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The Ruby water purifier brand is completely based in India. They design and manufacture the entire purification system and adhere to the ‘Make In India’ scheme.

Some of the advanced filters from their stable will have imported components as well. They provide the average customer with quality water filters in affordable rates.

In order promote our ‘desi’ product, I’m writing this review to showcase the promising stable of products that they have and the technology used in them rivals all the other brands in the market right now.

They incorporated world standard purification tech such as RO systems (Reverse Osmosis), UV filter (Ultra Violet Filter), and UF systems (Ultra Filtration Systems), in their products.

Below is a quick comparison of all the popular water purifiers offered by Ruby.

Product NameFiltration

Lowest price
6 stageNoNoNoYesCheck Price

7 stage filtration + UF filter
7 stageNoYesNoYesCheck Price

Philips UV choke + Sankyo Denki UV tube
7 stageNoYesNoYesCheck Price
Auto Flush

Auto flush + alkaline filter + LED display
6 stageYesYesYesYesCheck Price
Ruby Cute
Elegant look + PVDF washable UF filter + alkaline filter
5 stageNoYesYesYesCheck Price
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All of these Ruby water purifiers come with an approximate 12-litre storage capacity and a 1-year warranty.

This product from Ruby comes in a small package but packs a punch.

It offers a six-stage filtration process for the price it comes in! Maybe that’s why they chose that name (economical).

A transparent and opaque construction and wall mount setting, this product can cater to the needs of a small family of three members easily.

This water purifier requires a supply of running water and power to run the inside pump and has up to 12 litres of pure water storage.

The different stages of the Ruby economical filtration pump are as follows.

  • Pre-filter: This removes the dirt and other large sized contaminants from the water supply.

  • Sediment filter: This is made using the 1 micron filter, which effectively removes dirt and isolates the filtered water.

  • Activated carbon filter: The municipal water may contain dissolved organic substances, which causes the water to smell and give an odd coloration.

    Upon passing through this filter, it removes all such contamination.

  • Reverse Osmosis membrane: This filter effectively removes all hard water contamination such as pesticides and other metals.

  • Post carbon filter: This filter further removes the leftover odour and coloration in the water.

  • UV Filter: Passing through the UV filter will kill and remove the bacteria and viruses present in the water.

It is tested and proven that, when water passes through all these filters, the natural minerals present in it will get lost.

This is not favourable for us, as we require them during our daily consumption. Hence, Ruby has provided a mineralizer which adds back the required minerals back to the water in safe levels.

The company offers 1-year warranty for all the electrical parts except for the UV bulb (filament based).

The filters can be changed periodically and will cost around 1000-2000 for all the filters together.

For those who are looking for a budget filter which gets you almost all standard filtration stages and can cater to up to 3 people easily, this is the product to go after.

This next offering from Ruby has a slight variation in the stages that the water passes through.

This has all the filtration stages when compared with the above offering, but the difference is the inclusion of the UF membrane, which is a filter having pores of up to 0.01 micrometer.

This filter is added to control the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the water.

Before buying a water filter, you need to test the water in a lab and understand the levels of the contaminants and the TDS of the water.

If the TDS of your tap water is high it can gravely affect your health in the long run. Hence you need to a water filter to a safeguard those levels.

This too has a transparent and opaque build with 12 litres pure water storage.

The various filtration stages include: Pre-filter, sediment filter, activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane, UF filter, mineral cartridge (which adds back the lost minerals), and an ultraviolet filter.

Here too, the company offers 1-year warranty on electrical parts except for the UV lamp.

Installation of this product can be done with the help of a technician who can be availed by calling the number that is provided in the box.

Those who are looking for a budget offering (for 2-3 people) to tackle the high TDS and along with the additional filtration systems, this is the product to go after.

This next offering from Ruby is slightly higher in price when compared with the above products.

The filtration stages include: Pre-filter, sediment filter, activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane, UF filter, mineral cartridge.

So what is the difference? This product includes the imported Philips UV choke and Sankyo Denki UV tube which has a higher life than the other ultraviolet components of the above products.

But the warranty coverage is still the same: 1-year for electrical components and no warranty for the bulb.

This product gives a 10% reduction in the TDS levels of your tap water and with the addition of imported components, this makes the product stand out in the competition.

To check the change in the TDS levels of your water, you purchase a TDS meter from Amazon which helps in monitoring and lets you know whether the filters require changing or not.

It offers 12 litres of pure water storage.

For those who can spend a few extra bucks in getting a water purifier with all the filtration stage and the branded hardware can go for this one!

This is Ruby stepping up the game with loading the purifier with more tech.

This product has a LED display which can show the health condition of the RO membrane and will notify the user if the RO membrane has stopped working or not.

Most of the electrical parts are imported such as BNQS pump, Sanki Denky UV tube etc.

The various filtration stages are as follows: Pre-filter, sediment filter, activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane, an alkaline cartridge (if your water has high acidic levels, you can get this purifier to balance out the pH levels of the water), and an ultraviolet membrane.

Ruby offers 1-year warranty on the electrical parts with exception to the UV lamp.

One additional feature that comes with this filter is the auto flush function, which is completely computer controlled, flushes out the membranes and the RO filter every 15 minutes thus prolonging the life of the membranes.

In order to make 12 litres of pure water, some 4 litres of water will be wasted due to the periodic flushing.

The purifier offers 12 litres of storage which can cater to 2-3 family members.

Those who are willing to spend some money on a cheaper alternative or coming down from the high end water purifiers can easily choose this product without hesitation.

As the name suggests, this is a cute offering from Ruby with blue and white body along minimal design which is made with high food grade ABC plastic.

The storage comes up to 12 litres with 3 litres of pure water storage and has a fast 20 litre per hour filtration capacity.

The front panel can be removed and this exposes to the hardware inside, which comes with Reverse Osmosis filter, Ultra Filtration Mesh, Ultraviolet filter, and with a TDS controller (which you can adjust the required TDS for your water) which is only seen in the most premium water filters.

The front panel can be put back in place easily as it is held together using magnets.

The alkaline filter balances the acidic nature and adjusts the pH level of the water.

It comes with one-year warranty on the electrical parts with exclusion of the UV lamp.

The pre filter comes with the high quality PVDF washable UF filter, which has about 0.01-micron size.

This will be outside the casing of this product and you don’t need to buy it separately.

This all-in-one water purifier is the best one that you can get for your money.

With industry standard RO + UV + UF filtration coming at this price, getting this water purifier for your needs is the best choice among all the others here.

For those who are looking for an all in one solution and with the best in class features and reliability, this is the product to go after.

You can use the comparison chart to finalize the right water purifier for your needs.

Ruby has introduced a wide range of products in budget offerings, without compromising on the technology that is being used in it.

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind trying out new options which will give you the same results as that of the branded ones that are out there, then why not?

Drink safe and stay healthy!

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