Best Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain (in India)

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For people working long hours in their offices and sitting in their chairs, lower back pain is a common problem.

An average person spends around 10 consecutive years sitting in their chair. This tells us how common this problem is and how urgent it is to address it.

You might consult a chiropractor, indulge in yoga and exercises, or take any special sessions, but this problem is as stubborn as coffee stains on the cloth.

The reason might be your posture, or simply the chair you’re using.

While office chairs are meant to express the professionalism and class, they should also be comfortable as you spend more than 8 hours of your wake-time.

This calls for a quick check whether the chair you’re using or thinking of buying, has those features which ease your back.

Let’s take a look.

What makes an office chair great for back support?

  • Adjustability

    The basic height and tilt adjustability should be present in your chair.

    The bending and tilting forward of the chair provides you with the ability to adjust the chair according to your comfort, ultimately easing your back.

  • Lumbar support

    The backrests which have a curved contour, provide maximum support to the spine.

    This ultimately gives rest to the lower back and relieves you from the pain. It also improves posture and provides better sitting experience.

  • Rolling capacity

    The 360 degree swivelling capacity and the caster wheels under your chair allow free movement across the office room and liberate you from the overextension of arms to pick or reach out for anything.

    The caster wheels should also be checked whether they can easily glide over carpeted areas or not.

  • Material and fabric

    The breathable mesh upholstery on the seat and the back are most common.

    It allows for the air to escape and keeps away the odour and stale smell. It is also very comfortable and keeps the back cool.

    The leather chair is also good for air-conditioned or cold workspaces.

    The base of the chair should be strong and firm.

    Most chairs come with metal or hardwood base.

    Make sure they are strong enough and do not shake or have a risk of collapsing.

  • Cushioning

    Although most chairs come with cushioning on the seat, back and armrest, still they don’t provide the necessary comfort.

    The cushioning should be appropriate; it avoids unnecessary pressure on the thighs and back pain.

    The armrests should also be padded to provide maximum comfort and rest.

After hours of searching the web, I've finally come up with six office chairs that are perfect for back support. I've captured their details in a tabular format so that you can easily compare them.

Product NameAvailable
Mid Back

Low-price back support chair
StandardBlack, brown,
Do - it -
1 yearCheck Price
Green Soul
High Back

Sleek design
Full backBrown, black,
1 yearCheck Price
Green Soul
High Back

Fully-padded arms
Full backBlack, brown,
1 yearCheck Price
Green Soul
High Back

Ergonomically shaped to match human spine
High backBlack, brown,
sizzling red
1 yearCheck Price
High Back

Value for money + elegant rich appearance
StandardBrown, blackDo - it -
1 yearCheck Price
Green Soul
New York
High Back

3 years of warranty
Classic, plus,
pro, health
BlackDo - it -
3 yearsCheck Price
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The AmazonBasics Mid-Back office chair has a modern appearance and offers a professional look for any location.

The smooth contours and adjustable settings allow for all-day comfort.

It has simple pneumatic controls which let the user raise or lower his seat and rock back or sit still.

The tilt-tension knob underneath the chair seat makes it easier to rock back in the chair or sit straight.

The smooth and black bonded leather upholstery covers both the padded seat of the chair, as well as its solid, square-shaped, gently contoured padded back.

The armrests offer added support and comfort with the help of black, curved, textured nylon.

You can swivel it for multi-tasking convenience.

It's durable dual-wheel casters give smooth-rolling mobility from one area to another.

The chair comes in three colours- black, brown and white and can hold up to 124.7 kgs of weight.

The Green Soul London High Back Office Chair comes with a lever that allows the user to raise or lower the seat height.

It also controls the tilt of the chair and the users can enjoy rocking back and forth to not rocking at all.

The chair also offers a versatile range of motion through 360 degrees swivelling for multi-tasking convenience.

The durable nylon casters give the users smooth-rolling mobility.

The chair is fully padded with leatherette padding while the armrests are extra padded for extra comfort to arms.

The size is high back and it is available in four colours- black, brown, navy blue-grey, and maroon red-grey.

It can hold up to 150-200 kgs.

For the users feeling tired after a long day of work, the Green Soul Barcelona High Back Office Chair provides an awesome rocking mode adjustable till 105 degrees.

The soft padding on the handles provides the user with greater comfort while typing or resting the arms on the chair.

This chair also features a butterfly seat plate and back to keep your back supported.

It also keeps your body aligned properly especially for longer periods of time.

The chair swivels 360 degrees and its durable nylon castors allow smooth-rolling mobility from one area to another.

It's available in black, brown and tan colour options.

This chair has a curved armrest filled with soft padding.

It allows the user to have great comfort while typing or resting his arms.

The cushion padding is done with high-quality soft PVC leather upholstery.

The ergonomic back shape of the chair provides the necessary support.

It delivers maximum comfort even for long sessions.

The chair swivels 360 degrees and has a strong metal base with chrome finish.

It allows smooth-rolling with the help of 5 PU castor wheels.

The size of the chair is high back and it is available in 5 colour combinations- black, black-tan, brown, black-red, and sizzling red.

It can hold up to 135 kgs.

This AmazonBasics executive chair features a butterfly seat plate, adjustable settings, and curved contours to keep your back supported and your body posture proper.

The pneumatic control handles both, raising and lowering of the seat, along with the tilt of the chair.

A tilt-tension knob underneath the seat makes it easier or harder to rock back in your chair.

The upholstery is made of bonded brown leather and PVC which gives it a smooth look.

It covers both the padded seat cushion and the contoured back cushion for support.

This chair also provides black padding on the gently curved armrests for enhanced comfort and support.

It swivels 360 degrees and offers a versatile range of motion.

The durable nylon casters allow smooth-rolling mobility from one area to another.

The AmazonBasics executive chair comes in two colours- black and brown.

It can take up to 124.7 kgs of load.

The Green Soul's New York Mesh Office has a mesh-covered seat and back for a modern look and an ultra-comfortable seating.

The mesh is highly durable and fire retardant, hence, provides safety along with comfort.

The headrest is adjustable in terms of height and angles, supporting the neck and providing more versatility and less stiffness for the head.

Equipped with high-quality mesh fabric, the seat is breathable and provides better ventilation.

It also keeps your back cool and comfortable for the whole day.

The chair is designed keeping in mind the back and the legs too.

Even the armrests of this chair can be adjusted in 2-dimensions which are- height adjustment and angle adjustment.

The 360-degree swivel and nylon casters are present for the versatility of motion.

This chair comes in black colour and can hold up to 110 kgs of weight.

One best thing about this chair is that it comes in four different sizes and with 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

So, which office chair is best for back support?

With such great options in the market, it could get really tough to choose the right chair.

But when it is time to buy, considering every aspect is a must, including the pricing of the chair.

Our recommendation is Green Soul New York Plus Mesh High Back Office Chair because it has got advanced features and stands on the top of our list.

With 3 years manufacturer’s warranty, this chair stands out in proving trustworthy and customer friendly company.

The breathable mesh is also a plus since leather and PU upholstery doesn’t let the chair breathe.

The nylon and glass fibre frame is quite strong enough to accommodate 110 kgs easily.

It also comes in 4 sizes which are- Classic, Plus, Pro, and Health.

The prices vary according to the sizes and the customers can buy according to their budgets.

With a wide range of sizes and comfortable chairs, the Green Soul New York Plus Office Chair is a good buy for offices and conference rooms.

For easier comparison between these office chairs, you can refer the comparison table shared in the beginning of this post.

I hope this article has helped you in identifying the right chair for back support.

Today is the day you can say goodbye to back pains forever!

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