Best Designer Ceiling Fans in India

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What’s better than an electrical appliance for air circulation along with a visually appealing accessory for your room? Yes, we are talking about designer fans in the latest trend.

Earlier, designer fans didn’t have as many features as they have now. Now, they come with a smart remote controller to ease you from getting up to switch on/off your fan or increase/decrease its speed.

They also enhance the look of your living rooms with attached designer lights and provide adequate illumination.

Another benefit they provide is reducing the number of fixtures needed in your room or house for installing lights or LEDs.

There are a lot of changes observed in the trends of ceiling fans. Now they not only perform their basic functions but also complement your house’s décor.

We have listed down various types and styles of ceiling fans available in the market, to help you choose from the best ones. And then reviewed the best designer ceiling fans for you.

Types of ceiling fans

  • Flush Mount: They are also called hugger or low profile ceiling fans. These are ideal for rooms with low ceilings which have less than the recommended eight feet height.

  • Outdoor: these fans are made with moisture-resistant parts that allow them to withstand varying degrees of exposure to the elements. This makes them suitable for installation in damp or wet areas.

  • With Lights: Such fans come with the combined comfort of a ceiling fan with the necessity of lamps to illuminate and cool down your rooms simultaneously.

  • With Remote Controls: Accessorized with a smart remote controller, these fans make it easy for you to change the speed and direction of your ceiling fan which sitting in your couch.

Different styles of ceiling fans

  • Contemporary: these fans are designed for modern houses. They are available in various designs and finishes to complement your home’s décor.

  • Tropical: they feature unique blades designed to resemble luscious tree leaves found in tropical locations. These are ideal to give your house a holiday and a beach house feel.

Below is a comparison table for the top designer fans reviewed in this article. It shall help you choose the right one for your needs.

Product NameBlade
Orient Electric

Budget friendly
No2 yearsCheck Price
Havells Nicola
Low-cost + wide colour options
No2 yearsCheck Price
Orient Electric

Wooden finish blades + 5-star rated by BEE
No2 yearsCheck Price
Crompton Uranus
Premium gold finish + 3 lamps
No2 yearsCheck Price
Orient Electric
Aerostorm Premium

Aircraft-like wings + spiral design
No2 yearsCheck Price
Orient Electric
Subaris Underlight

Supports reverse rotation + 4 lamps + wooden finish blades
No2 yearsCheck Price
Crompton Greaves

Antique look + 4 lamps + metallic finish blades
No2 yearsCheck Price
Usha Fontana

Antique look + 4 lamps + wide-tip blades
No1 yearCheck Price
Orient Electric
Aeroslim Smart

Unique slim design + saves maximum power + smart fan + remote control
Yes2 yearsCheck Price

Aesthetic look + 8 wooden finish blades + remote control
Yes2 yearsCheck Price
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This ceiling fan is brought to you by Orient, which has been providing quality electrical products to the customers for a long time.

The Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan is a stylish and smartly designed 3-blade fan to give your room a new look.

The blade trims are engineered for better air circulation and the metallic finished colour combination adds to your home décor.

The motor is fully made of copper which makes the fan’s rotation silent and powerful.

It consumes 70 Watts of power and delivers 230 CMM of air.

The sweep size of the fan is 1200 mm with 320 RPM.

The metallic finish is coated with a lacquer coating to give the fan a longer life.

Although this fan comes with decent features, the company doesn’t provide any remote for its regulation. So yes, that’s a minus.

But, if you want a simple yet stylish fan for your room or office, this fan is a suitable option.

The company provides 2 years warranty and free installation on the product.

The fan comes in four attractive colours- azure blue silver, metallic black gold, topaz gold brown, and pearl white walnut.

The next designer fan on our list is also a 3-blade ceiling fan having an attractive design to complement your interiors.

Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan has an extraordinary finish to its look that it sits perfectly for room interiors.

The company offers four stunning colour combinations to the customers- gold mist-copper, pearl ivory-gold, pearl white silver, and bronze-copper. You can choose from these colours which get well along with your interiors.

The fan is designed smartly with trims on the blades to perform well during hotter days.

The motor consumes 68 Watts power and works on 220-240 Volts.

Although the standard sweep size is 1200 mm there are other options available too- 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1400mm.

The air delivery is 225 CMM and speed is 350 RPM.

The company offers 2 years warranty on the product but doesn’t provide any installation services.

The canopy design of this fan makes it unique and perfect for any settings.

The motor is powerful enough to sweep air through a standard sized room of 65 x 100 square feet.

Although it doesn’t come with any remote controller or additional lights, the company provides a great deal for the customers- this fan comes in a pack of two!

So if you’re looking forward to renovating your house, this deal would be the best for you to take.

Orient has brought another designer fan which suits just perfect with your home décor.

Orient Electric Joan Ceiling Fan has a totally new and innovative design which will surely attract your eyes.

Offering two colours of this model (walnut pearl white and pinewood metallic brown), the company makes sure that the users get a classy design and a cooling appliance in a proper budget.

The motor is made of copper and the body is coated with lacquer for a longer lifespan.

It uses 50 Watts power to give proper cooling.

Air delivery is 210 CMM and RPM is 320 along with sweep size of 1200 mm.

With pretty much standard features, this fan comes with some exclusive features too.

It has a double ball bearing for smooth & noiseless operation.

The advanced technology ensures sustained air flow under fluctuating voltages and hence, there are fewer chances for the fan to face any issues.

One important point to mention is the ratings this fan has got from the BEE - 5 stars! It means that this fan is a very good choice as it saves energy and performs very well.

The company provides 2 years warranty ensuring the safety and proper working of your appliance.

The Crompton Uranus ceiling fan is made with utmost care and precision.

It is designed to deliver noise-free results while giving a posh look and feel to your room.

The looks are great and the fan is outlined with Gold finish shanks on all its 4 blades and decorative canopies.

The motor is wonderfully designed to consume 72 Watts power and offer optimum airflow across the room.

Along with this, you would be happy to install this fan in your room because it adequately diminishes the power utilization and guarantees negligible electricity bills.

Another great factor about this fan is that it has a quiet air delivery with 320 RPM and 1200 mm sweep size.

However, the air delivery is a bit lower (200 CMM) than the other fans on the list.

The company offers three colours- black, silver, and ivory and 2 years warranty on the product.

The lampshades also provide the convenience of a pull cord for speed and light control.

With magnificent lampshades and designer blades, this fan is sure to add elegance to your room.

Another fan on the list is Orient Electric Aerostorm Premium Ceiling Fan which is an exciting combination of style and engineering.

We used the term “engineering” because it has an advanced 3D aerodynamic profiled blade design which ensures the maximum spread of air and silent operation.

The blades are designed uniquely with the winglet technology which helps in minimizing the vortex, thereby delivering higher air thrust.

The canopy is spirally designed.

The blades are made of specially engineered high-grade compounded glass-filled ABS material for higher durability.

It makes the blades completely rust free, which is a fair requirement for household fans.

The technical specifications include an 18-pole heavy motor with double ball bearing for silent operation and 75 Watts power consumption.

The sweep size is 1320 mm which is fairly larger than other fans.

The RPM is 300 and the fan comes with 5 different manual speed settings.

Air circulation is up to 300 CMM.

The fan has a high gloss premium PU paint finish which makes it suitable for your house.

It comes in two colours- white, and charcoal grey.

The company provides 2 years warranty on the product.

With totally new and innovative features, this fan is a powerful product by the company, and certainly a good buy.

The Orient Electric Subaris Fan is the first 5-blade fan on this list.

These 5 blades are made of aluminium and given a premium quality wooden, natural copper & brass finish that gives the feel of a high profile house.

The attached lampshades resemble Italian design and would look incredibly elegant in your room.

A unique feature of this fan is that it comes with a reversible motor which allows you to adjust the rotation of the blades to reverse the airflow. This is the first thing you’d want during summers and winters to keep the room cold or warm accordingly.

The motor also comes with a double ball bearing for smooth and noiseless operation.

Consuming 80 watts power, the fan circulates air at the rate of 270 RPM with a sweep size of 1300 mm on a standard operating voltage of 200-240 Volts.

Why this fan is different from other fans is what it basically stands for - its design.

The elegantly crafted aluminium blades in Oakwood finish add to its overall beauty and make it an ideal choice for any home setting. The shanks are hand moulded and make it more stylish.

The company offers 2 years warranty on this elite product and with 2 colours- antique copper and antique brass.

The fan has 5-speed settings but it is only suitable if you have an alternative for cooling your room, like a cooler or AC as the RPM is comparatively lower.

Another masterpiece from Crompton Greaves, this fan is a desirable combination of four lampshades with 5-blades along with pull cord convenience.

The detailed carvings and an antique metallic finish on the blades and centre are like the cherry on the top.

The company offers three colours- silver, brass, and gold- all of them look amazingly royal and are sure to give the same feeling to your home.

The technical specifications of Crompton Greaves Jupiter Ceiling Fan are pretty much standard.

The motor consumes 75 Watts to give the RPM of 300 and minimum air delivery of 210 CMM.

The blade size is 1200 mm.

It comes with 2 years warranty and no installation support from the company.

With common specifications and outstanding looks, this fan is a good choice for a standard room size of 65 x 100 square feet and classic interior of your room.

The Usha Fontana Maple Ceiling Fan looks quite similar to the above fan.

The exciting feature about this fan is its high gloss electroplated motor with removable under-lights.

The company provides a single colour in this model- antique brass (black) which suits most interiors and would look perfect if you install it in your living room.

The technical specifications include 70 Watts consuming motor, which is also capable of performing well at low voltages.

The air delivery is of 205 CMM and RPM of 300.

Sweep size is 1250 mm to cover a larger area of the room.

The company provides a 1-year warranty on the fan.

What makes this fan better than the other ones? It’s because with the range it comes in, the features are worth paying for.

3 speed pull cord control for speed regulation, high permeability grade electric steel lamination to increase its life, and wide tip blades for high air delivery and air spread, are some other appreciable features.

The Orient Electric Aeroslim Smart Premium Ceiling Fan is an elite and stylish 3-blade fan designed especially for homes.

It has a super-efficient inverter motor which consumes only 45 Watts power and saves 40% energy.

It pairs easily with smart devices like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant.

Although it comes with a remote, you can also operate it by Orient Smart Application.

Multiple fans can be controlled with the same app.

The blades are 100% rust-free made of high-grade glass filled ABS which gives high durability.

Their design is aerodynamically planned to give high thrust and air delivery with low air-cutting sound.

The sweep size is 1200 mm, air delivery 240 CMM and RPM of 310.

It performs well even on voltage fluctuations.

The Aeroslim fan goes well with modern as well as traditional interior designs.

The colours are sober, yet impart the style quotient you are looking for. It comes in three colours- white, champagne brown, and marble white.

The smoothly diffused light can be dimmed as per your eye comfort.

The fan has a seamless design and is finished with high gloss premium paint or hydrographic finishing.

The company provides a 2-year warranty on the product.

Overall, a great offering packed with modern design and smart features in the premium ceiling fans category.

The last recommendation on our list is Havells Octet Ceiling Fan which has 8-blades to circulate the air in the entire length of the room.

With an aesthetic look and antique flair, these blades are finished to give a wooden appearance.

The powerful motor performs well on the standard voltage and consumes 88 Watts.

A uniquely designed canopy enhances the look of the fan and enables you to firmly and easily mount the fan on the ceiling.

The sweep size of the fan is fairly large- 1320 mm and minimum air circulation is 280 CMM.

The RPM is 290.

It comes with s smart remote controller with four different speed modes.

The company provides two colours for this model- brushed nickel and walnut-black nickel.

It comes with 2 years of warranty.

This fan is a good choice to decorate your room and enhance the look of your interiors.

After reviewing this huge list of fans, it is surely tough to trim our choices to just one fan. Don’t worry, we have done the work for you.

You need to decide the purpose of buying a fan.

If it’s just for your home décor, go for the fan which has a posh appearance and would boost up the charm of your room. Like -

If you’re not much concerned about the looks, but belief in performance, go for the fans which have higher specifications and provide great cooling. Like -

These fans have higher RPM and sweep size to cover larger areas.

Some of them even consume very less power and perform exactly the same as others, keeping your monthly electric bills in line with your budget.

Hence, it all depends on your purpose.

If you still have some confusion, you can go back to the comparison table mentioned earlier. It will allow you to compare the crucial features of these fans side by side.

Hope this article helped you in choosing the perfect designer fan for your home.

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