Best TT (Table Tennis) Tables in India

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Table Tennis (also known as Ping Pong) is a very popular game all around the world. There are numerous games held both at professional as well as non-professional level. Many have made a career through this indoor sport.

There are a lot of TT tables available from which the best ones are listed below.

Before moving into that list, lets discuss some of the important factors that one needs to consider before buying a table tennis table.

TT Table Buying Guide

The surface and the frame of a TT table are those two aspects that define the overall quality of the game. Therefore, you must pay close attention to the following features of a TT table —

  • Thickness of surface: Your top priority should be the thickness of the table tennis table. You should go for the ones which have thickness close to its ball.

    There are many more things to consider like the density, as well as its finishing. These will provide a better bounce to the ball, and therefore, will enhance your gameplay.

  • Type of surface: If you are looking for a table purely for indoor purposes, then go for the wooden ones. They will provide you with a quality game. However, it is not recommended for the outdoor purpose as it could be damaged easily on contact with moisture and humidity.

    You can also go for the aluminium ones as they are increasingly becoming popular. They offer high durability and great sturdiness, which ensures a long life span of the TT table.

  • Frame: The frame is another critical aspect of a TT table as it ensures a good life span.

    The ones with aluminium tubing tick all the boxes in this category as they are sturdy and are available at cheap rates.

    Steel tubing is the best as it will not only provide your table with a good life, but will also help you in enhancing your gameplay.

Below are some of the best TT (table tennis) tables in India which will ensure you with better gameplay along with quality features. I've captured their specs in a tabular format so that you can easily compare them.

Product NameBoard ThicknessAccessoriesWheel Support

Best Gymnco TT Tables

Gymnco Perfect
Budget-friendly top-rated TT table
(ideal for beginner / intermediate level)
18 mm2 rackets, balls,
cover, net set
YesCheck Price
Gymnco Super
19 mm2 rackets, balls,
cover, net set
YesCheck Price
Gymnco Robust
Iron Tech
25 mm2 rackets, balls,
cover, net set
YesCheck Price
Gymnco Robust
High Tech

Best TT table for professional / expert level
25 mm2 rackets, balls,
cover, net set
YesCheck Price

Best Fieldsheer TT Tables

Deuce 701
18 mm2 rackets, balls,
cover, net set
YesCheck Price
Deuce 801
19 mm2 rackets, balls,
cover, net set
YesCheck Price

Best Koxton TT Tables

Koxtons Club18 mm2 rackets, balls,
cover, net set
YesCheck Price
25 mmCover, net setYesCheck Price

Best Stag TT Tables

Stag Family16 mm2 rackets, balls,
net set
NoCheck Price
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Gymnco TT (Table Tennis) Tables Reviews

This is one of the best TT tables as they are made from steel frames which is essential for quality gameplay.

It comes with a laminated board which is 18 mm thick. This ensures its long life span.

The board is also foldable, and has to be assembled upon delivery.

You will get TT rackets and balls along with this product. Hence, separate purchase isn’t necessary.

The board comes with wheels which makes it easily portable.

This blue coloured table comes with a table cover. If kept with care, the table will last for a very long time.

This quality product from Gymnco will provide you with an awesome table tennis experience.

This TT table will provide you with a smooth gameplay, along with excellent bounce.

You can conduct TT competitions on this table at a professional level.

You will get many accessories along with the table like a cover, net, rackets, and balls.

This board is blue and consists of a steel frame which helps in providing the table with a great life span.

It comes with wheels which makes it easier to move.

The table is foldable which is a must-have feature for quality TT tables.

This table will provide you with a fast and precise gameplay.

This TT table is laminated which will prevent it from being scratched.

It is made from a steel frame that will provide a long life span to the table.

The table’s surface is blue, and it is foldable.

The base has wheels attached to it, which makes it easy to move around.

The table comes with rackets, a net, and balls along with a manual for its assembling.

With all these features you will enjoy a perfect TT experience.

For increasing its life span further, you would have to take better care of it with the help of the user manual.

This TT table from Gymnco is a premium one, and will provide you with all the features which are a must for a perfect gameplay.

It comes with wheels attached to it which makes it portable.

This blue coloured board is laminated, and is therefore scratch-resistant.

With this board, you can improve your TT skills as it will provide you with perfect bounce due to its steel frame.

Upon delivery, you have to do the assembling on your own. This can be done easily with the help of the user-manual that comes along with the package.

There are many other accessories available along with this TT table like rackets, balls, net and table cover.

Fieldsheer TT (Table Tennis) Tables Reviews

This full-size TT table is good for both professional as well as casual table tennis games.

The frame is made from steel, and the legs are covered with rustproof powder coating to increase its lifespan.

It is perfect for clubs and offices due to the quality features present in it.

The table comes with wheels which makes it easy to shift from one place to another.

It comes with rackets, balls, cover along with a net set.

The assembly has to be done by you, which is not a difficult task as the user manual will provide you with all the necessary details.

This TT table from Fieldsheer is perfect for you if you want to excel in table tennis.

All the essential features are provided by the company which makes the gameplay fast and accurate.

Due to its steel frame, you will get a perfect bounce.

The table comes along with rackets, balls, cover, net, and the net clamp.

The table is blue coloured and is foldable as well.

The installation has to be done by yourself with the help of its user manual.

The wheels provided with the table makes it easier to move.

Overall, it is an excellent TT table from Fieldsheer with quality features.

Koxtons TT (Table Tennis) Tables Reviews

Koxton is one of the companies which are well-known for their TT tables.

This TT table is one of the best offerings from the company as you will get all the features required for a perfect experience in table tennis.

The board is laminated which makes it scratch-resistant.

This product comes with all the other accessories required for a TT game.

The table is foldable, and it can be installed easily with the help of its user manual.

This large-sized table comes with wheels along with brakes.

Also, its steel frame will provide you with excellent bounce.

This TT table is amazing as it is a perfect choice for those who are willing to go for the professional level.

You have all the features on offer from the company, such as the steel frame as well as pre-lamination of the board. This gives the ball a good amount of bounce, and also increases its life-span.

Each half of the table comes with its separate safety lock mechanism, which will provide you with a stable gameplay.

With wheels, it is easier to move it, which increases its mobility.

Stag TT (Table Tennis) Tables Reviews

This TT table comes from Stag, which is one of the best table tennis companies in India.

It is excellent for intermediate level competitions like state-level TT tournaments, etc.

It will provide you with excellent bounce due to its optimal frame size and board thickness.

The board is painted with dupont polyurethane antiglare paint which provides uniform and consistent bounce throughout the game. It also offers protection to the surface of the table, and increases its overall durability.

This blue coloured table is to be installed by yourself with the help of the user manual that comes along with the product.

It is manufactured from the best quality materials, which ensures a long life-span.

Also, with the safety lock available on both the sides, you will get a stable and fast gameplay.

And that was our last product review for the list of best TT tables in India.

So, which TT table should you go for?

All of the manufacturers listed here are offering some of the best features at an excellent price.

You can play both at professional, as well as non-professional level on these TT tables. Some of them are even ideal for intermediate-level competitions.

With the help of the user manual, you can install them with ease and enjoy the game!

For beginners and intermediate level players, I would recommend Gymnco Perfect TT Table. For experts and those you want to play table tennis at a professional level, Gymnco Robust High Tech TT Table would be an ideal choice.

In case you're still confused regarding which TT table you should go for, you can refer the comparison table shared earlier. It will help you in making a calculated purchase decision.

Now, it's your serve. 🏓

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