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Are we ready to welcome the heat this summer? This is the most appropriate question that I can ask you even if most of your time is spent sitting at home.

Because while being at home you may be working in your kitchen or garage or balcony or using the bathroom, but these places are not apt for AC or ceiling fans.

Yes, you are guessing it right.

The wall-mounted fans are best suited for such cramped spaces.

So did you check whether they are in their good speed?

Even in commercial places like community centers, shops and stores, gyms, offices and warehouses, etc., the wall-mounted fans have become a necessity.

And imagining a scene of terrible functioning of these fans where you can’t even escape to a place with AC or ceiling fan installed is dreadful in itself.

So you need to make sure for their sound functioning before the summer sets in.

The wall-mounted fans are specially designed for restricted spaces, for better ventilation of air even in stuffy areas.

They are usually small, compact, lightweight, easy to install and can oscillate to and fro, come with two pull cords at the bottom that works as an on and off switch.

So, if you are in the search of wall mounted fans, let me give you an insight into some of the best wall mounted fans in India. These are:

  1. Havells Swing 400mm Wall Fan

  2. Havells Swing Platina 400mm Wall Fan

  3. Orient Electric 400mm Wall Fan (Model 44)

  4. Havells Swing FHWSWSTIVR12 300mm Wall Fan

  5. Orient Electric 400mm Wall Fan with Remote (Model 49)

I've prepared a comparison chart of above models of wall mounted fans for an easy decision making process:

1350 RPM400mmNo2 years60˚Check Price
1350 RPM400mmNo2 years60˚Check Price
(Model 44)

Low cost wall-mounted fan + 90˚ oscillation
1330 RPM400mmNo2 years90˚Check Price
1330 RPM300mmNo2 years60˚Check Price
(Model 49)

Remote Control + 90˚ oscillation + touch screen panel
1330 RPM400mmYes2 years90˚Check Price
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The primary function of any fan is to deliver the air and Havells Swing 400 mm wall fan just fulfils this criterion.

A very common problem that we face in India is the erratic voltage that tends to harm our electrical appliances and thus reduces their life span.

In light of this issue, Havells has manufactured this model that comes with Thermal Overload Protector (TOP).

This fantastic feature protects the motor even in high voltage fluctuation.

With the power consumption of 50W and 230V, it delivers a rotation speed of 1350 rpm.

Visually, Havells Swing 400mm fan is off white in colour, has 400mm transparent blades with air delivery of 72 cmm and an elegantly designed fan base.

It has a guard of 120 spokes and has a noise level of 63.2 dB which is considered to be a good noise level.

The most peculiar consideration when you are looking into the wall mounted fans is the oscillation function. Oscillation is required to move the air over the wide area and in all the direction.

Furthermore, the oscillation degree, as well as oscillation switch that can be switched on and off should not be overlooked.

We have both of these features present in this model. Oscillation degree is 60˚.

With a glossy finish and 2 years of warranty on the product this fan can be your best pick.

Havells Swing Platina 400 mm wall fan is another feather in Havells cap.

This model has high-performance motor for better air delivery.

Easy to mount, this wall fan oscillates at an angle of 60˚ for wide area coverage.

In case you need to have air flow in a fixed direction this oscillation feature can be turned on and off.

Havells Swing Platina comes with 400 mm sweep opaque white blades good enough for a decent size space but not big enough for a ceiling fan.

It can well bear the low voltage with its superior performance.

This has aerodynamically designed, light weight PP blades that give jerk less oscillation with 62 dB noise level, lesser than Havells Swing 400 mm wall fan.

It consumes 50W of power that cut down your electricity bills significantly.

It has a sturdy body with an eye-catching control switch with a good colour combination of white and grey.

All in all, this fan gives a good value for your money.

For installation guidelines, you can watch the below video:


This is yet another space-savvy option for the places with lower roof height, or small apartments, shops, etc.

The wall-mounted fans serve as saviours for such restricted places as they circulate the air evenly throughout the place.

Similarly, to the cubicles in the offices where there is no room for ceiling fans and in a year, there are times when you do not want to put on the AC as well.

Orient Electric wall fan, is the lightweight fan, but yet not flimsy, suits the décor of your home or office. It has a powerful motor with 1330 rpm for higher area coverage and a 2-year warranty on the product.

The wall fan comes in white colour.

It comes with tilt adjustment for adjusting the fan at any desired angle. This fan comes up with a more flexible option of the oscillation of 90˚.

This is the maximum oscillation a wall fan can have.

Oscillation and speed are controlled by the pull cord system.

Another one of the best reviewed wall-mounted fans in the market is Havells Swing FHWSWSTIVR 12300 mm wall fan.

It comes with safety features such as Thermal Overload Protector (TOP) to protect the motor in fluctuating voltage and guard ring with 120 spokes.

It is as much convenient to install as to use as it has 3 level speed and a swing shut controlled by the two pull cords.

Havells Swing 300 mm fan comes in an off-white colour with a robust and trendy base that elegantly suits your domestic as well as office space.

It has an oscillation of 60˚.

It has an adjustable upward and downward tilt mechanism.

Now it’s the time to move on from the traditional wall mount fans to a smart wall fan.

Orient Electric Wall-49 400mm Wall Fan comes with smart remote and it uses 58 W so consumes lesser energy.

Crystal white in colour with good quality transparent blue dynamic blades with sweep size of 400 mm to cover a larger area for powerful air delivery of 84 CMM.

The USP of this model is its remote control and breeze mode in which the fan cyclically changes its speed to create an outdoor like breeze effective even inside the room.

Also, it has an advanced touch screen panel for the manual operation that means it has no pull cords.

The remote enables a far distance control of the timer, speed, oscillation, breeze and on/off functions.

The fan base has LED indicator for on/off, speed, timer and breeze functions for better visibility even in the dark.

It operates on 58 W power consumption and offers 90˚ oscillation.

So go for it for enjoying that extra comfort or if you have elders in the family who can operate the fans without having to walk across the room.

For final comparison between these wall-mounted fans, you can refer the comparison chart. This shall help you in narrowing down your final selection.

So friends, let not the summer take a toll on you this time by making an intelligent choice of buying the best wall mounted fan for you.

Make sure you do not end up buying just another ordinary fan because nowadays the fans have evolved into the extraordinary appliance with additional advantages and what is the harm in having them by your side.

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