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Indians are more familiar with mixers or grinders - we use them for all kinds of grinding, mixing irrespective of knowing whether the machine could take that load. The concept of food processors is slowly entering into the market and people are now having a change of attitude and are going for them.

So what is a food processor exactly?

A type of kitchen appliance that can take in and do whatever tasks that you may throw at it without a sweat. It is hybrid of a mixer, grinder, blender all packed into a single package.

Sweet! Isn’t it? Worth the investment? Definitely!

Food processors are usually a single motor driven unit with a range of accessories which you can make use to do almost all kinds of tasks. To use the full potential of a food processor, it is better to read all the instructions that come with the product and learn to make use of the accessories to become a wizard at your kitchen.

For those who want to know more about food processors and its basic functions can refer to this video:


As a cost conscious Indian and with our bang for buck mentality, lets look at the food processor options below Rs. 5000 and believe it or not, there are no compromises. Brands have offered sweet deals just within our grasp. All the products listed here are from Amazon.

The table below compares the important features of the top budget friendly food processors in the market right now. This should help you in making the right buy as per your needs.

Product NameNo. of
No. of
Inalsa Fiesta
Budget friendly + 4 blades
FourThree plus pulseTwoTwo years
(on product) /
Five years
(on motor)
Check Price
Philips HR7627
PowerChop technolody + wide feeding tube
TwoThree plus pulseOneTwo yearsCheck Price
Philips HR7629
Comes with additional citrus press
TwoThree plus pulseOneTwo yearsCheck Price
Inalsa Craze
Powerful 700W motor + 3 jars
ThreeThree plus pulseThreeTwo years
(on product) /
Five years
(on motor)
Check Price
Bajaj Food

Good number of service centers
TwoThree plus pulseThreeTwo years
(on product) /
Five years
(on motor)
Check Price
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The first product that we are going to review is Fiesta food processor from Inalsa which had an exponential growth recently in the Indian market with its European standard products offered at affordable rates.

The product comes with two jars namely:

  • Blender jar (1.5L): This jar is made of polycarbonate ABS plastic. This can be used for making smoothies, milkshakes and blending liquids together.

  • Grinding jar (1.0L): The body is made of stainless steel and the lid is made of ABS plastic. This can be used for grinding hard ingredients such as pulses together.

Now these two jars can be mounted on the towering figure of the mixer and the speed can be adjusted by making use of the speed knob present in front of the product.

Just adjacent to the tower, we have a round casing which is made of transparent ABS plastic where all the other operations can be carried out.

Within this casing, there is a provision where we can attach the following accessories to carry out various operations. Let’s now go through them one by one.

  • Chopping blade: Helps you to chopping down fruits and vegetables.

  • Kneader blade: Helps you in kneading dough or other semi solid food stuff.

  • Egg whisker: Helps to whisk eggs uniformly.

  • Centrifugal Juicer: helps in juicing out those last extract from your fruits.

  • Fine shredder: To chop vegetables and leaves in a finely shredded manner.

  • French fry cutter: Cuts potatoes into thin tall pieces for making French fries.

The casing comes with a chimney like manifold which helps you direct your food stuff into it during its operations and doesn’t allow backward throw. Please make sure to use soft vegetables such as potatoes and cauliflower and not the hard vegetables such as beetroot.

The product comes with safety features such as:

  • Child lock interlocking system: The motor will not operate unless and until all parts are secured properly in their designated places.

  • Overheat safety protection: The motor switches off automatically if it gets hot over a certain temperature.

The company offers two years of warranty on the product and the accessories and five years of warranty on just the motor.

The box comes with the main unit, user manual and the warranty card.

For those who are looking to get an entry level food processor which does most of the essential requirements of the basic kitchen can get this one stop solution food processor from Inalsa.

Next we have a food processor from the reliability king: The Philips brand.

Stripped of all the accessories, this main product has just a small motor casing which takes care of all the processing and is made of ABS plastic.

Due to its small profile, it can be accommodated in space deficient kitchen spaces easily.

The motor is rated 650W and has a two speed mode and a pulse function (which gives a momentary spin for grinding those finishing touches).

The product comes with a 2.1 litre bowl (1.5 litre storage capacity) which can be used for processing of the various food stuff.

Philips brands itself with the 'PowerChop' technology which can be used for slicing, dicing, chopping and can easily grate both soft and hard ingredients easily.

The bowl also has the wide feeding tube or the food directing provision through which you can direct the food stuff to the bottom stainless steel blades.

It also comes with three disks which can be inserted inside the bowl and connected to the motor drive. These can carry out the following operations:

  • Granulating: This disk can convert your food stuff into fine granular form.

  • Shredding (coarse): This disk can convert your leafy veggies to medium sized shreds for easy cooking

  • Shredding (fine): This disk can convert the leafy veggies to small/fine sized shreds.

In additional to this, the company has provided three plastic made blades which can be used for wheat kneading, vegetable chopping and egg whipping.

The box comes which a pictorial representation which shows which blade could be used for what purpose.

It has suction cups at the bottom which keeps the product planted during its high rpm operation.

Philips has included a feature where the motor won’t turn ON unless the accessories are fitted properly to the main unit.

The product comes with two years of warranty and a user manual which has a detailed explanation regarding the working of the product and its accessories.

Those who looking to get a reliable product and brand value of Philips and for those who are looking to get the listed operations done with ease in their kitchen can go for this product.

This product is identical in looks when compared with the product that is mentioned above.

But this comes with a stealthy black body which is really an eye catcher.

A similar 650W motor with two speed control plus a pulse setting does the processing duties.

It has the same 2.1 litre bowl (1.5 litre working capacity with the wide feeding tube).

Now let us see the features that make this different from the above product.

It comes with a citrus press, which can be used to press out fresh juice from fruits with the help of the motor assembly.

So for those looking to get a food processor specifically for juicing need can definitely choose this for your needs.

Another accessory is the emulsifying tool which can be used for whipping egg whites and creams.

In additional to this, there is an extra bowl for collecting the juice extracted.

The stainless steel blades mentioned for the above product also comes with this, which can carry out all kinds of tasks right from kneading to slicing.

Coupled with the suction feet and the safety features of turning ON only when all parts are locked in correctly, makes it easy to operate.

The company offers two years of warranty on the product and is an Amazon assured product, hence it is having faster delivery and ten days return period in case of any kind of mishaps.

For those who are looking to get a food processor for your kitchen which also takes care of the juicing needs in additional to the usual chopping and slicing can opt for this product.

For those who want it all done with one solution instead of compromising and choosing a specific product can look into the Inalsa Craze, which is a 700W food processor.

It can handle a multitude of tasks with the help of the powerful motor. With the box comes the following items:

  • Bowl with 2.1L in which 1.5L is usable

  • A blending jar of 1.5L

  • A dry grinder jar of 1L

  • A chutney jar of 400ml

  • Centrifugal juicer

  • An egg whisker

  • Atta kneader

  • Chopper blade

  • 4 segmented cutters

The motor comes with a three speed setting plus a pulse setting which offers momentary grinding.

The product comes with a unique locking mechanism which helps you know whether the accessories are attached accurately to the main motor.

The easy release switch helps in one press ejecting of the accessories.

It comes with three stainless steel cutters which can be attached to the rotating disk and inserted into the casing ‒

  • Fine cutter: Finely cuts the hard vegetables and fruits for cooking.

  • Course cutter: Cuts the vegetable to larger pieces than the fine ones.

  • French fries cutter: Cuts potatoes into long strips which can be used to make French fries.

The processing bowl is made of high quality plastic, which is said to be break resistant and hence prevents breakage due to accidental drops.

The centrifugal juicer can be used for juicing up fresh fruits and vegetables and the stock after extraction will be left just on the surrounding walls of the juicer, which makes it easy to clean.

The company offers two years of warranty on the product and five years of warranty on the motor and suggests a maximum continuous usage for about thirty minutes.

It also has the overheat safety protection which shuts down the processor when it overheats.

For those who are looking to get an all in one product, and which takes care of a range of processes without any hassle and coupled with European quality and excellent customer support of Inalsa can look into this product.

And next and final food processor is a white knight from Bajaj. The Bajaj Food Factory is the apt name for this product as it is a juggernaut in the food processing range.

It has a powerful 600W motor which takes care of the kitchen needs.

This product is capable of food processing, grinding, liquidizing, juicing and atta kneading.

The entire body is plastic built and has reinforcements which makes it almost unbreakable.

Following are the jars that comes along with this product:

  • Liquidizing jar (1.5L): Can be used for making juices and smoothies.

  • Dry grinding jar (1.0L): Can be used for grinding of spices and well as other food material.

  • Chutney jar (0.3L): Is used to grind chutney ingredients.

It has a three speed control coupled with an incher (pulse grinding: gives a momentary grind).

The stainless steel blades can be attached to the disc accessory which can be used for slicing, chopping, kneading, shredding, and for making French fries.

The interlocking function in the food processor lets the user know whether the accessories are fixed properly.

All of the accessories are made with stainless steel and ABS plastic.

It also comes equipped with detachable blades which can do the following functions:

  • Stainless Steel Dry Grinding

  • Vegetable Chopping

  • Fruit Slicing

  • Chutney making

  • Atta Kneading

  • Shredding

You can easily get your Bajaj product serviced due to a wide range of service centres across India.

The product comes with two years of warranty on the product and five years of warranty on the motor.

For those who are looking to get a reliable product from Bajaj, which can do all the food processing and still come under Rs. 5000 can go for this one.

Now that we’ve seen the best collection of food processors which can carry out all the tasks in the kitchen, you can refer the table above to compare these products.

After a comprehensive read on food processors, we hope you got to finally decide on that purchase for your kitchen which will definitely become a one stop solution for all your needs.

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