Top 5 Auto Clean Chimneys (in India) Reviews

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Now that you’ve chosen the perfect stove for your kitchen, it is time to decide whether you need to invest in an auto clean chimney for the same.

For those who are replacing the old chimney or getting the new one, this article will help you determine whether it is helpful in getting one and to learn more about the importance of having one for your kitchen.

The typical Indian cooking involves the use of a wide range of oil and greasy substances which will vaporise and fill up inside the kitchen during our everyday cooking.

Prolonged exposure to all of this smoke and grease can cause ill effects to every day kitchen user and for those having lungs health issues, this investment will save you from additional bills in the future.

Let us see the advantages of getting a chimney for your kitchen.

Advantages of getting a chimney for your kitchen

  • Exhaust: The chimney removes the odour and the smoke which accumulates in the kitchen by sucking up or by mixing outside air with the smoke and then expulses it.

  • Grease: This is not a widely accepted issue in the Indian kitchen. The dirt and the grease that is accumulated over time will ruin the walls of the kitchen and poses a serious fire hazard to all.

  • Additional lighting: Most of the kitchen chimney nowadays comes with LED lighting which aids the visibility of the stove usage area.

  • Looks: Having a chimney now doesn’t have to ugly like the olden times. Some of the products that are listed here are elegant in looks and adds to the charm of your kitchen.

Most of the products mentioned here will have installation guides which comes along with the box.

These companies offer a technician for setting up the chimney or you can get an electrician to do so. Some companies also offer free installations hence make sure to go through all the features and additional services they offer.

If you are planning to mount the chimney by yourself, watch this video to know how:


If you are in a hurry, and would like to see the difference between the best auto clean chimneys right away, without having to read lengthy reviews, you can refer the comparison table below.

Product NameTouch
Auto Clean
Elica Nero
Low-cost chimney
NoNoOneNoOne year
(on product) /
five years
(on motor)
Check Price
Elica Glace
Installation kit + 15 years motor warranty
NoNoOneNoOne year
(on product) /
fifteen years
(on motor)
Check Price
Elica Touch
Touch control + auto timer + 2 baffle filters + auto clean
YesYesTwoYesOne year
(on product) /
five years
(on motor)
Check Price

Low-cost auto clean chimney + European brand
YesYesTwoYesOne year
(on product) /
five years
(on motor)
Check Price

Widest chimney (90 cm)
YesYesTwoYesOne year
(on product) /
five years
(on motor)
Check Price
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Elica is an Indian brand which has a good amount of reputation in the kitchen appliances space.

This product comes with an elegant look: a matte black and curved glass combination.

The product is 60 cm wide, which can accommodate a four burner stove quite easily.

It comes with two three watt LED bulb which provides illumination during cooking.

The overall power consumption of the product comes up to 230 Watt which includes the suction motor and the power efficient bulbs.

The suction rate is about 1100 m3/hr which is enough for everyday cooking and the buzzing noise of the motor is capped at 58 dB (decibels).

The product comes with a baffle filter, which is usually made of aluminium or stainless steel. The filter screens the smoke and the grease present in the air and smoke that rises from the stove area.

This is the most widely used filter and the best one for the Indian kitchens.

The baffle filter is designed in such a way that it changes the direction of the air quickly as it rises up.

The grease present in the air cannot move as fast and hence it condenses on to the metal plates.

The company offers five years of warranty on the suction motor and one year warranty on the overall product except for the curved glass.

The push buttons are sturdily built and are easy to reach and can be used for ON/OFF, control the suction rates, and light controls.

The absorbed smoke needs to be rerouted to the outside hence provision needs to be made on the wall and is done using a duct pipe (usually made of aluminium).

The duct pipe is not provided along with the product, which will come up to about an additional 800 bucks.

For those who are looking to getting a good quality chimney with the basic requirements that is to be expected from a chimney and which can accommodate smoke of 2-4 burners, this is the product to go after.

For the complete unboxing of this product, watch the video here:


The next listing is from Elica again.

This product also comes with the stealthy black and glass combination.

The width of the product is 60 cm which easily accommodates the needs of 2-4 burner stoves.

The product comes with a powerful motor of suction capacity 1220 m3/hr which maintains the same decibel levels as the previous product (58 dB).

The controls are the same as before with push button functionality.

The company offers a whopping fifteen years of warranty on the motor / rotor alone and one year warranty on the rest of the product except the curved glass.

It comes with the same two bulb LED illumination for the lighting duties.

The main addition which stands out with this product is the installation kit that comes along with it. It contains the following components:

  • Aluminium Duct Pipe: This pipe is the one that directs the smoke from the chimney to the sink. Since it is made of aluminium, it does not rust or breaks down due to the heat.

  • Cowl cover: This is a cowl with the functionality of a filter, which is attached to the end of the aluminium duct pipe.

    It helps prevent the backflow of the smoke and increases the draft (more the pressure difference of the hot gasses better the ventilation it will be).

  • Clamps: They safely clamp the aluminium duct pipe on to the walls.

  • Aluminium tape: This tape has good adhesion features which are resistant to moisture and other chemicals.

You can make use of these additional components to fit the chimney.

This product also comes with a baffle filter for the filtration duties.

This filter needs to be taken out and cleaned every two to three months for its efficient working.

For those who are looking get an efficient chimney and is looking forward to mount by yourself or want all the additional accessories together in one purchase, this is the product to go after.

We have another product from Elica for the comparison.

It is the WD HAC Touch BF 60, which come up to 60 cm in width and has two baffle filters instead of one for better capture of the oil and grease.

It has a max flow rate of 1200 m3/hr with a silent fan.

The product comes with a glass and black body panel build and the company offers five years of warranty on the motor and one-year warranty on the product.

The features which stand out are the touch controls which includes adjusting the speed of the fans (low, medium and high), the LED light controls, and the auto clean feature.

The inclusion of touch control is a welcome addition keeping in mind the price of the product.

The product also has an LED display which shows the time in minutes and you can program this for auto switch off.

The auto clean feature involves the presence of a heating coil within the chimney, which when activated heats up the fan blades and the surroundings thereby melting the condensed oil and grease on them and is collected on the oil pan below.

Hence the only maintenance that comes in is the cleaning of the stainless steel baffle filters and the oil pan.

As the above product, it also comes with a free installation kit with all the required accessories that will help you mount it in your kitchen.

This is the most energy efficient one in the lot with a power consumption of about 180 Watt overall.

You can avail installation by an Elica technician up on calling the number mentioned in the box and please note that the installation is not free.

For those who are looking to buy an energy efficient electric chimney for your kitchen and can accommodate up to 2-4 burner and have welcome features such as touch control and auto clean at an affordable price, this is the one to go after.

Eurodomo is a European company based in Switzerland who are pioneers in building high quality kitchen appliances at affordable rates. Our next in comparison is the Classy HC from its stable.

The width of the product is 60 cm which can accommodate 2-4 burner stove and comes with a black body and stainless steel baffle filters.

The motor has a suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr and the company offers five years of warranty on that and an overall warranty of one year.

It comes with the above discussed features such as auto clean by using heating coils, and sports a digital display for auto switch off timer and touch controls for managing the lights and the motor speed.

The baffle filters are made of stainless steel which should be cleaned every 6 months.

The oil collected in the oil pan after the ‘auto clean’ feature can be cleaned every 8 months.

The box will contain a plastic duct, but not to worry the technician will bring an aluminium duct (free) and the necessary accessories for mounting the product as well.

Upon calling the Eurodomo technician, he will install the product for free and will give a demo of the usage of the product.

Those who are looking to buy a premium chimney with an established brand name and a feature rich product that will last for a long time, this is the one for you.

Finally moving on to the beast in this list, is the Eurodomo Prime HC, which is a 90 cm wide chimney that can handle the needs of a 3-5 burner easily.

It is having a black body and a stainless steel bottom which looks stunning.

The product comes with the same motor used in the above product with a suction rate of 1200 m3/hr and has a warranty of five years.

It has an overall product warranty for one year.

Two powerful LED lights take care of the lighting and the touch control panel takes care of the speed controls and the auto timer.

The baffle filters are again stainless steel which helps in easy cleaning of the product and the auto clean technology heats and removes the oil from the motor wings and on to the oil collector at the bottom.

The biggest plus point of this brand is its efficient customer service and response.

They even offer installation free of cost and supplies the aluminium duct instead of the plastic duct provided along with the package.

For those who are looking to accommodate stoves with up to five burners or have a lot of smoking in addition to the stove such as grillers, this the perfect product for you.

Since we have now finished with the general overview of all these products, you can now compare the stark features that they offer to get a clearer idea of what you are buying into.

And by that comparison, I hope you got to decide which product you are going to purchase based on your personal requirement. Happy safe cooking!

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