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I’d always thought that purification in water purifiers was done with the help of electricity. I’ve heard of non-electric water purifiers, I never knew there was a market for it.

And since our home purifier was breaking down every now and then, the constant maintenance cost of changing the expensive filters and the cheap electronics was burning holes in my pocket.

It was time for the purchase of a new water purifier.

Since we had purchased two electric water purifiers in the past, I thought maybe it was time to try something different this time and one of my friends was using a non-electric water purifier too. He said to go ahead with it, as he was totally satisfied with its performance in catering to a four-membered family.

Before making a purchase, you need to keep in mind certain things.

What to look for in a non-electric water purifier?

  • Capacity: Don’t come to the conclusion of the capacity just by reading the title of water purifier, this is the sum of both the raw water storage and the purified water storage capacity.

  • Stages: The more the number of filtration stages the merrier, but the downside is, the filtration will take more time.

So, I started my research on it in Amazon and found a few products that were worth considering.

Since this niche is not well explored and I’ve studied quite a bit about them, I would like to share a few offerings from Amazon which you might find interesting.

I'll jump right into numbers. Below are the specifications of the non-electric water purifiers that I'd shortlisted after putting in hours of research. This shall allow easy comparison between them.

Product NameTotal
Tata Swach
Low-price + lightweight
15 litres3 stage1.70 kg6 monthsCheck Price
Gold Optima

1-year warranty
10 litres3 stage1.89 kg1 yearCheck Price

Stylish design + natural shut-off feature
20 litres3 stage2.71 kg6 monthsCheck Price
HUL Pureit
4-stage water filtration
23 litres4 stage4.83 kg6 monthsCheck Price
Water Filter

32 litres capacity + 10-years warranty
32 litres2 stage +
(2 can be
8.00 kg10 years
(on stainless steel) /
1 year
(on other parts)
Check Price
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This product from TATA is a 15 litre capacity in storage is a juggernaut.

The cheapest of all the options here, this can easily cater to four to five-member family.

They made this keeping in mind of the typical Indian consumer, and a nice touch to add a desi name to it.

The translucent blue body is a looker in any room that it is kept, and there is also a translucent green body to it as well, but that variant is not available in Amazon.

This product has a carbon and chlorine candle (filter) which can be changed between 4-6 months and is available online in much cheaper rates that the electric water purifier counterparts.

There is no requirement of running water and due to its size, it is portable but cannot be wall mounted.

The company offers six months of warranty on the product which includes the filters and the casing.

The two removable components inside are the TATA Swach bulb and the cartridges.

The bulb is battery driven and uses proven nanotechnology to kill off the bacteria and viruses which is present with the water and cartridges absorbs the other contaminants.

The box contains the main unit, the user manual, warranty card, and the bulb.

The user manual is simple enough for anyone to install all the components in this product.

For those who are looking for a simple product which can cater to four to five member family or just as an additional purifier to your electric water purifier, this product can be bought blindly.

Now it is time for the introduction of the big shots in the water purifier industry.

We have the KENT Gold Optima which is 10 litre non-electric water purifier.

The 10 litres storage mentioned is 5 litres raw water and 5 litres purified water, hence the two storey construction.

A transparent blue hue with white plastic, this product come with a one-year warranty and three years of no service charge.

The purification is done by a hollow UF (Ultra filtration) membrane, which uses nano-silver carbon, do not allow bacteria or cysts to pass through.

The other filters are the activated carbon filter and sediment filter.

The transparent plastic is sturdy and is food grade quality.

The optimum time for the UF filter replacement is about 5-6 months and the carbon and sediment filter needs to be replaced every 3 months.

It is best suitable to be used with a tap or municipal water which has low TDS (Total dissolved solids).

The box comes in with the product, user manual, service center details, and the warranty information.

To extend the life of the filters, it is better to take the time to clean the filters every week. This can extend the life of the filters for up to 2 months.

For those who are looking for a basic water filtration setup, say a bachelor or a small office this is the product to go after.

This product from Eureka Forbes gives 20 litre storage, which 10 litres raw water and 10 litre purified water.

The tower built purifier accommodates this amount of storage can easily accommodate the needs of a four-member family without any issues.

The company offers about 6 months of warranty on the product.

This product comes with a feature called ‘Kitanu Magnet’ which is basically a mesh which filters the bacteria and cysts present in the municipal water.

There are also two cartridges for sediment and contaminant filtration.

With the ease of cleaning this water filter just by keeping the meshes under running water, this is one of the most user-friendly product among these.

Another feature that stands out is the ‘Auto-shut off’ feature, which means it provides either clean water or no water at all, which is a welcome feature in this budget for non-electric water purifiers.

It can’t be wall mounted and is of a fiber glass build.

The box comes with the product, two cartridges, one tap and one demo CD.

For those who are looking for a product which has a higher capacity in storage, promising filtration and brand name and good service options, this is the product to go after.

This product from Hindustan Unilever is the looker of all the others here.

This tower built product is of 23 litre capacity in which purified water is of 9 litres in storage.

This also comes with the ‘Auto-shut off’ feature.

Unlike the others, this uses a four stage filtration process, namely ‒

  • A microfiber filter, which removes the dirt.

  • The activated carbon filter which removes the chemicals dissolved in the water.

  • The germ kill processor which is a nano-fiber mesh, kills of all the bacteria and viruses that are present.

  • A ‘clarifier’ which removes the chlorine and gives the colourless, odourless, natural tasting water for consumption.

The germ kill indicator helps in letting us know the replacement time for the filter has arrived or not. Just keep in mind that this indicator will take some time to activate, and will not notify right from the beginning.

The tank is made of food grade plastic is well built for the money that you are paying.

The box comes with the product, the warranty card and user manual.

The company offers 6 months of warranty on the product.

For those who are looking for large capacity water purifier, with high rated filtration system, this product is worth the investment.

The most offbeat product in this category with 32 liters in storage, in which 16 liters is usable and another 16 liters is raw water storage.

This product can easily cater to the needs of 3-5 people in a home.

The stainless steel body is the major selling point here, which is rust free and mirror polished; it looks like a steel tower with a purpose!

The product from RAMA is made from imported parts and is assembled in India.

The filters include a silver impregnated ceramic with activated carbon which takes care of the killing of bacteria and viruses and absorbs contaminants respectively.

One thing which stands out when compared to other products is that the filters used are made of natural material inside, hence it is very eco-friendly.

The product comes with a whopping 10-year warranty on the stainless steel alone representing the company’s confidence in their product’s quality.

Other parts of the product have one-year replacement warranty.

There are two filtration candles inbuilt, in addition to that you can fit in two more candles, which will increase the filtration speed.

The box comes with the main product, two ceramic cartridges, hole blockers, one tap, rubber base ring (over which the product is kept) and one knob.

They offer good customer service, in case of any problems and the replacement warranty adds the icing to the cake.

A product which excellent build quality, good filtration system, excellent customer response and huge warranty, you just can’t go wrong in purchasing this product.

Having a non-electric water purifier helps in saving the power cost and additional expenses which may come in for the replacement and servicing of the electric ones.

All the products mentioned above caters to different sets of people and hence make sure to check all your requirements are met by the product that you are getting.

You can refer the comparison chart which gives a quick overview of these products.

Hope these observations will help you decide the right purchase for your needs. Drink safe!

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