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So you’ve finally decided to buy that new Mixer Grinder for the kitchen, your wife had been pushing you for. I was in the same situation one month back and started researching for the available options in the market.

I needed a powerful motor powered grinder which could accommodate the needs of the kitchen for a four membered family and which could last for quite sometime. Starting my research, and being bombarded with a variety of options and specifications, I understood that I knew nothing regarding mixer grinders.

I began researching about mixer grinders and prompted me to write this so that you don’t need to do so. I have complied a few points to keep in mind and shortlisted a few mixer grinders which can get the job done without a sweat.

The first point to keep in mind while buying a mixer grinder is its wattage. In layman’s terms, higher the wattage, the faster the blades are going to spin and the better grounded and grinded the item that you’ll throw at it. So I would recommend getting one from the 750W range to future proof your kitchen hardware.

And among the 750W motors, one needs to look out for the RPM (Rotations Per Minute). And higher the RPM, the more powerful the motor is and you’ll get better grinds on the toughest of ingredients of your dish.

Most mixer grinders are built using polycarbonate plastic and stainless steel combination, which are excellent durable materials. More the stainless steel components, the pricier it gets and overall chrome finish increases.

Choosing between 500W and 750W? Same as how it goes with, ‘the bigger the better’. The 750W mixer grinder packs more power and hence can grind out the hardest of dry spices, and toughest wet atta (kneading) and extract the last bit of juices with the help of additional peripherals that comes with it.

We often settle with what we get as bang for the buck when it comes to appliances. But a mixer grinder is more of like an investment and the best investments yields the best results.

And getting the best also bring in the design element to the kitchen. Some of the examples that’ve mentioned below have also the style quotient to it, so I got you covered in that department too.

Here are some of the best 750W mixer grinders that you can go after blindly.

I've compiled some of the crucial features of the mixer grinders listed below into a tabular format to help you with your purchase decision.

Product NameNo. of
Maharaja Whiteline
Affordable 750W mixer grinder
Three3.51kgTwo years
(on product)
Five years
(on motor)
18000Check Price
Bajaj Twister
Service centers throughout the country
Three5.27kgTwo years
(on product)
Five years
(on motor)
18000Check Price
Philips Collection HL7701
ABS body with 4 jars
Four4.60kgTwo years
(on product)
Five years
(on motor)
18000Check Price
Butterfly Matchless
Stealth look + 3 years product warranty
Four6.00kgThree years
(on product)
Five years
(on motor)
18000Check Price
Preethi Zodiac MG 218
Food processing jar + futuristic looks
Five8.62kgTwo years
(on product)
Five years
(on motor)
18000Check Price
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The Maharaja is the veteran in this lot and is famous for their reliable motors, which will last for a long time without servicing.

Made with durable stainless steel, this grinder is a no nonsense buy. It comes with three jars of 0.4 L, 1L & 1.5L which can take care of the basic daily requirements in the kitchen on a normal basis. No fancy attachments or other gimmicky features, it does what it is supposed to do.

The bottom is rubberized with their non slip feature, thereby planting the mixer grinder firmly while doing its operations.

It also comes with a staggering 5 years motor warranty, which shows Maharaja’s confidence on its hardware.

The stainless steel black silver combo body is a looker. To conclude, this is a bang for buck with beauty among these choices.

For those looking for a quick buy, basic design and gets the job done through simple operations, this is the product to go after.

If you’re someone who doesn’t emphasis on the design aspect and just want to get the job done, then Bajaj Twister 750W is something that you can think of purchasing.

This product has the ‘Humara Baja’ reliability written all over it (not literally of course).

It is made in a hard polycarbonate plastic housing, and with adequate ventilation for the powerful motor housed inside.

It has three jars with capacities namely 1.5L, 1L and 0.3L which takes care of the kitchen duties.

The advertised juicer can be bought separately.

The motor is appreciably loud and that is totally acceptable owing to the 750 wattage.

Bajaj mixer grinder motors are highly serviceable and the availability of extensive service centers throughout the country, this is an investment that you can make with confidence.

For those looking for reliability, getting the job done and having the peace of mind in getting the mixer grinder serviced with minimum costs, this is the grinder to go after.

The perfect balance between function and design. This mixer grinder is a premium offering from Philips.

In this towered design made mostly with high quality ABS plastic, packs a punch with the 750W reliable motor with overload protection cut off system and vacuum feet which can keep the powerful motor steady at all times.

Every single part in this grinder has the premium label to it and is made of high quality plastic and stainless steel.

With this package comes four jars with capacities of 0.5L, 1L, 1.75L, 1.5L which ranges from chutney jars to blender extractors which provides maximum fruit juice extraction.

The specially designed blades helps in the perfect blends for your gravy. With minimal design, it is easy to clean off stains and other dirt from the mixer body.

The compact one among the others listed here, it can be a space saving choice in your kitchen without compromising on quality and power.

For those who are looking for adding that style statement to the kitchen and looking to invest in sturdy hardware with the proven brand name, this is the product to go after.

The Butterfly brand took the market by storm recently and has got into a number of households in India.

If you are planning to give a stealth look to your kitchen, then this product from Butterfly will not disappoint you.

The elegant design in black is made using high quality ABS plastic as well and is given proper ventilation in order to prevent the heating up during long uptimes, trying to grind those hard items.

When compared with the other 750W mixer grinders, the operation noise is low (since 750W motors do let others know that they are working real hard), this has comparably a silent operation.

Here too, Butterfly offers four jars with multipurpose usage from making chutney to mock tails. The stainless steel jar capacities are the following 0.5L, 1L, 1.5L and another 1.5L juicer of plastic build.

The handle is made of thermosetting plastic which is sturdy enough and feels good to hold.

And Butterfly after services are top notch and the serviceability is low cost across all their product range.

For those who are looking for a noiseless, powerful operation (compared to others in this class) or ‘does it come in black’ insistence into everything that you buy, this is the perfect choice.

This product from Preethi can be called as hybrid between mixer grinders and food processors.

The sheer amount of attachments and additional jars that come along with this package is well justification for its price.

The package comes with five jars and additional parts namely chutney jar, master chef and jar, atta kneader, chopping blade, slicing blade, grating blade, citrus press, juicer jar, stirrer.

Long story short, it’s the whole package that your money can get you.

The main point with which this mixer markets itself is its fast grinding and made with high durable material makes it such good purchase that you just can’t go wrong with.

The fully transparent lids of all jars makes it convenient to trace the progress of the operation being done.

The speed knob is surrounded by a blue LED lit ring which adds to the appeal and attached to the bottom of the grinder is another blue indicator which turns red during overload operation.

The fresh juicer jar that comes with this package is fitted with a flow down pipe which makes it easy for the user to collect the juice and prevents mixing up with the stock.

Here you might find the cutting blades completely different from the other ones listed here. It has the similar style quotient of the overall product, but the functional aspect gets more points here.

With the futuristic looks and outclassed performance when compared with the others (which comes at a premium), those looking for a future proof product and having an invest and forget mentality, this is the one to go for.

All these mixer grinders are going against in the 750W category and finding them from a huge range of products that are in the market was time consuming, but like I said, the best investments gives the best returns in the long run.

So, I really hope you could make the right choice according to your needs from these models. Keep Grinding!

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