Best 3-Burner Gas Stoves with Glass Top (in India)

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The two burner basic stoves are now a thing of the past, with people trying to get more done before the 9-5 or after and looking for a faster alternative, some even opt for the four-burner stoves to save that extra time.

Having a family of three members and with the last stove consuming excessive gas and burning with the red flame (incomplete combustion) it was time to get a new one for the home.

Since we got the stove from the offline market last time, I thought why not try one online as it was much cheaper and with great reviews. I started to make a list three burner stove along with my requirement to have glass top as it would look stylish as well as it is easy for me and my wife to clean it after the daily usage.

Let me first give you a heads up on what you should expect from a three burner gas stove.

What to expect from 3-burner gas stoves?

  • Warranty: Since stoves are used continuously every day, it is prone to breakdown or has issues early on. Make sure that your product has at least one-year of basic warranty coverage for the product.

  • Service: Make sure to check out whether there is a service number from the company itself or a third party provider, which can be helpful.

  • Glass top: Since we are looking for a glass top, which looks good and is easy to clean. Make sure to choose toughened durable glass as the normal ones will easily crack due to the thermal stress that is imparted on them.

  • Looks: Let’s face it, the majority of Indians don’t really care about the kitchen aesthetics. But since you’re paying your hard earned money on something and it won’t hurt in getting a pleasing product which complements the kitchen.

    Since we have a number of choices here, you can be sure to get the right one for your kitchen.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s move ahead with the comparison of all these products.

The comparison table below would be a helpful guide for you in the buying process.

Product NameGlassIgnitionAdditional
Pan Supporter

Low priced 3-burner gas stove
ToughenedManualNoOne yearCheck Price
Elica Vetro
703 CT

Euro coated grids to keep pans & pots stable + 2 years warranty
ToughenedManualNoTwo yearsCheck Price

Additional pan support + spill proof design
ToughenedManualYesTwo yearsCheck Price
Elica Patio
ICT 773

Auto ignition + 5 years warranty on glass + slant knobs
ToughenedAutomaticNoTwo years
(on product) /
five years
(on glass)
Check Price

Designer glass top + lifetime warranty on glass + Italian gas valves
ToughenedManualYesTwo years
(on product) /
(for glass)
Check Price
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This product from Lifelong is our first review.

The product comes in a deep black look with a 6mm toughened glass top, which is resistant to heat cracks, shatter-proof and looks just brilliant.

Three burners made of high quality brass takes care of the everyday cooking at ease and comes with four strong arms made with stainless steel to support the heavy utensils (pan-supporters).

These burners are spaced well so that the utensils won’t touch each other even though the whole body of the burner is compact in shape.

The knobs are made for nylon material is a good insulator and hence is resistant to heat and flame and provides a good amount of grip for the everyday use of the product.

The bottom is supported with rubber grips, which are ‘anti-skid’ helps the product stay firm on the ground.

Other than the glass top, the rest of the body is made of blackened stainless steel.

The company offers one-year warranty on manufacturing defects and an additional six months of warranty upon registration of the product.

The service numbers are provided on the box cover, and you can make use of that during issues and they provide door to door service pan India.

For those looking for a basic three burner glass top with a good build and warranty period, this is the product to go after.

This product from Elica is a total stunner, with a huge black rectangular profile with reflective toughened glass on the top.

The top glass blends seamlessly with the whole body of the stove, making it seem like a monolithic design.

Three burners placed at 45 degrees to each other takes care of the cooking tasks without any hassle.

With two medium and one small heavy brass burners takes care of the cooking tasks easily.

These brass burners are supported by high quality stainless steel support plates and rigid pan supporters which are euro coated and supports those heavy utensils with ease.

Even the knobs are blackened in order to give it a stealthy overall look.

In short, you get the looks of a premium stove at this steal deal.

The gas inlet is on the backside and is made only for LPG cylinder connections for those who are looking to buy this product for pipeline gas needs to shell out additional money to retrofit the accessory to make it happen.

Elica is an Indian brand and the products are manufactured from a plant in Pune.

The company offers two years of warranty just on the toughened glass itself.

Calling the service number provided in the box and requesting for installation, the Elica technicians will help you out based on your location.

For those who are looking for a stove with killer looks and sturdy build quality and peace of mind with the warranty and good service, this is the product to go after.

Watch the unboxing of this product here:


Another strong competitor for the above product comes from the Prestige line-up.

This stove is one of the budget offerings from prestige which offers high value for money when compared with the build quality.

The glass is toughed and blackened along with the body of the product.

Three burners which are placed at a sufficient distance from each other has one small burner and two medium burners. Prestige calls these burners ‘tri-pin’ burners which efficiently provides uniform flame with minimum gas usage for cooking.

The pan supporters are huge when compared with the others in this category and can support and provide good stability to the utensils.

One additional pan is also provided to handle the small utensils which cannot be balanced over the existing supporters and this additional one can be fitted to any of these three burners with ease.

The ergonomically designed knobs make it easier for the user to use them without much pressure.

The brand name of Prestige is known to every household and the company offers two years of warranty for this product.

This product also requires additional fitting to accommodate the pipe gas line supply, which would cost you about 500 bucks.

With a good number of service centres and prompt service, if this is the right budget and brand name that you’re looking for, go for this one.

This is a stove that is right from the future, with its stunning and futuristic design language.

The glass top crosses the boundary of the body and the knobs are placed forward leaned so that it is much easier for the user to operate them. This is a very helpful feature as we need not lean to see the knob position.

The designer knobs take an off-gold colour which matches the burner and gives a beautiful appearance in total.

The stove has one large burner, one medium burner and one small burner for the cooking duties and the ignition in automatic, meaning all you need to do is turn the knob to light the burner (no need for an external lighter).

The ignition makes use of the charge from a battery for its usage (which is replaceable).

The product has European gas valves which are of the highest quality and has high durability.

This an LPG specific stove as the others mentioned here and comes with heavy brass burners, which are long lasting.

The brass burners and the pan supporters are grouped over the stainless steel support plates, which is rust resistant.

The company offers five years of warranty on the toughened glass and two years on the overall product.

This product is available in two colour schemes: one with the pure stealth black and the next one with the black and orange combo, where the toughened glass is blackened and rest of the body is orange.

For those who are looking forward to getting that refreshing looking for the kitchen stove with the high quality build and a mammoth warranty period, this is the product to go after.

This elegantly designed product from Prestige can be considered as the ‘flagship’ product among all of these.

Although the looks maybe subjective from person to person, this is more focussed on high quality build and functionality.

The glass top is sourced from Schott AG, an International glass manufacturer based in Germany and is having a textured design (black / white) which makes it stand out.

This German glass is tested to withstand high thermal shock and mechanical impact than any other glass and it comes with a whopping life-time warranty!!

Three heavy burners placed with a good amount of spacing and the gas valves are sourced from Sabaf-Italy who is one of the most premium, high precision and extremely durable gas burner and gas tap manufacturers in the world.

The only feature missing is the automatic ignition.

The product comes with two years of warranty and the gas supply knob comes behind the product.

The knobs are ergonomically designed for ease of usage and give precise flame control.

For those who are looking for a product with a strong glass and good brand value, this is the one to go after.

You can now take a look at the various features of these products in one go, so that you can narrow down on your decision.

Getting the right stove for your kitchen is one of the most important purchases to have and I hope after reading all this, you could finally complete that purchase!

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