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The prestige brand lives closely to all Indians. It is one brand which each one of us would have at least used once in our lifetime.

It is the brainchild brand of the TTK group, an Indian business conglomerate who has other brands which sells healthcare products, insurance and protection devices.

It was started by T. T. Krishnamchari as a family owned business.

Among all the products that are on sale now, the products that come under the ‘Prestige’ name generate most of the revenue, as they have produced some of the most durable kitchen hardware with upmost standards.

As the title has brought you here, those who are looking to get a four burner gas stove for their kitchen and looking for one from the Prestige stable will not be disappointed.

Note that all the product mentioned here are glass tops since that is the now golden standard for all stoves. Let us go ahead with the comparison!

I've thoroughly researched and captured the crucial features of the stoves listed below in a tabular format. This shall help you in figuring the right stove for you.

Product NameProfileWarrantyGlass

Water & scratch resistant + tandoor support
SmallTwo yearsToughenedBasic
ManualCheck Price
Marvel Plus

Compact in size + stainless steel body
SmallTwo yearsToughenedBasic
ManualCheck Price
Royal Plus

Sabaf-Italy valve + German Schott glass
LargeTwo yearsSchott
ManualCheck Price

Stylish black & white gradient
LargeTwo yearsSchott
ManualCheck Price
Prestige Gold
Premium gold designer look
LargeTwo yearsSchott
ManualCheck Price
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The first product is the Prestige Marvel, which is built in a clean solid square profile and still accommodates four burners easily.

This is the apt choice for those looking for minimalism or having space issues in the kitchen.

The four burners are made of heavy duty brass and are laid out on top of stainless steel pan supporters.

Prestige advertises its burners as highly efficient tri pins ones which do uniform heating without wasting unnecessary gas.

The company offers two years of warranty on the product and the customer service number is mentioned on the box for the user.

The body of the stove is powder coated in black, which makes it resistant to rust and other scratches while ensuring the good looks for a long time.

The black finished glass is shatterproof hence it is safe to mount the heavy utensils on to the stove without any kind of breakage. And due to this glass build, it is easy to clean the stove using lukewarm water.

The knobs are of nylon build which is excellent insulators and hence it does not burn off due to the high temperatures.

The red highlighted marker on the knob helps you understand the position of the knob with ease.

The gas-in port is placed behind the product.

The burner sizes include: two small burners and two large burners for your everyday cooking.

The stove also comes with an additional accessory called ‘tandoor support’ which can be fitted on to any one of the burners for direct contact cooking or mild grilling.

For those who are looking for a compact stove which has four burners and elegant looks added with Prestige brand value, this is the one to go for.

If you’re an advocate of minimalism and want something different than the stove that is mentioned above, then you can probably go for this one.

The next product from Prestige comes with a rectangular stainless steel body and blackened out glass if that is what you’re looking for.

Every single detail of this product is simple, not trying to prove any kind of a point, just does what it is supposed to do.

The company offers two years of warranty on the product.

The Marvel Plus is much smaller in dimension than the product mentioned above and hence those who are on strict space constraints can go ahead with this product.

This too comes with ergonomically built knobs similar to the above Marvel stove.

The product has two small burners and two large burners on their platform.

You need not to have any kind of doubts regarding the capability of the product since it has such a small profile.

The stainless steel body can easily hold heavy utensils with ease and is resistant to rust and stain.

Make sure to not scrub the stainless steel body with any kind of hard scrubbers as this would cause scratches on the body.

The burners are supported by additional drip tray which helps with ease of cleaning and service which is nice modern touch to the whole design.

The pan support beams are also designed in such a way so as to distribute the weight of the utensil evenly and provides excellent support.

The gas-in port is placed behind the body of this product.

For those who are looking for the smallest of four burner stoves in this list with an excellent stainless steel build and glass top, this is the one to go after.

The next in the line up from the Prestige brand is the aluminium bred Prestige Royale Plus, which is the perfect combo of Indian, German and Italian technology blended into one.

The glass top is sourced from Schott AG, an International glass manufacturer based in Germany and is blacked out along with the powder coated aluminium body.

This German glass is tested to withstand high thermal shock and mechanical impact than any other glass.

The company also offers life-long warranty on just the Schott glass.

Another technology sharing that comes in is the Sabaf valves which are from Italy, who are one of the most premium, high precision and extremely durable gas burner/gas tap manufacturers in the world.

Prestige has upped the game with this product with the inclusion of such technologies into their stove stable there by giving the Indian consumers more value for the money they are investing.

The burners used are the tri-pin burners which has efficient burning with minimal gas consumption.

The gas-in port is located behind the product and if you’re using the PNG connection (Piped Natural Gas), alteration needs to be made and this can be done by seeking the help of a Prestige technician.

You can get in touch with the service centre by making use of the number which is provided on the box.

The company offers two years of warranty on the product.

For those who are looking to get a premium four burner product from Prestige with the best of technologies sourced, this the one to go after.

Ditching the usual rectangular profile that we have seen so far, this product comes with a curved glass profile on the sides and the glass top is again sourced from the Schott brand which comes with a gradient look of black and textured steel colour which makes it a looker.

Please note that this stove is that of a large profile, so make sure that you are ordering based on your space requirements.

The stove comes with one small burner, two medium sized burners and one large burner which are all of the brass build

They are spaced well between each other hence you can keep wide utensils simultaneously without contact.

The glass top comes with a lifetime warranty and the overall product comes with two years of warranty.

The knobs are made of thermosetting ABS plastic which are resistant to high temperatures and does not deform easily and they are placed evenly closed to one another.

Here also, the gas valve is sourced from Sabaf-Italy which is a sweet addition and increases the durability of the overall product and it is placed behind the product.

The individual pan supporters offer an adequate amount of support for heavy utensils.

For those looking to get a stylish large profile stove for their kitchen, this product should definitely be in their list.

The best looker in this category in terms of overall design.

Although looks maybe subjective, there is no argument that this stove is royal in its looks.

It comes with a black background and gold strips combination on the Schott glass top.

This product is also that of the large profile body.

The product comes with matching gold knobs which adds to that premium touch and are also made of thermosetting plastic, which is a good insulator to the heat from the stove.

The individual pan supporters are raised higher so that it can aid in uniform heating and promote easy cleaning.

The tri-pin brass burners provide efficient use of the gas for heating.

The high grade stainless steel body ensures resistance from the formation of rust and ensures the overall strength of the product.

The gas valves are again sourced from Sabaf-Italy kitchenware and the spill proof design made of stainless steel ensures ease of cleaning of the stove.

The company offers two years of warranty on the overall product and life time warranty on the glass top.

Although this is a premium offering, it does not come with an auto ignition feature.

For those who are looking to get a designer product with the best quality hardware and best in class service support from Prestige, this is the one to go or.

Now that we have discussed in detail about all the products, let’s now compare how they stand out from one another in one go.

Prestige brand has been around in the kitchenware market for a long time and all their products go through the highest quality standards in manufacturing.

These products last for a very long time if maintained properly.

Here is video which will help you with few basic cleaning tips for your Prestige four burner glass top stove:


After going through all the above information, we hope you got to decide the perfect four burner stove for your kitchen.

Happy cooking!

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