Best Office Chairs Under Rs. 5,000

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An average person spends around 40 hours a week on his office chair.

This becomes quite a huge deal when we analyze how many years we spend sitting on an office chair.

And if the chair doesn’t support the spine, it may cause considerable health problems.

We also spend a considerable amount on our office setups, especially on desks and chairs.

There have been many types of research which show that a good office chair actually increases the productivity and efficiency of the person.

Whereas, a bad office chair might cause back strain, and leg problems, which ultimately cost the performance and productivity of the person.

Hence, it becomes necessary to examine the best chairs which not only support the spine and are comfortable, but are also cost-efficient.

We have reviewed some of the best ergonomic chairs for you which are under ₹5000, to help you choose the best.

But first, you should know which points to consider before buying an office chair for yourself.

What to look before buying an office chair?

Office chairs not only form the office’s décor but also give the essential physical support to the person sitting on it.

The design of the chair should be such that you feel easy and active enough to carry on with your work.

Some features which you should check before buying one are:

  • Lumbar Support: This is the most essential part of the chair as it supports the lower back while sitting.

    An ergonomic chair having lumbar adjustment settings allows the user to fit in the chair comfortably and adjust the height or depth of the chair accordingly.

    It prevents the flattening of the lumbar curve of the spinal cord and strain in the lower back, hence, helpful during long sitting hours.

  • Wheel Base: Having a wheelbase is a common necessity in office chair nowadays.

    Wheels provide ease in rolling towards different corners of the office room or the desk to pick important stuff.

    However, special attention should be given to the wheelbase which works according to the carpet or the flooring in your office.

  • Swivel Base: Easy rotation of the chair to swivel freely in the room and have easy access to various things on the desk is a must.

    It prevents arm straining from over stretching and ultimately gives more comfort.

  • Seat Fabric: The seat of the chair should have proper padding and a breathable cloth to keep it from becoming hot and prevent any odour.

    It also provides comfort while sitting for long durations.

  • Armrests: Armrests of the chair should also be adjustable.

    The design of the chair should be such that the shoulders and arms should rest properly and the forearm should get enough space to work on the desk.

  • Adjustability: Adjustability of the chair is important overall.

    Features like lumbar support, armrest, backrest, seat angle and height, should be adjustable with the help of dial control or a hand-held bulb.

    Hence, making it easier for the user to change the setting as per his requirements.

Listed below are some great ergonomic office chairs for you, along with their features and price list to help you choose the best.

The following comparison chart will allow you to easily compare the various aspects of these office chairs.

Product NameDimensions
(L × W × H)
Apex Delta

Low-cost ergonomic office chair
22.0 × 24.0 ×
40.0 inches
Do - it -
1 yearBlackCheck Price
Seat Chacha
26.5 × 24.0 ×
41.5 inches
Do - it -
1 yearBlack,
Check Price
Low Back
25.0 × 24.0 ×
40.34 inches
by seller
1 yearBlack,
Check Price
Apex Apollo

Value-for-money office chair
25.0 × 26.0 ×
43.0 inches
Do - it -
1 yearBlackCheck Price
19.0 × 19.0 ×
36.0 inches
6 monthsBlackCheck Price
Apex Affinity
26.0 × 27.0 ×
43.0 inches
Do - it -
1 yearBlackCheck Price
Urban Ladder
21.6 × 10.6 ×
38.5 inches
by seller
1 yearBlackCheck Price
Apex Apollo
High Back

Office chair with adjustable head support
25.0 × 26.0 ×
53.0 inches
Do - it -
1 yearBlackCheck Price
Mid Back
25.0 × 24.0 ×
40.34 inches
by seller
1 yearBlackCheck Price
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This first chair on the list is very simple, yet comfortable for the spine.

The backrest is made of mesh and has a push back tilt mechanism with lock facility to support the body’s movements.

This is a plus since our bodies move naturally even while we are sitting and doing our work.

It has an adjustable seat height which goes from 18 to 23 inches.

It also has a pneumatic gas lift system which enables the user to adjust the height of his seat very easily.

It can support up to 120 kgs which adds as an advantage for durability and strength.

It also has a 360-degree swivel which adds to its versatility and gives the user a chance to multi-task.

With its 5 smooth casters, it becomes easy to roll across the room and it gets the work done.

Other than this, the material, finish, and quality standards are tested and verified by the International Quality Standards.

The Seat Chacha Silver Pan Back Chair is another ergonomic chair on the list.

Its mesh fabric lets the chair breathe and keeps away the heat and odour.

The cushion is soft and helps in comfortable seating.

The height and depth can be adjusted easily according to the user and the armrests assist in proper seating posture.

The backrest can also be reclined or declined as per the comfort with lock facility.

The 5 hooded dual-caster wheels give the comfort of rolling around the office and completing your tasks.

The professional look of AmazonBasics Low Back Computer Chair gives a bold look to the office.

It adjustable pneumatic controls let the users raise or lower the seat as per their comfort.

This is especially good when you’re working on the computer for a longer duration.

The seat and backrest are covered with mesh.

The back of the seat is curved to give a comfortable posture and ease to the spine.

The seat is covered with a 2-inch thick pad and is soft to assist in longer sittings.

There is also a 360-degree swivel to provide the user with a versatile range of motion and let him multi-task.

The Apex AM-5002 Apollo Medium Back Office Chair is an executive office chair perfect for the spinal support and long sitting hours.

It has a synchro-tilt mechanism with tilt lock lever to support the body and its movements.

The seat is fully adjustable in height and depth through a pneumatic gas lift system.

The seat and back are covered by breathable mesh.

A 360-degree swivel along with 5 smooth casters allows the user to roll freely in the office without any jerks or pauses.

It can support individuals up to 120 kgs of evenly distributed weight.

Other things like strength, durability and quality are tested according to International Quality Standards.

MBTC Octave Office Executive Visitor Chair has a different look as it is upholstered in bonded leather which gives ultimate support to the user.

It has a high back design which gives maximum lumbar support for the better sitting experience.

The seat has soft padding and waterfall seat edge to prevent the legs from getting unwanted pressure.

It is made of heavy-duty mild steel pipe for greater stability and mobility.

This office chair is covered with mesh for breathability and long-day comfort.

Its synchro-tilt mechanism with tilt locker supports the body’s natural movements.

The pneumatic gas system enables the user to adjust the height and depth of the seat, while the 360-degree swivel lets him roll around the office with the help of 5 smooth casters.

It can bear up to 120 kgs and is very durable.

It is tested for its strength and quality as per International Quality Standards and can serve as boss chair, student chair, visitor chair, or employee chair.

This Eisner study chair has a comfortable structure which supports long sitting hours without causing any strain on the back.

Its curved armrests support the forearms and lets the user wok comfortably.

The flexible mesh coating on the backrest and the chrome legs provide the strength and comfort altogether.

Urban Ladder offers free assembly of the chair at a scheduled time slot chosen by you.

The Apex Apollo Chrome Base High Back Chair comes with the 360-degree swivel and 5 smooth casters to give the user a versatile range of motion and allows multi-tasking convenience.

It has an adjustable seat and tilt locker mechanism to support the spine and the body’s natural movements.

The seat and back are covered with contoured mesh and provides whole day comfort.

It can also afford 120 kgs and has considerable strength and durability.

AmazonBasic’s mid-back mesh chair has pneumatic controls which let the user recline or decline the seat as per his comfort.

It promotes a correct seated posture which is important when you’re sitting for a long time.

The back of the chair is gently curved to give the shape of spine and ultimately releasing it from tension.

The back and seat are covered with mesh which enhances breathability of the chair.

The armrests are T-shaped and provide comfort and support.

The chair also swivels 360 degrees with dual wheel casters and allows smooth mobility across the office room.

What’s the best pick for you?

After reviewing 9 ergonomic chairs, it is quite tough to pick out the best one.

Our top recommendation is Apex AM-5002 Apollo Medium Back Office Chair.

First of all, it has a great deal if you order from Amazon.

Secondly, the structure and shape of the chair is designed to support the lumbar spine and give the user a comfortable posture which doesn’t cause any strain in the back.

It is also very easy to assemble and maintain. Only a wet cloth would do even if you clean it once a month.

For the people who like to lie down in between their work, the central tilt mechanism helps them to recline their chair and feel easy while laying back.

The adjustable lumbar system also provides the benefit of adjusting the chair as per the use and comfort.

It also has 5 nylon casters which ensure stability and smooth rolling across the room.

The attractive design and colour of the chair is also a plus.

If you’re looking for an economical chair, as an employee chair, for students, or as a visitor chair, this is a very good choice.

The mesh ensures breathability and hence, no residual odours of sweat.

The product is tried and tested according to the International Quality Standards and hence, the buyers can have trust on the quality and durability of the chair and purchase it.

If you've any second thoughts, I would suggest using the comparison table shared earlier. It will simplify your selection process to a great extent.

I hope my market research on top office chairs under Rs. 5,000 has helped you in finding the perfect yet affordable office chair.

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