Top 5 Hand Blenders for Kitchen (in India)

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Hand mixers or immersion blenders help in mixing or blending your ingredients to the right mix without much hassle.

The most useful feature of these blenders is that they do not require any kind of special container for operation.

And with the characteristic feature of having a long stem, you can pass it even through tight necked vessels.

The basic construction of a hand blender consists of an electric motor which drives stainless steel or plastic blades at high RPMs, which you can immerse to do the blend operation.

The long stem which leads to the comfortable grips lets you hold the mixer with ease during its operation.

They come in both battery powered as well as supply wall powered for usage. But battery powered ones are usually underpowered.

Since hand mixers are used for basic operations of whisking (egg whites, milk) or blending (mixing ingredients together uniformly, example – making a smoothie); this should not be used for other heavy tasks such a dough kneading. Such operations can stall the motor can cause permanent damage.

Let’s look at the operations that an elementary hand mixer should be able to carry out without a sweat.

  • Whipping cream/eggs

  • Making milkshakes

  • Churning cut vegetables

  • Making puree

  • Cake mixing

  • Baby food

  • Coffee/Lassi

Now that we’ve cleared all the basics about hand mixers, let us now move on to the comparison of the best hand mixers that you can get right now for your money from Amazon.

We've captured the differentiating features of these blenders into a tabular format to help you with the decision process.

Product NameExtra
Orpat HHB-100E
Economical + 6 speed function + long cable
NoneNoNoOne yearCheck Price
Boss B101
Comes with 3 blades
ThreeNoNoTwo yearsCheck Price
Philips HL 1655/00
Durable & rust-proof steel stem + easy to clean
ThreeNoNoTwo yearsCheck Price
Prestige PHB 6.0
3 additional attachments + blade shield
NoneYesYesOne yearCheck Price
Inalsa Robot INOX
Powerful (but quiet) 800W motor + 3 attachments
OneYesYesTwo yearsCheck Price
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The first product under review is a white beauty from Orpat.

The handle is designed in such a way that it provides a comfortable grip for the user at all times.

The product is powered by a heavy duty 250W motor which can whip cream and blend ingredients almost instantly.

It has six speed functions which are controllable using a smooth switch.

Towards the bottom of the product is the stainless steel blades attached to the motor periphery which does all the operations and the blade can be easily dismantled so that you can clean it separately after its use. You can also use this to crush and churn veggies.

The supply is through a power cord and it has an appreciable length of about 2 meters, which is really helpful if you need to move around.

It has a provision to mount it on a wall as well.

The company offers one year warranty on the product and the service numbers are listed in the box.

For those who are looking to get a budget hand mixer, and are planning to do minimum blending/mixing and not everyday use in their kitchen can go for this product.

The next product is from Boss Home appliances, which have been in the hand mixer business since 1985.

From their stable comes the power efficient Boss B101 which is a 125W blender.

This blender is relatively smaller in size when compared with other blenders in this range and can be the perfect choice for those who wish to constantly travel with it.

There are three stainless steel blades that are packed along with the product. The blades and the shaft are made with stainless steel of grade (SS304), which is rated food grade material and the body is built using ABS plastic.

Also with the stand, comes ABS plastic built wall mount which you can secure on to the wall to safely hang this product.

The box comes with the main blender, three blades, a mounting stand, user manual, and the warranty card.

The length of the supply cord comes up to one meter.

The company provides two years of warranty on the product and over 55+ service centers scattered across India for all kinds of servicing.

If you are looking to get a reliable, extremely portable and energy efficient hand mixer, then look no further, this is the one that you are looking for.

The next product that we have under review is from Philips, which is 250W hand mixer.

The body of the product is made with ABS plastic with a white and blue combination, with the buttons being highlighted in blue.

The stem is made of a steel rod which is rust proof and is extremely durable.

Mixing can be done in both extremely hot and cold liquids without the stem reacting to it.

At the end of the steel rod, you can affix three stainless steel removable blades based on your usage.

Philips calls there single speed motor button as ‘single trigger button’ and has the hold feature, meaning the mixer switches off once you remove your finger from the button.

Since it is provided with a minimal design, it is easy to clean.

The length of the product comes to around 13 inches.

They have also provided a wall bracket to mount the hand mixer on the wall.

Philips offers two years of warranty on this product.

For those who are willing to blindly go for a Philips product, which comes with their outstanding customer support and quality, should go for this one.

Next, we have a product from Prestige, the undisputed kitchen hardware king in India.

It is a 200W, two speed hand blender.

The body is a mix of black and stainless steel look. With the black regions covered with rubber grips. This ensures that you get a good grip even at high rpm of usage.

The two speeds can be accessed by the two buttons that are provided on one side of the product.

The shaft is not as long as others for this product. But in order to compensate for that, Prestige has provided with the product a blending jar, where you can pour the ingredients in and mix them up.

Due to the lack of length of the shaft, it is advisable to use this jar for your blending purposes only.

Another accessory which is included in the box is the chopper attachment, in which the blades are already present. The shaft acts as a drive and drives the blades inside to cut vegetables. That is a sweet addition to the overall product experience.

The company offers one year of warranty on the product and with the Prestige promise, you can be sure that the product will last for a very long time.

For those who are interested in getting those additional accessories along with the brand name should go for this one.

The industrial design of the product makes it stand out with all the others here.

Inalsa is a kitchen hardware brand based in Spain and they offer bang for buck products for the features that they offer.

This product called as Robot INOX is an 800W hand blender.

It is a two speed motor which can be controlled by the two switches provided at the front of the product (high speed and low speed switches).

These buttons are rubber padded hence offers grip during operation.

The motor is quiet even though the wattage rating is high.

In addition to this, there is a variable speed control over the top of the mixer aided with blue LED lighting for adjusting the speed in real time. This can be controlled by the rotating knob provided on the top.

The stem is made of stainless steel and is completely detachable from the motor making it easy to wash.

As accessories, the product comes with a whisking attachment, which is also made of stainless steel wires.

It also has a 600ml multipurpose jar which you can use to blend the ingredients together without spilling, as it has a long neck.

In additional to this, there is a chopper attachment with blades inside, which you can make use to chop veggies and nuts.

The company offers two years of warranty on the product and has a number of service centers pan India.

The box comes with the main motor body, the chopper assembly, whisker, a measuring cup, instruction manual and the warranty card.

For those who are looking to get a premium looking product with features such as variable speed adjustment and the accessories such as chopper and measuring jar should definitely look into buying this product.

Still not sure which one to go for? Re-visit the comparison table to compare their features so that you can narrow down on which one to go for.

These products are the best bang for buck products available in the market right now with the features that they are offering. We hope our review on these products have shed a light in the whole hand blender category and has helped you get the one for your kitchen needs.

Happy mixing!

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