Best Foosball Tables in India

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Foosball is an indoor table game which is a miniature version of soccer. However, unlike soccer, this game is best played between two players who have to control the "foos" men.

To play this game, one only needs to have the foosball table, everything else comes along with the package. You can easily attach the accessories with the help of the manual that comes with the packages.

Before buying a foosball table, make sure that you have gone through the below parameters so that you make the right purchasing decision.

What to look for in a foosball table?

  • Weight: You should buy a foosball table which is on the heavier side as it will provide you with a lot of stability while playing.

    This weight should lie between 60 to 70 kg.

    But, if you buy something too heavy you’ll have to compromise on the portability side.

  • Size: The table should have a length close to 56 inches as it will provide flexible multiplayer gameplay.

    This size is the standard one as it can fit in almost any room.

  • Number of goalies: There are two configurations of goalies available in the foosball game.

    The one which has a single goalie which is for those who can hold the fort pretty well. The other version has three goalies which are for the fast-paced game and makes the defence a lot easier.

    The former one is for the seasoned foosball players, and the latter is for the ones who are beginners or intermediate.

  • Rods: One of the most important things which are to be taken under consideration is the material of the rod attached.

    Since they are the only moving parts in this whole apparatus, they need to be of the best quality. The best ones are made from steel and hollow rods. Hollow ones being lighter in construction are easier to play with, and increases your reaction to the game.

    Both of these criteria are generally preferred at the professional level.

    You should also take care of the fact that whether you are getting the table with extended rods or not. Extended rods allow easy movement and positioning of "foos" men.

After going through these points, you now know what to look for in a foosball table when going for a purchase.

In this article, we have provided you with in-depth reviews of some of the best foosball tables in India, which are not only good in quality, but will also enhance your overall game experience.

In the table below, I've classified these foosball tables into three categories – foosball tables with 8, 6, and 4 rods. It will also allow you to compare their specifications, and choose the one that meets your budget and requirements.

Product NameL x B x H (in Inch)WeightVariants

Best Foosball Tables With 8 Rods

Boot Boy Foosball55" x 30" x 34.5"70 kgBlack-brown,
black (heavy),
natural wood,
wenge colour,
black (light)
Check Price
Play In The City

Best 8-Rod Foosball
55" x 31.5" x 34.5"65 kgLight brownCheck Price
Fieldsheer Foosball48" x 24" x 32"28 kgNo variantsCheck Price
Play City Foosball55" x 31.5" x 34.5"45 kgNo variantsCheck Price

Best Foosball Tables With 6 Rods

Rowan Foosball
Best 6-Rod Foosball
27" x 14.5" x 9.5"4.5 kgNo variantsCheck Price
Toyshine Foosball24" x 12.4" x 2.7"2.9 kgNo variantsCheck Price
Domenico Foosball27" x 14.4" x 22.4"3 kgNo variantsCheck Price

Best Foosball Tables With 4 Rods

Toyshine Foosball
Best 4-Rod Foosball
20.4" x 11.9" x 3.1"2.7 kgNo variantsCheck Price
Cable World Foosball20.9" x 12.2" x 2.8"2.6 kgNo variantsCheck Price
Domenico Foosball20.4" x 12" x 3"2.7 kgNo variantsCheck Price
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Best Foosball Tables With 8 Rods

Boot Boy is one of the best foosball table brands in India, and it is known for solid quality products.

The board is made from high-quality fibre with lamination, which will provide resistance to all sorts of scratches.

The squared legs of the table are built in such a way that you will get a more stable gameplay, which is a must in foosball.

The chrome-plated hollow rods will add a great advantage to your game by providing a smooth as well as quick gameplay. The rods are also wear-resistant which ensures its long life span.

Also, the weight of the "foos" players are counterbalanced, which is one of the most important factors required for a stable and fair game.

This foosball table is available in many other colours as well. Apart from the american ashwood colour that you see here, it is available in following colour and size variants —

This foosball table is made from high-quality scratch-proof wood.

It comes in a standard size which fits easily in most of the rooms.

This one is an ideal choice for office and clubs.

You can even organize a foosball tournament on this table.

Its hollow steel rods will provide you with a comfortable grip and quick gameplay.

It weighs around 65 kg, and comes with well finished "foos" men.

There are also two cup holders available which can be used by players to place their favourite drinks during the game.

This table from "Play In The City" is of premium quality, and ticks all the boxes that make a foosball table perfect for high-intensity games.

Its thick sidewalls are strong, and will withstand all kinds of push and pull forces from the players.

The foostable comes in two colour variants — black and light brown.

This foosball table from Fieldsheer is smaller in size when compared to that of the standard one, and hence it will fit easily in all sorts of rooms.

The board is made up of high-quality fibre which is laminated to provide resistance from scratches.

The rods are made from hollow steel which will provide you with a more flexible game.

It also comes with a cup holder on either side which provides a lot of convenience to the gamers.

You can easily install it with the help of the instruction manual which comes along with it.

The weight of the table is close to 28 kg which is great in terms of portability, but slightly compromises on the overall stability.

The company provides a 45-day warranty on the foosball table in case of any manufacturing defects.

This foosball table from Play City comes in the standard size, and can be used to play games both at a professional or non-professional level.

It comes in an attractive black and white graphic design.

You can play foosball at home, office or any club on this table.

The table comes with thick sidewalls as well as heavy bearings to provide you with a smooth as well as quick gameplay.

A super processed medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is used as its material, giving it a smooth and consistent layout.

It comes with hollow steel rods which is one of the primary requirements for a smooth gameplay. It will provide you with a lot of flexibility which will make the game quicker.

It weighs around 45 kg which will provide you with a great balance of portability and stability.

Best Foosball Tables With 6 Rods

This foosball table is superb for beginners as well as for children who want to get a better understanding of this game.

The 27-inch long table will provide you with ample space for smooth gameplay.

You can move it easily as it is not heavy, and can even be stowed when not in use.

The assembling can be done easily with the help of the instruction manual which comes along with it.

The table just weighs close to 4.5 kg, and therefore provides great portability.

This black coloured foosball table is suitable for children of age 3 years or above.

This Toyshine foosball table is made from hard plastic, and is best suited for the beginners.

It comes with a metal rod which offers a long life span to its user.

This beautiful foosball table will provide you with a realistic foosball experience.

This table is 24 inches long, and can be used by both adults as well as children.

You will also get necessary accessories with it which may vary as it is an assortment pack.

This brown coloured foosball table weighs less than 3 kg, and can therefore be moved with ease.

This foosball table is an ideal pick for those who are new to this game.

When playing with your family, you are bound to have loads of fun.

It is made from hardwood, and has a long life span.

You can assemble the table easily with the help of the instruction manual available with it.

The length of the table is close to 27 inches, therefore it is perfect for beginners.

The colour of the table may vary, and it weighs around 3 kg.

This Domenico foosball table is the best among the best, as it is a quality product with high portability.

You also have the option to get a multicoloured variant of this foosball table.

Best Foosball Tables With 4 Rods

This mini foosball table will provide you with one of the best experiences one can have from a 4-rod foosball.

With just 20 inches in length, you are provided with a great experience in a small package.

It is also great for those who are keen to learn about the basics of foosball.

One can also have fun with their kids on this mini-foosball table.

You can easily carry this table anywhere as it weighs just above 2.5 kg.

Also, the assembling can be done by yourself with the instruction manual that comes along with it.

Besides these, you also have the flexibility to go for its brown-red colour variant. So, get your favourite one among these and enjoy foosball at its best.

This 4-rod foosball table is superb in quality as it is made from hard plastic.

It is great for early foosball learners as you can practice different types of shots on it.

You can also play foosball with your family and have a fun time (two players).

This brown coloured table is great in terms of portability as it weighs just 2.56 kg. So, you can easily carry it anywhere without any trouble.

The instruction manual comes along with it to help you in its assembling.

This foosball table is close to 20.4 inches in length, and therefore provides great flexibility to the players.

Since the table is made up of hard plastic, you will have a smooth gameplay.

When playing foosball on this table, you can expect a quality fun-time with friends and family.

The colour of the product may vary, and the overall package weighs just under 3 kg. Hence, you will face no trouble in terms of mobility.

You can easily assemble the foosball table with the help of the instruction manual that comes along with it.

Which foosball table is the right one for you?

These are some of the best foosball tables in India on the basis of number of rods.

While the ones with 8 rods are for those who are good in the game, the others are for those who are either intermediate or want to learn the basics of the game.

Tables with 8 rods are heavier, and will provide with much more stability as compared to the lighter ones. However, the ones with low weight are excellent in terms of portability, and can be carried anywhere without any issue.

For adults and action-packed games, I would recommend Play In The City's 8-Rod Foosball Table. Play In The City is a reputed brand in the indoor-games space, and its products last for a very long time. Also, its pricing is justified for the features offered.

For kids and low-intesity games, I would suggest Rowan's Foosball Table if you're looking for a 6-rod variant. For 4-rod variant, I would recommend Toyshine's Foosball Table.

In case you are having any second thoughts regarding which one you should go for, you can refer the features table for a quick comparison.

I hope my research on foosball tables in India has helped you in making the right choice.

Now let the games begin! ⚽

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