Best Induction Stoves Under Rs. 2,000

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This article is for the hostellers and bachelors and those who wants an extra cocking cockpit to accommodate your cooking needs.

But the stigma for using induction cookers is still prevalent in India and we have not completely embraced this lovely tech which came to us ten years before.

And with prices of induction stoves coming down and accessible to the masses, this technology is a blessing and you can proudly boast that you’ve contributed in cutting the carbon footprint.

So what is so special about induction stoves with the conventional stoves?

Let’s breakdown how it works by some advantages.

  • Magnetic induction: Your induction stove makes use of electromagnets (metal turning into magnets when current is passed through them) and they produce electromagnetic waves, and these waves are responsible for the heating.

  • Cut of Intermediator: When compared with the conventional cooktops, induction stoves cut the intermediator, instead of heating by the flame to the pot (which loses a lot of heat energy), the electromagnetic waves directly induct the heat on to the vessel.

    This process is also insanely fast and can save you a lot of time in cooking.

  • Better safety features: The induction stove doesn’t add any heat or smoke to the kitchen environment, and is easy to clean since almost all are glass tops and the moment you lift off the vessel, the heating stops, hence there is no wastage of energy.

Want to know more about this technology? Watch this video to find out:


Now that you’ve completely understood how this works, let’s dive into some best induction stoves under Rs. 2000 which get the job done and goes light on your pocket.

Below is the features table that will allow to quickly compare the products listed below. You can refer it for the final buying decision, once you've gone through their individual reviews.

Product NameWattagePre-set
Pigeon Cruise1800WSevenOne yearAuto switch offCheck Price
Pigeon Rapido
1800WSevenOne yearDual heat sensor /
auto switch off
Check Price
Prestige PIC 20
Intelligent power control + aerodynamic cooling
1200WEightOne yearIntegrated
cooling system /
auto switch off
Check Price
Usha Cook
Joy 3616

Pan sensor function + intelligent power saving
1600WFiveOne YearAuto switch off /
pan sensor
Check Price
Pigeon Favourite1800WSevenOne yearAuto switch offCheck Price
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This product from Pigeon appliances is the most bang for back in this range of induction cooktops.

With seven pre-sets for easy cooking such as (pressure cook, heat milk, sauce, curry, dosa / chapatti, deep fry and idly) it is easier to cook those everyday meals with just a click of button.

The buttons (soft touch) are membrane based, hence it is very easily to clean the whole stove.

It also has a timer with an auto cut off feature which helps in hassle free operation and give you the peace of mind after setting it up.

There is a seven segment LED display which offers a variety of information such as temperature, timer etc.

It has good amount of ventilation and comes with an integrated fan underneath.

With a 1-year warranty and good service network, this Pigeon product is a steal deal.

For those looking for a backup stove and non-intensive cooking with the minimum budget, this is the stove to go after.

Just like the name, this one is a looker.

Another reliable product from Pigeon comes with the same seven presets and crystal glass top for the Indian consumer.

This can be considered as a better looking and higher wattage (higher temperatures achieved) induction cooker when compared with the above product.

Comes with membrane push buttons and 1-year warranty on the product, it features dual heat sensor as safety feature due to the higher wattage.

The auto shut off feature turns the induction stove off once the time set into the timer is completed.

For those looking looking for an induction stove with better aesthetics and higher wattage with minimal price increase, this is the product to go after.

If you’re a loyal prestige follower, then this an option which you can look into.

This 1200W stove can safely operate in that region consistently and with the integrated cooling system, which keeps working even after the cooking operation is done ensures that the inductions stove completely cools off at a faster rate.

This product too comes with pre-set Indian menus, which adjusts the temperature and wattage accordingly to cook your favourite food.

It has an inbuilt voltage regulator which handles the voltage fluctuations with ease.

With an anti-magnetic wall, it intelligently blocks the unwanted straying of field and hence reduces wastage of energy.

You can safely accommodate flat bottom vessels with 12-26 cm safely on this stove.

It also boasts a power saver technology which dynamically checks the weight of the vessel and adjust the temperature and power to heat it faster, better technology for that extra buck!

The box comes with the product, the 1-year warranty information and a manual book.

For those looking for a prestige product with better reliability and extra safety features and higher wattage of operation, this is the product to go after.

This product from USHA works at a 1600 wattage which can handle higher temperatures and heavier utensils.

This comes with a five pre-set buttons of Indian cooking menus and a manual button changing the values of temperatures and timer by the user.

It comes with an extra long electrical cord and hence you can safely keep this product away from the wall socket and can reach the farthest of plug points in your kitchen.

The fan inside can get a bit noisy because of prolonged usage, but this is normal.

With USHA’s pan sensor technology it ensures that the cooking starts only when the pan is placed over the cooktop.

And since the product is prone to voltage fluctuations, it equipped with extra safety features which safeguards it.

Since the product can go to higher wattages based on your selection, just keep in mind that the speed of the cooking will be very fast, so there might be a few burned food cases.

I’d say to experiment and get a hang of the settings before diving into the serious cooking.

The main feature which stands out from the rest is the ‘PAUSE’ push button feature, which pauses which ever heating mode or manual heating that you’re undertaking and has the LED notification showing the power level, it is currently operating on.

This is the slimmest product among all these products.

For those looking for an induction stove with faster heating and features such as the ‘pause’ button, this is the one to go after.

This is the highest power rated induction cooktop under Rs.2000 and is another one from Pigeon.

It can work stable at the power range of 1800W and can be even pushed to 2000W provided there is constant power supply.

This product too comes with the dual heat sensor which monitors the heat and safely adjust the wattage.

The company offers 1-year warranty on the product and is comes with the familiar seven Indian pre-set menus.

The stove can safely accommodate up to 5kg and operate normally.

With the compact nature and built in buttons for every function.

This is product is for bachelors and families with 2-3 members and those looking for the highest wattage with the minimum budget.

Since all the product briefing is now done, you can refer the features table to compare the different features of all the above products, so that you can decide upon the best one for your needs.

Induction stove ‒ usage and care

Here are some basic tips that you need to keep in mind during the usage of an Induction stove:

  • Cleaning an induction stove is only the kind of maintenance that goes into it.

    Make sure that the top is turned off and using a wet cloth gently wipe the top clean, after which either leave it to dry or use a dry cloth.

    Do not switch ON the induction stove, when the top is wet.

  • The sides of the induction cooktop will have the slits which are provided for ventilation purposes. Make sure not to keep any object, blocking the passage of the hot air.

  • Always keep in mind of the weight and size of the utensil that is being kept over the induction stove as the heating efficiency will be gravely affected and it might affect the hardware.

  • The flat bottom utensils are most preferred as they will stay firm on the induction stove surface and it will have faster heating.

Having an induction stove can be life saver for those gas free cooking and serves as a backup.

With the safety features, faster cooking and space saving benefits, getting one for your kitchen is a good investment in the long term.

These branded products offer good value for money and offers reliable after-sales services throughout the country, hence can be a safe bet on your first induction stove purchase.

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