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Summer is just around the corner and I am sure many of you reading out this article will relate to my problem.

I switched on my ceiling fan after winters and to my surprise, it was wobbling and not whirling. It was no longer a fan that I had bought that once used to deliver a smooth blow of fast air.

My ceiling fan had turned into a noisy, slow moving fan.

My worries turned into a nightmare when I reached out to the regulator to increase the fan’s speed and found that it had developed speed issues also. I was not able to regulate its speed as my fan was stuck on just one speed.

And from here, my search for a fan started.

I can say, after facing all these issues, it was an intelligent search since I learnt many technicalities about a ceiling fan.

A ceiling fan looks such a simple electrical appliance but you actually need to know and consider a few factors before you buy one like blade size, power consumption, rotation speed, air coverage, air delivery, etc.

Based on these factors, I have compared some of the best ceiling fan models in the market that are suitable for the home. These models are:

  1. Luminous Morpheus 1200mm Ceiling Fan

  2. Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan

  3. Crompton Aura 1200mm Ceiling Fan

  4. Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

  5. Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving 1200mm Ceiling Fan

I've prepared a detailed chart that will allow you to compare these fan models side by side.

Product NameWeightColour

Budget-friendly + light-weight
3.50 kgBrown,
380 RPMNo1 year
Check Price

Highest RPM + 2-year warranty
3.92 kgBrown,
400 RPMNo2 years
Check Price

Elegant looks + power saver
4.40 kgIvory, White,
380 RPMNo2 years
Check Price

Modern design + wide colour options
3.63 kgPearl Ivory,
Gold, Bronze
Copper, Off-
White, Gold
Mist Copper
350 RPMNo2 years
Check Price

Saves 65% of power + 3-year warranty + remote control
4.00 kgWhite350 RPMYes2+1 years
Check Price
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While buying a fan the major factor one should always consider is star rating given by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).

BEE is a regulatory body assigned by the Government of India to keep a check on the energy conservation.

BEE gives a star rating on electrical appliances. A 5 star rated product is the best one that give more cooling with the least power consumption.

So these rating can be found on ACs, fans, refrigerators, etc.

One should buy fans with higher rating not just to save on his hard earned money but also for being a responsible citizen.

Let me give you an insight into each of the above models.

Luminous Morpheus 1200 mm ceiling fan is a low budget fan that comes with a robust motor to give high air delivery of 230 m³/min.

Inspite of being costed low, it gives high rpm (rotation per minute) of 380 which is very unusual even in high-end ceiling fans.

This is due to a strong 12 pole motor at the helm that adds to its speed.

Available in three colours - brown, white and ivory, this simply designed fan is spectacular in its performance as it has a compact motor with 20% more copper as compared to normal fans for uninterrupted cooling.

Luminous Morpheus ceiling fan has an aluminium body and aerodynamically designed blades for wider air coverage.

A setback with this fan is that it is a 3 star rated fan with 1-year warranty on the product.

Good option if your budget is on the lower end.

Havells Pacer simply justify its name!

It runs at an extremely high speed of 400 rpm giving you air delivery of 230 m³/min.

Its brown colour prevents from frequent cleaning of the fan. Other colour options available are white and ivory.

In India, we face intermittent power outage and fluctuating voltage. Havells Pacer ceiling fan is exactly a solution for such issues.

Havells Pacer ceiling fan will not slow down even during the phases of low voltage. So you can forget all your worries about damaging the motor at low voltage.

Aesthetically, this fan might be a plain option but has got a power punch due to its double ball bearings that ensure reduced rotational friction.

This, in turn, increases the shelf-life of the smooth running fan.

Another unique feature of Havells Pacer fan is its twin canopies that will help you to conceal the messy electrical wirings.

So enjoy the cool gush of winds even at low voltage.


Crompton Greaves holds a legacy of over 20 years in making household products.

Crompton has a strong portfolio of energy-efficient 5 star rated products and Crompton Greaves Aura is no exception.

It is a perfect buy for the ones who want to save on their electricity bill without compromising on comfort and luxury.

Available in varied colour options like ivory, white, beige and brown, this fan makes a good fit for contemporary décor.

Power rated at 74 Watt, speed rated at 380 rpm and air delivery at 230 m³/min altogether contribute to its sturdy body.

A golden ring on the motor and canopy with matching trims provides an elegant design to it.

Although, it is priced on a higher range but saves on the power bill.

So buy it once and reap the benefits rest of your life.

You can watch its demo here:


Who wouldn’t have heard of Havells?

Havells is a big brand known for manufacturing exquisitely designed fans in India.

Fans, nowadays have become a style statement for the homes. Havells pitch onto this notion of modern India.

The decorative trims on motor cover and blades with metallic paint finish make it elegantly suitable for sophisticated homes.

The unique colour combinations that it comes into are rare to be found in any other brands of ceiling fans. These are pearl ivory, gold, bronze copper, off-white, gold mist copper.

The fan’s sweep size of 1200 mm can cover a room area of 65 sq. feet to 100 sq. feet.

Havells Nicola fans can be installed in office space also for its modern and aesthetic look.

This fan comes with 2-year product warranty and HPLV motor.

That means you can use the fan and maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the room without any worries.

The most peculiar part of Havells Nicola ceiling fan is its blades that are crafted very carefully and aerodynamically, that in turn, reduces the amount of buffeting unlike in other fans with 3 blades.

Not much popular, Gorilla ceiling fans are designed by Atomberg Technologies.

Gorilla range of fans is just a game changer!

India has always been an energy-deficient country and this fan was designed to solve this purpose seeing that not much innovation was done for so many years in this category.

We can drastically check on the skyrocketing electricity bills and thus so many villages seeing electricity drought can be powered up.

A regular fan consumes 75 W but Gorilla Efficio consumes just 28 W much like an LED light of fans.

Unlike the same old induction motor used in all traditional ceiling fans, Gorilla Efficio is equipped with BLDC (Brushless DC) to ensure no loss of heat.

This fan runs 3 times longer on an inverter thus resulting in extended battery life.

Another USP is its 3 year on-site warranty.

Gorilla Efficio consumes minimal power and saves up to 65% of power. It runs smoothly at a wide voltage range of 110-285V.

The fan comes with a smart remote control with 3 modes- sleep mode, timer mode, boost mode to help you save electricity with comfort.

Priced on quite a higher end, 5-star rated Gorilla Efficio will justify your purchase in the long run.

You can watch the demo below.


To compare the important features of the ceiling fans listed here, you can refer the comparison table mentioned earlier in this article.

This shall allow you to narrow down your search.

I hope this buying guide will help you in making a smart purchase. To conclude, I would suggest the first thing to be kept in mind while buying a fan is star rating followed by any other criteria of your need.

After all, a greener tomorrow is in our hands.

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