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Don’t you feel that a quality pool table is required so that you can enjoy the game at your leisure or whenever you want without going out to clubs?

If you’re looking to buy the best pool table in India, then you are at the right place.

There are many things to consider before buying the pool table. This comprehensive article will help you choose the right pool table based on your requirements.

You can play a variety of cue sports on the pool table. You can also organize a party at your house and include cue sport as one of the games on it. If you’re looking forward to doing all these things, then continue reading.

What to look for in a pool table?

Some of the major things to consider before buying the pool table —

  • Cloth: Proper cloth material provides a lot of enhancements to the pool game. It helps in providing speed as well as the accuracy of the game.

    The optimal cloth material should be made from nylon or wool which has a minimum and the required friction for pool games.

    The quality of this determines the quality of the game up to a great extent.

  • Slate: If the pool table is made from the slate, then it could not be any better. There are many more of its alternatives which will also provide you with a great experience.

    However, one with the slate wood is far superior as the game becomes a lot more accurate as well as smoother. Some of the alternatives are plywood, fiberboard, and honeycomb wood.

  • Frame: The frame provides a lot of support to the slate by preventing it from getting damaged. It supports the slate and the contents above it so that the game could be played with accuracy.

    There are different types of frames available in the market. Make sure to choose the one with a good long-lasting life.

  • Rails: Rails provide bounce to the balls when it hits the edges of the pool table during the play. So, it is necessary to choose the quality of rail as it affects the game to a greater extent.

    Rails which are made by natural gums are preferred over the synthetic one as it provides a better bounce to the balls.

The following are some of the best pool tables in India which satisfied us with their quality. We would recommend these to you as they will make your game a pleasant one.

In case you're in a hurry and just want to know their specifications, I have prepared a features table that will allow you to quickly compare them.

Product NameVariantsDimensionsWeightWarranty
Play In The City
Blue Pool Table

Ideal for adults
Green, red8ft × 4ft150 kg45 days (on
Check Price
Playing City
Mini Pool Table

Ideal for kids
No variants4ft × 2.5ft10 kg10-day
return policy
Check Price
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This product comes in a standard size of 8ft × 4ft, and is awesome for both professional as well as non-professional cue games.

The cloth comes in a blue colour which will soothe your eyes as it increases the beauty of the pool table to a great extent.

You can play cue games at your home, office or club on this pool table as it is one of the best choices for the same.

This table is provided by Play In The City brand, and comes with all the necessary accessories, which gives it an upper hand over others at a similar price. The accessories include —

  • automatic ball collection system

  • 1 box of 16 balls (standard size)

  • 2 cue sticks (approx. 5ft. long)

  • 1 triangle rack

  • 1 brush

  • chalks

The pool table weighs about 150 kg, and is made from high-quality wood to provide you with superb gameplay.

You can even adjust the height of the table according to your preference.

The company offers a 45-day return policy on the table in case of any manufacturing defects.

Variants: green surface, red surface.

This product comes in a size of 4ft × 2.5ft, and is 6ft × 3ft including the hardboard.

This is an amazing product if you are looking to involve cue games at your house party. You will not get a better alternative as there are a lot of features available in this pool table.

The colour of the cloth is green which is a common one for the cue games.

This mini pool table is manufactured by the Playing City brand which is popular for indoor game products.

The table is made from PVC material which makes the table light yet sturdy for casual gameplays.

This mini pool table also comes with additional accessories that are essential for the game. These include —

  • 2 cue sticks (4ft. long)

  • 1 box of small balls

  • 2 pieces of chalk

  • 1 brush

  • 1 triangle rack

The quality of the table is optimum, so you can enjoy the game at your home with ease.

So which pool table should you go for?

After reviewing the pool tables provided above, you can choose the best one according to your needs.

The pool tables that we have mentioned from the "Play In The City" and "Playing City" brands are highly recommended since they come with top-notch quality features along with additional accessories. Both of these brands are highly reputable in the indoor-games space.

Both of these table are made from hardwood material which will provide you with a longer life span as compared to others in a similar price range. They can last for more than fifty years if handled with care.

If this is your one-time investment on the pool table, then you should go for it.

The texture of the cloth (for both the tables) is also of good quality, and will provide ample protection from most of the scratches.

We have specifically chosen just two pool tables so that you will not be overwhelmed with the choices. We also made sure to choose two products catering to those who are on a budget, and for those who can stretch a bit.

So, those who are looking for more serious and professional games can go for the standard size, and others who are looking to get a low-budget pool table for fun (or for kids) can go for the smaller one.

In case you are still not sure about which pool table you should go for, I would recommend revisiting the comparison table shared in the beginning of this post.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on pool tables

Here are some FAQs related to the pool table which will help you clear your doubts and help you conclude on your product. They will also cover points on how to take care of the table so that it will last for a long time.

  • What is the ideal cloth which should be present on the pool table?

    There are a lot of top clothes which provide great gameplay.

    However, there are some whose performance cannot be matched with other clothes. These are the ones made from either wool or nylon.

    If it is coated with Teflon, then there is no better alternative available that could provide you with both accurate as well as the smooth game.

  • Which is the best size for the pool table?

    There are three variants of the pool table available. These are small, medium and large.

    While the smaller one has dimensions close to 4ft, the dimensions of the larger one are more than or equal to 9ft.

    The best one is the medium one which has the dimensions close to 8ft. This one is considered the standard size as there is no better alternative present to provide you with perfect gameplay.

  • Should we have to call for experts for the installation of the pool table?

    The pool table comes with an instruction manual which will provide you with some easy steps of installation.

    You can call for the experts for the same but it will cost you more bucks which is not a good recommendation if you’re on a budget.

    Since the practical installation is a lot easier, it can be done by anyone with the help of the instruction manual.

  • Which colour of cloth to opt for the pool table?

    Green is the most common colour, after which comes the blue colour. The latter is a trending one and adds a lot of beauty to the board. Red is a new one which is also a growing trend for many.

    Other colours are of no use as they usually distract the player from the game.

    You can go for the above ones, out of which green or blue should be your priority.

  • What should be the size of my room if I go for the standard size pool table?

    If you are going for the one with the standard size, then a gap of five to six feet should be present between the rails and the walls of the room.

    Since the dimensions of a standard size pool table are close to 8ft, therefore a room with dimensions of 14ft or more is suitable for it, so that you don't find any difficulty when playing different shots in the cue games.

  • How can I increase the lifespan of my pool table?

    You should avoid using improper cleaning agents on the pool table like glass cleaners.

    Also, proper cleaning of the wood should be done as it could get damaged easily under the contact with moisture.

    You should clean the cloth of the table regularly through proper brushing to minimize friction.

    Avoid using drinks near the table as it is one of the major causes of damaging its cloth.

We hope you were able to choose one among these as they are the best in their price range. They completely justify their price, and will provide you with a quality game.

So, what are you waiting for then? Let the games begin! 🎱

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