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Coming from Kerala, moving into Bangalore for my job posting was a cultural shock to me on many levels because I had never stayed anywhere else for a longer period.

That meant taking care of myself with all the needs. Bangalorians had a completely different lifestyle even though both the states were towards the south.

And one thing that I noticed was, that nobody is used to boiling water before drinking. Almost all the houses that I visited had a water purifier for drinking water needs.

I decided to invest in a water purifier for my homestay too and since it was trusted by many of my friend’s houses.

I had zero knowledge in this domain and started researching on the product range in Amazon and came across a few promising products under the Rs. 10000 range.

Now before we begin, let me elaborate on what you should be looking for in a water purifier, with that kind of information, you can easily compare the products and come to your conclusion.

Here are a few points that you need to keep in mind before going for a water purifier.

What to look for in a water purifier?

  • Number of filter stages: Many filters have a number of stages through which the water has to pass through in order to be safe for consumption.

    The more stages, the merrier, but the sweet spot in this category is the six-stage purification process.

  • Storage: Although most of the filters have water storage capabilities, some of them do not. Keep in mind of check on this before buying the product. Choosing between the two, depends on the type of user that you are.

  • Alerts: After buying your perfect water purifier, the only cost that is going to come up is the periodic maintenance is the cleaning and the replacement of the cartridges.

    And since the casing are opaque for most of the products we should know, when the servicing needs to be done. There are purifiers with inbuilt sensors and alerts which helps us notify the issues.

For all the water purifiers listed below, I have captured their specifications in a table to make the selection process easier.

Product NameFilter
Water Purifier

Low-priced + 12 litres capacity + TDS controller
6 stage9.00 kgNo12 litres1 yearCheck Price
Kent Maxx
PAN India Service + free service for 3 years
6 stage7.44 kgYes7 litres1 yearCheck Price
Crystal Plus

Backflush + auto shut off + lightweight
6 stage4.50 kgYesNo storage1 yearCheck Price
Livpure Glo
Stylish design + dedicated mineralizer
6 stage7.00 kgNo7 litres1 yearCheck Price
Bluestar Aristo
Copper-based carbon filter + child-lock + 4 types of alerts
6 stage8.00 kgYes7 litres1 yearCheck Price
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A 6-stage purification from this product handles the purification duties efficiently.

This product from Ruby is made of parts sourced from countries such as Japan, Korea etc.

With a storage capacity of a whopping 12 litres and a transparent food grade cover which exposes the filters inside it, this one gives a sophisticated look.

The different stages include ‒

  • Pre-filter- a general filter for large sediments

  • Sediments filter- a focussed sediment filter which removes much smaller sediments (the filter is removable)

  • Carbon Filter- a filter with activated carbon which removes the chlorine and organic materials.

  • RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane- a membrane with micron rating up to 0.2 microns which removes all the other dissolved salts and hard water elements.

  • Post carbon with added mineral cartridge- which adds in the essential nutrients which were lost during the filtration process.

  • UV Disinfection- By passing the water through a series of UV radiation, it kills all the bacteria and viruses present in it.

You get a 1-Year warranty for the electrical parts and will be sent through courier and fixing needs to done by a local operator.

The filters getting used after a long time will require replacement.

The installation by an operator can be arranged by calling the operator through the toll-free number supplied by the Ruby team.

For those looking for a budget water filter, with average filtration duration and with all the tech that is seen in the higher end water purifiers, this is the one to go for.

This trusted product from Kent is one of the most popular ones in the country.

With its 7-litre detachable storage tank, it has a duty cycle of 120L/day, which is one of the fastest in its class.

The tank is made of food grade plastic and the product comes with 1-year warranty. The purification process takes place in this order.

First screening by the UV rays (which is done using an 11-watt UV bulb), and a UF membrane removes the dead bacteria, viruses.

And it has removal cartridges for sediments and activated carbon.

The product is CE and ISI certified, thereby complying to the highest quality standards and built in SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) which can handle a wide range of voltage fluctuations thus providing protection to the product.

One of the most popular product from the Eureka Forbes stable, due to its budget pricing and classy European aesthetics.

You get free installation from the Eureka Forbes team, but there might be delayed response from the team as it depends on the locality that you are staying in.

Apart from that, the company offers 1-year warranty on the product.

With three knobs at the front namely Flow, Music and Power, it is a simple interface to work with.

'Flow' lets you collect the water once the green LED is lit up and the 'Music' knob plays a soothing melody to brighten up your kitchen mood.

It has a flow rate of about 120L/hour.

The UV bulb actively kills the bacteria and other germs and auto shut down after 10 minutes of non-usage, thus saves power.

It has the sediment cartridge and the activated carbon cartridge which are huge in size, hence the replacement interval is minimized.

The backflush feature removes the stagnant water instantly if you haven’t used it in some time.

Since the body is completely opaque, no component inside is visible and if something goes wrong like the UV bulb filament breaks, there is an alarm in place so that the user may not be stuck with using a defective device and unfiltered water.

One major feature which is missing is the water storage feature, and during the usage, it actively filters water from the main pipe and delivers after 2 minutes.

Those who are looking for a product which is from a known brand in our country and don’t mind spending a few bucks for the quality and features of the water purifier, this is the one to go after.

The name may put you off from considering this as you might think that this is a non-branded product.

Not to worry!

The Livpure range of water purifier is from the Luminous brand, who is famed for building electrical appliances.

This electric (with 7 litre storage) purifier packs a bomb of features for a product which is under the Rs. 10,000 category.

They are: sediment filter, activated carbon filter, RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane filter, UV disinfection column (killing bacteria), and comes with a class first: silver impregnated post-carbon filter (which absorbs other dissolved impurities), mineralizer (which ensures that essential minerals are not lost).

It has a sleek and compact vertical design whose looks may be subjective, I honestly liked the design.

The mineralizer is often overlooked by other brands in this category.

The only con that can be seen is that there is no alert mechanism in the purifier, for the cartridge removal or any other malfunction within the subsystems.

Overall, a product which ticks most of the tech that can be incorporated into a small 7-litre purifier, this product is for those who are willing to spend money and find the above features to be worth it in their home.

We are now at the brim of the Rs. 10,000 category and the last but not the least, this is from the global brand Blue Star: Aristo RO+UV water purifier.

This 7-litre purifier comes in two colors namely, black and white and I would pick the black one owing to its stealthy looks.

It comes with a one-year warranty and has a six stage purification process just as the product above, but instead of the silver, here it is copper impregnated activated carbon filter, which helps in removing the bad odour and the organic impurities, that may be present in the water.

An additional feature called as ‘aquataste booster’ balances the pH level of the water, after it has gone through all the purification process and comes with a child lock.

For the extra bucks you are paying for this purifier, you get numerous sensors and alert alarms, such as purification-on indicator, tank full indicator, low pressure alert, and a UV bulb fail alert indicator.

This purifier ticks all the boxes in the number of features that it offers, the advanced filter stages along with the storage capability.

For those who want an all in one product with future proofing along with the brand value, this is the best product to go after, in this segment.

You can refer the above table for a quick features comparison of all the products mentioned here.

With our water resources getting increasingly polluted and the municipal water not being trustworthy even after boiling, the decision of getting the water purifier was perfect.

Though you can get more expensive choices of water purifiers, they are mostly incremental updates to these features mentioned above.

I hope the listing above will help you choose the right water purifier for your home.

Drink safe!

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