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Getting the right grinder for your needs can be a confusing task. The main differentiation between grinders is the wattage value. So, let us first clear that part.

What does higher wattage mean? To put it simply higher the wattage is, the easier it will be to grind hard ingredients in the mixer and at a faster rate. But this comes at the cost of higher power consumption and motor noise.

Having a powerful grinder with high wattage doesn’t necessarily produce the best grinds. It also depends upon the sharpness and design of the blade.

If you are having a family of 4-5 people, then it is better to go for the grinder of the 500W series.

For those having members above 5 can look for the 750W grinders or for those looking for higher power can go after the 1000W and 1500W and so on.

Since the average urban Indian family consists of 4-5 people, we’ll focus on the 500W mixer grinders which are available on Amazon for the best deals.

We will list out the specification and compare the features of each product so that you can narrow down your purchase without further confusion.

By the end of this article, you’ll be confident enough to invest in that best grinder for your kitchen.

Before we start with thorough reviews, let us compare the various features of all the products listed here against each other so that you can finally decide which one to get for your kitchen.

Product NameWeightLED -
Flow -
Lifelong Power Pro
Budget friendly
3.50kgNoNoOne yearCheck Price
Inalsa Jazz
Does not take much space
2.80kgNoNoTwo yearsCheck Price
Orient Kraft
Nickel blades for better grinding
3.15kgNoYesTwo yearsCheck Price
Bajaj Rex
LED indicator + rust-free body
3.36kgYesYesTwo yearsCheck Price
Havells Sprint
Chromium-nickel blades & body + 5 years motor warranty
3.80kgYesYesFive years
(on motor) /
Two years
(on product)
Check Price
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Lifelong started commercial production back in 1996 and they cater to a wide variety of clients with their prowess in plastic manufacturing, pressure die casting etc. Recently they forayed into the kitchen appliances market to produce high quality products for the everyday Indian consumer and they have instantly won fans all over the country.

From its stable comes the 500 Watt Mixer grinder, Lifelong Power Pro along with three jars for your convenience.

All three jars are made of stainless steel and can be used for wet grinding, dry grinding, liquidizing, and chutney making.

The body of the grinder is made of high grade plastic (which the company is known for) and has ergonomic groves which adds to the grip while moving and gives it a signature look.

The jars of this mixer grinder have the following specification:

  • 0.3 Litre Chutney Jar: This mixer grinder has made mixing chutney easier with its easy operation and it can also be used for wet and dry grinding.

  • 0.88 Litre Multi Purpose Jar: The ideal jar for all your grinding and mixing needs.

  • 1.25 Litre Liquidizing Jar: The liquidizing jar enables you to extract juices. So, you can start your day with a glass of freshly squeezed juice in minutes.

Other features of the product involve an over-load protector which saves the grinder from the frequent electrical fluctuations.

The grips are made with hard plastic which can take the heavy ingredients in the jar and gives you adequate support while lifting.

The multifunctional blades which are also made of the durable stainless steel, enable smooth grinding and textured preparations.

The bottom of the mixer grinder has rubber grips which creates a small vacuum when placed over the table, by which the product stays firm without any kind of skidding. This also helps during the operation of the mixer grinder at higher rpms.

The 500W helps in the overall safe usage without any major overheating. The motor noise is minimum and works without any hassle.

The company offers one-year warranty coverage on the product throughout India.

For those who are looking to get a budget grinder which gives all the essential jars and overall good build which can cater to the needs of 4-5 people, then this is the product to go after.

The Inalsa company is owned by a Spain based company called Taurus and about 28 percent of their revenue comes from the food processing units.

The product is compact and does not take up much space in the kitchen.

The speed is controlled in a three step manner to prevent overloading. It also has an incher control which is towards the right of the OFF mode which lets you momentarily operate the motor in case you want to do the grinding in your own rhythm.

The Jazz 550W mixer grinders has three grinding jars.

  • 0.4 Litre Chutney Jar

  • 0.8 Litre Grinding Jar

  • 1.25 Litre Liquidizing Jar

All the jars are made of stainless steel and the company offers two years of warranty on the product.

The body of the product comes in light violet and white combination ABS plastic.

The lids are made with toughed plastic with reinforcements hence they do not break easily.

Here too the bottom pads provide anti-skid means for the grinder.

The box contains the main unit, the warranty information and the service centre list pan India.

With the additional investment that came into the company they are aggressively expanding across India roping in more distributors and service centres, this brand is having a growing number of buyers.

For those who are looking to get an international branded product at a budget price with all the elementary features that you would expect from your purchase, this is the product to go after.

The name Orient is synonym with rotating machines. They are the producers of one of the best long lasting motors and are fortunately in the food processing unit as well.

Their 500W product is the Kitchen Kraft which comes with three stainless steel jars.

Moving away from the usual trend, the product comes with nickel blades for better grinding of those tough ingredients.

The jars are made extra thick so as to sustain the heat produced by the continuous grinding and this also increases the durability.

Also, the stainless steel jars are provided with grooves which are called as flow breakers. This design allows the ingredients to hit them and break the flow and go back into the blades for further grinding.

It comes with jars of following capacity:

  • 0.3 Litre Chutney Jar

  • 1.2 Litre Liquidising Jar

  • 0.8 Litre Wet/Dry grinding jar

The handle comes with a bend at the end which helps in getting a good grip over the jars during usage.

The speed knob is placed at an angle to the horizontal so that it is easy to operate and to see the speed mode the grinder is in. It is also coupled with an incher for momentary blending.

The company offers two years of warranty on the product with a pan India service network.

The motor is noisy when compared with others, but is acceptable.

For those who are looking to get a trusted and established brand for their mixer grinder can go for this one as orient is known for their reliable motors.

The next product to check out is the Bajaj Rex 500W grinder, which comes in white plastic and stainless steel build and three stainless steel jars.

  • 1.2L Liquidizing Jar

  • 0.8L Dry Grinding Jar

  • 0.3L Chutney Jar

The mixer has a three speed system to prevent overloading along with an incher which provides momentary grinding.

The LED indicator tells the user when the mixer is in operation.

The multipurpose blades help you grind the ingredients to the highest degree of grind effortlessly.

The body is completely rust free with a build of both ABS plastic and stainless steel.

It also comes with the overload protection circuit which keeps the motor safe from the daily electrical fluctuations.

The vacuum feet bushes prevent it from the skidding during operation.

The compact build also helps if you need to move the product constantly.

The company offers two years of warranty on the product.

For those who are looking to get mixer grinder which is highly reliable and comes with budget service support (Bajaj), this is the one to go after.

This next product from Havells is the best one among all of the products that are listed here.

The industrial design comes with off black and dark yellow combination on the main body.

The three jars that come along with the grinder have stainless steel body and yellow handles. The jars come with SS-304 grade stainless steel blades which is basically a chromium nickel alloy with superior strength. This provides the best grind blends.

The body is made with SS-202 grade of stainless steel which is another chromium nickel alloy. It does not react with the food even at high temperatures.

The various capacities of the jars are as follows:

  • 0.4 Litre Chutney Jar

  • 1.0 Litre Multipurpose Jar

  • 1.5 Litre Liquidising Jar

The body comes with legs at the bottoms ending with rubber bushes which gives a good amount of vacuum support to the grinder during its operation.

The jars come with ergonomically designed handles which makes it easy for removal and operation of the jar.

Here too it has a three speed knob with an incher which makes a momentary grind. Havells calls this function as the ‘Pulse’ grind function.

The company offers a whopping five years warranty on just the motor of the product and two years of warranty for the rest of the product.

This product is loud during its operation but does not cross the dangerous limits of 80db (decibels).

For those looking to buy a powerful grinder, that gives their kitchen an added flair with the industrial design of this product, this is the one to go after.

We hope all this information and comparison between these 500W mixer grinders helped you determine the perfect choice based on your requirements! Happy grinding!

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