.

It has three small dials which show the date, day and the hour.

The beefed-up stainless steel bracelet will capture a good presence over your wrist.

It also has a deployment clasp with a push-button closure.

This gorgeous rose gold watch by Titan is a perfect catch for ladies.

It has a metal band and brass rose gold dial.

The brushed metal looks will surely make you fall in love with this one.

This watch is also known for its sleek body.

It comes with a jewellery clasp closure.

The company also offers two years warranty on this product.

We have now extensively covered the women’s range of watches under Rs. 5000.

In case you are having any second thoughts regarding which watch you should go for, I would recommend revisiting the comparison table to narrow down your options. It has detailed information regarding all the watches listed here and will help you decide on the best choice for your wrist.

I hope my research has helped you in finding the right wrist watch as per your needs. ⌚

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