Best Leather Office Chairs in India

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An office chair not only serves as a platform to sit but also acts as a statement piece that sends a message to other people.

An executive chair reflects the professionalism and office environment of the room and should go with the existing office furniture.

The right chair would tell about you and your profession. For example, bright colours tell that the person is artistic or creative, while dark colours signify authority and brevity.

Apart from that, the basic function of an executive chair is support and comfort, no matter how professional and classy it looks.

Usually, leather and fine wood are used for making these chairs, which makes them a bit expensive than the usual ones.

They are designed considering the ergonomic aspects to help reduce the back pain and give comfort in sitting for long periods of time.

The padded seat and adjustment controls for height settings, the armrests, and support for the spine, altogether make these chairs a compulsory buy for your office.

Before you go out looking for the perfect executive chair for you, read about the following features your chair must have so that you get the best value for your invested money.

Why leather upholstering is good?

While leather chairs look elite in the office, there are certainly other reasons why it is good to buy one.

  • Comfort for longer durations

    Office chairs should have the basic feature of providing longer comfort and good posture to prevent spinal injuries or strain.

    The executive chairs made of leather upholstery provide certain advantages over other chairs.

    These include full padding and cushioning throughout the seat and the back.

    Hence, it provides the necessary support and eases while sitting in the office room.

  • Quality and durability

    While the chairs covered with vinyl and plastic are not durable and end up getting cracked or torn, the leather chairs are much more durable and don’t tear out easily and look exactly the same for a longer time.

    They don’t sag or stretch down like other chairs, and hence, provide the quality and durability as promised.

  • Easy to handle

    It seems like leather requires more attention and care to maintain its quality.

    But it is not the case.

    Leather upholstery provides an extra advantage to the users as it is easy to clean and maintain.

    By any chance, if you spill any liquid like coffee, you can easily wipe them off without leaving any stain or trace behind.

  • One time investment

    Although leather chairs are a bit more expensive than the other office chairs, we promise you that it is a one-time investment.

    Even if you buy a regular chair, it’ll end up getting broken or torn in a year or two.

    But in the case of executive leather chairs, you don’t need to worry about this.

    They are perfectly durable and last three times longer than other chairs, ultimately saving you money.

So now it’s time we review the best leather office chairs.

Before we cover in-depth reviews of the leather chairs listed here, I would like to share a comparison chart that I prepared after hours of research on this topic. It will definitely help you with your purchase decision.

Product NameDimensions
(L × W × H)

Low-price leather office chair
24.0 × 24.2 ×
38.6 inches
by seller
124.7 kgsCheck Price
Green Soul

Sleek design
20.5 × 22.5 ×
48.0 inches
150.0 -
200.0 kgs
Check Price
Green Soul

Fully-padded arms
18.5 × 21.0 ×
48.5 inches
150.0 -
200.0 kgs
Check Price
Green Soul

Ergonomically shaped to match human spine
22.0 × 21.0 ×
48.0 inches
135.0 kgsCheck Price
High Back

Value for money + elegant rich appearance
30.7 × 27.5 ×
45.0 inches
by seller
124.7 kgsCheck Price
Urban Ladder

Sporty race-car design
27.0 × 30.0 ×
43.4 inches
by seller
105.0 kgsCheck Price
Big & Tall

Best suited for tall and heavy individuals
27.25 × 29.5 ×
47.0 inches
by seller
158.7 kgsCheck Price
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All of these leather chairs come with a 1-year warranty.

The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair is the first one the list.

It is a stylish and comfortable office chair and supports the body for long stretches of time.

It has a professional appearance and adjustable setting for height and reclining, to support the back and legs altogether.

The chair measures 24 × 24.2 × 38.6 inches and weighs 12.2 kgs.

The simple controls allow the user to raise or lower their seats as per their comfort.

You can also tilt the chair to lean back or in front.

The upholstery is of faux leather and the seat and the back are padded for easy sitting.

The armrests are made of nylon and upholstered with pads.

They add additional comfort for the forearms.

The casters are 5 legged which make the chair swivel smoothly around the office table for multi-tasking convenience.

The chair comes in three colours- black, brown and white. All these are of the same range.

It can hold up to 124.7 kgs of weight.

The chair has good features and seems pretty good investment for official purposes.

We have three Green Soul chairs on our list today.

The first one is Green Soul London High Back Office Chair.

It is built on a wooden frame with a high back and seat padding for greater support to the body.

The seat can be adjusted according to the height of the user with the controls of the chair.

One exceptional feature is the tilt-tension knob feature of the chair.

You can rock it back through the controls, or not rock it at all.

The chair also offers 360-degree swivel motion with its nylon casters to roll around swiftly across the room.

The padding allows the user to sit back and relax and keep the arms on fixed armrests which are also extra padded.

The leatherette upholstery looks good on the ergonomic design of the chair.

It comes in four colours- black, brown, navy blue-grey, and maroon red-grey and can hold up to 150-200 kgs.

The Green Soul Barcelona High Back Office Chair is a great office chair especially for those who use computers more.

Its elegant look gives the office a classy feel and looks great in offices and conference rooms.

You can relax from heavy work in this chair.

It can go up to 105 degrees in the rocking mode.

The soft padding on handles provides great comfort to the users while they are typing or resting their arms.

It also features a butterfly seat plate and back to give the essential support to the back by properly aligning it while sitting for long periods of time.

The chair gives versatility of motion through its 360 degrees swivel mode with durable nylon casters.

It comes in black, brown and tan colours.

The inner frame is made up of wood and upholstery is leatherette.

It can hold up to 150-200 kgs.

The third executive chair from Green Soul on this list is Green Soul Vienna High Back Revolving Office Chair.

This is a stylish chair with an internal frame made up of wood and upholstery of high-quality PVC leather.

The armrests and back have soft padding to give great comfort to the user.

This chair looks quite unique with its dual coloured feature and is perfect for offices and conference rooms.

One special feature of this chair is that it is ergonomically shaped to match the human spine.

It provides the necessary support to the spine which relaxes it and prevents any chance of spinal damage.

This chair also swivels 360 degrees and gives a multi-tasking convenience to the user.

The metal base chrome finished PU castors are five in number and make the chair very easy to roam around.

This high back chair comes in 5 different colours, all of them are unique and stylish and can hold up to 135 kgs.

It makes this chair highly recommendable.

The AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair is different from its other models.

It features a butterfly seat plate for comfortable seating, adjustable setting and curved contours which allow the user to get the personalized comfort for longer durations.

The pneumatic control handle allows the user to raise or lower the seat as per their preferred height.

It also controls the tilt of the chair.

Users can rock and forth or don’t rock at all, as per their convenience.

The tilt-tension knob under the seat makes it possible to control the rocking of the chair.

The upholstery is made of bonded leather and PVC to give a smooth and sleek appearance to the chair.

Both the seat cushion and back cushion are padded and covered by the upholstery.

The armrests are gently curved and padded for enhanced support to the forearms.

The 360-degree swivelling ability of the chair is provided by the nylon casters and you can roll smoothly around the office.

The chair comes in two colours- black and brown.

It can take up to 124.7 kgs of the load.

The Urban Ladder Mika High Back Study Chair is a versatile chair and can be used in offices and study-rooms.

It is styled on the theme of racing cars, hence gives a sporty look to the office.

The high back fully supports the back and neck and the pinhole detailing makes it breathable.

Through the lock-tilt mechanism, the user can adjust the seat height and lock the chair in position or can unlock it and enable tilt.

The swivel chrome base and nylon castor wheels allow the user to traverse freely around the office and engage in multi-tasking.

The chair is covered with leatherette (PU) upholstery and comes in two colours- red and white.

It can hold up to 105 kgs of weight.

This last product on our list the biggest and tallest of all.

The AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair is basically designed for tall users and support for their back.

It supports up to 159 kgs.

It is the best one for commercial use and is extra-durable with a heavy design.

It features adjustable settings and curved contours to keep your back in good shape and support it throughout your sitting.

It also has an adjustable lumbar mechanism to provide support for the lower back and the tilt mechanism allows you to rest by leaning on the chair.

You can also adjust the height of the chair easily through the pneumatic controls.

The chair has a smooth and classy appearance due to its upholstery which is made up of bonded brown leather.

The seat, back and forearms are padded and upholstered and provide great comfort to the user.

The chair has 360 swivel capacity made possible by its durable casters which allow multitasking to the user.

It comes in brown colour and all the components in the chair are commercial grade, which makes it the topmost on the list.

Which one should you go for?

After reviewing the best of leather chairs, it is surely tough to choose one from these.

But keeping in mind the quality, the durability, and of course, the money, we recommend AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair.

This chair has a professional appeal and gives proper support and all-day comfort to the body.

The exclusivity of the chair is its butterfly seat plate, which not only looks good but also supports the back along with its curved contour.

You won’t feel tired or exhausted even after sitting the whole day in this chair.

The pneumatic control enables the user to raise or lower the seat’s height and gives a range of 41.34 to 45.08 inches.

The handle also controls the chair tilt; you can either rock back and forth in this chair or sit still, just as you like.

What makes this chair stand out from the others is its look and the price it comes in. The brown finished look comes due to the top-class upholstery of bonded leather and PVC.

For your office room or the conference hall, this chair would definitely steal the look and stand out with its elite appearance.

This makes it a good buy for the price range it comes in.

For a quick comparison between these leather chairs, you can revisit the comparison chart shared earlier.

I hope my research on the best leather office chairs in the Indian market has saved you time and helped you pick the right one for your needs.

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