Best 4-Blade Ceiling Fans in India

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In this scorching summer heat, fans, ACs, and coolers are a blessing. We really give much of our time to research about the ACs or the coolers we are buying.

But do we do the same for fans? Obviously, no.

There are many factors to keep in mind before buying a fan for your house.

Along with the area of the room and the colour of the walls, the aspects of the fan also determine the cooling it will give and the air it will spread.

Today, 4 blade ceiling fans have become popular and widely used household appliances. They come in a variety of colours and features, and with varying motor speed.

While some are simple and neatly finished, others have an elegant and classy look.

Some 4 blade ceiling fans come also come with a light compartment, and hence, spread light and fresh air together.

The 4 blade fans that come with above average and high performing motors prove to be very good for cooling purposes.

Few important things which you need to know about 4-blade ceilings fans are described below.

What to look for in a 4-blade ceiling fan?

  • Motor speed: The motor of a ceiling fan is a necessary part which determines its efficiency in circulating air. The better the motor, the better will be the airflow throughout the room.

    Hence, the size, quality, and power of a ceiling fan motor are important metrics to be considered.

    The motor is of two types – AC and DC. Although both of them convert electrical energy into mechanical energy but the only difference is that AC motors use alternating current, DC motors use direct current. Hence, their abbreviations.

  • Type of motor used: The speed of the motor depends on the kind of motor that is being used in it.

    153 mm: The motor tends to get noisy and wobbly with time and prolonged usage. It leads to reduced airflow, and hence, reduced cooling.

    172 mm: This motor is better than the 153 mm motor and provides decent air circulation.

    188 mm: An above average motor and provides great airflow. It won’t get noisy and unstable even with prolonged usage.

    212 mm: Very durable and sturdy, provides excellent air circulation.

    K55: Expensive, high-performance and extremely durable motor.

    DC: It is the most energy efficient motor. Fans that run on DC motors cut down the power consumption by 75% and give excellent air circulation.

  • RPM means revolutions per minute of a fan. The higher the RPM the higher the speed of the fan.

  • CMM (abbv. for cubic meters per minute) is the amount of air which is moved by a ceiling fan. It is the ability of a fan to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

  • Sweep Size of the blades: It is the diameter of the circle the blades make when the fan is in full motion. It is also called as blade sweep and the ceiling fans are measured by the full size of their blade span.

Does the number of fan blades matter?

This question must have crossed your mind when you started reading this article. Well, your answer is here.

The size and number of fan blades determine the efficiency and the capacity of the fan to create airflow. More the number and size of the blades, higher would be the efficiency.

However, when the blades slice through the air, they are met with an opposing force known as the “drag”. This resistance, or drag, causes the fan’s motion to slow down and it can also increase its energy consumption.

Therefore, it is essential that the fan has a high-performance motor to complement the drag.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to buying ceiling fans. So, it is necessary that you keep the above mentioned points in your mind while choosing a ceiling fan.

We have listed down some best 4-blade ceiling fans for you to help you decide one for your room.

If you don't want to go through in-depth reviews and would just like to know the best options with specifications, I've prepared a comprehensive comparison table just for this.

Product NamePower
Regal Gold

Low-cost 4-blade ceiling fan
65 Watts1200
2 yearsCheck Price

Elegant look + high RPM + affordable price
72 Watts1200
2 yearsCheck Price
Quattro Smart

Longer blades + remote control + high air delivery
80 Watts1320
2 yearsCheck Price

Saves electricity + 3-year warranty + runs in both directions
30 Watts1200
3 yearsCheck Price

Designer look + 3 lamps + pull cord controls
72 Watts1200
2 yearsCheck Price
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The first 4-blade ceiling fan on our list is Bajaj Regal Gold 1200 mm Ceiling Fan.

It has a decent look with a golden ring on the motor and attractive cuts on the blades.

The body is fully made up of aluminium and coated with ivory colour to enhance its appearance.

The specifications include a high torque 14 pole motor and 65 watts power.

The 4 blades have 1200 mm sweep size and it can complete 330 RPM. The air delivery is 225 CMM.

The company gives 2 years warranty on this fan but the installation support isn’t provided.

This fan comes in decent colour combination with an average pole motor.

The power and air delivery are quite enough to circulate air in small rooms efficiently; hence, making this fan suitable for the same.

Other features which make it worth buying are: superior grade electric steel lamination for durability and lower power consumption, superior ball gearing for least sound operation, and automatic winding for best quality and reliability.

Havells is another trustworthy brand and its ceiling fans had to be included in the list.

The fan looks classy and gives an aesthetic appearance to the room.

It has a blade size of 1200 mm and is suitable for rooms of the area of 65 square feet to 100 square feet.

It comes in unique colour combinations: pearl white-silver and bronze-gold.

Havells Leganza Ceiling Fan has a CMM of 230 and RPM of 350.

It comes with HPLV motor which works at a rated voltage of 220-240. The power consumption of 72 watts is slightly on the higher side, and the rated frequency is 50 Hz.

The company provides 2 years warranty on the product, but no installation services.

What makes this fan different from the other ones, are its look and durability.

The blades are designed in an innovative way to last longer and reduce the amount of buffeting usually caused by fans with 4 blades.

The body is coated by a metallic paint to give a sleek finishing appearance.

Kenstar’s Quattro Rose Smart Fan is another classy addition to the list.

The brown blades and a rose trim with wooden finish altogether give the fan an attractive and elite look.

Kenstar also provides a smart remote control with the fan to control the speed.

So now you won’t have to get up from your couch to switch the fan on or off.

There are 4 preset speed buttons for regulating the speed.

You would need to install a regulator to set proper speed as per your convenience.

Another great feature of this fan is its built-in off timer which works for up to 4 hours.

It lets you sleep peacefully and switches off as per the timer set by you.

The specifications include an 80-Watt motor with balanced blade assembly. This reduces the sound coming from the fan to give you a peaceful environment.

The blade span is 1320 mm and air delivery is 250 CMM.

The RPM is 330 and the operating voltage is 180-230 V.

With good features and remote control, this fan becomes a desirable choice.

The blade span is larger, and hence, this fan can be used in bigger rooms too.

Kenstar gives a 2-year warranty on this fan, making it a reliable and good choice to buy.

Another great addition to our list is Jupiter BLDC Ceiling Fan.

BLDC means Brushless Direct Current Technology and this fan is equipped with this technology. It is also known as Inverter Drive Technology.

This fan is rated as one of the top fans at the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

One unique feature of this fan is that it can run in two directions. It happens when you turn the switch on for a particular direction as per the weather conditions.

This fan is operated by a smart remote control, and the best part is that it saves the cost of the regulator by eliminating it.

Jupiter BLDC Ceiling Fan comes with a powerful motor with 30 Watts of power consumption.

The air delivery is of 240 CMM and RPM is 350.

It works on 230 Volts and 50 Hz frequency.

The sweep size is 1200 mm and the blades are dynamically balanced for better performance.

The company provides 3 years warranty on the product.

It comes in four colours- matt brown, royal ivory, snow white, and z-black.

With such great features packed at an affordable price, this 4-blade ceiling clearly stands out from the rest.

The last product on this list is Crompton Greaves Uranus Ceiling Fan.

This is another brand which provides cost-effective solutions and trustworthy services to the customers.

The fan has a classy finished look with gold design.

The 3 lampshades also add to its luxurious appearance.

The specifications include the blade size of 1200 mm and a rated speed of 320 RPM.

The air delivery is of 200 CMM.

The fan has a powerful motor which consumes 72 Watts of energy.

Crompton Greaves provides 2 years warranty on the product with no installation services.

Overall, this fan is quite attractive and decorative and is best for offices and conference rooms. For guest rooms and living rooms also, this fan would look great.

It also has a feature of a pull cord for speed and light control.

With similar functions to other fans, this is a good buy if you’re into luxurious looks or want to have a ceiling fan for your living rooms.

Out of these 5 top rated 4-blade ceiling fans, our best recommendation is Jupiter BLDC Ceiling Fan.

We recommend this fan because it outperforms the rest when it comes to features offered for the money paid.

With 3 years of warranty and longer battery life, the comparable features like CMM and RPM are higher than the others on the list, making it a total value for money deal.

Last, but not the least, look at the BEE’s 5-star certification for this fan - its power rating is 30 Watts, which is less than HALF of the other fans listed here.

This means reduced energy consumption and more savings on your electric bills.

All these features with BEE’s certification come at a modest price, and hence, we strongly recommend Jupiter BLDC Ceiling Fan.

That being said, I must say that the other 4-blade ceiling fans listed here are equally worth the money for the value they offer. You can revisit the comparison chart to differentiate between their features.

Hopefully my research helped you in choosing the right 4-blade ceiling fan for your home.

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