Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaners in India

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Vacuum cleaners are a huge gift from mankind to itself. Cleaning homes doesn’t seem a burden now like it did before.

But if you’re a regular user, you might be getting sick of replacing vacuum bags every now and then. And they increase the workload as you can’t pull them out without making a mess. These refills aren’t even cheap.

New trends have introduced bagless vacuum cleaners which can save you from the hassle.

What are bagless vacuum cleaners?

A bagged vacuum cleaner uses a replaceable bag as a filter to trap dirt. It allows the air to pass through it. But it is necessary to replace the bags when they get filled.

While the bagless vacuum cleaners don’t have such bags, they use filters to trap dirt in a dirt cup or chamber which you can easily empty.

What are the benefits of having a bagless vacuum cleaner?

There are many reasons for buying a bagless vacuum cleaner over a bagged one.

They are easier to use, clean and maintain, and don’t need stocking up on (and running out of) replacement bags.

We have broken down the most common benefits that come along with bagless vacuum cleaners.

  • Cheaper than others

    A bagless vacuum cleaner is less expensive to operate and maintain than the bagged vacuum cleaner.

    The chamber on a bagless model can be emptied again and lasts for the entire life of the machine.

    So you don’t have to buy new bags again and again like for regular vacuum cleaners.

  • Can easily be emptied

    The clear chambers on bagless vacuum cleaners make it easy to see when the machine needs to be emptied out.

    You would also know whether your vacuum cleaner is working as effectively as it should be. And whether it is gathering dirt properly or not.

    Although the fuller the unit gets, the less efficient it will become for picking up dirt and debris.

    Hence, it should be emptied frequently.

  • Eco-friendly

    These vacuum cleaners are a more environmentally friendly option than the bagged ones.

    The bagged vacuum cleaners consume countless bags during their lifetime, but with a bagless model, you won’t be throwing anything non-biodegradable away along with your dirt.

  • Popular option

    Human beings always welcome innovations and technologies which reduce their work and give better results.

    Hence, bagless vacuum cleaners have become the latest trend in the market as you don’t have to buy bags to use the appliance.

    It’s also easier to dispose of the dirt and debris, and if you accidentally vacuum up something valuable, you can simply open up the chamber to retrieve the item.

We have reviewed the best of bagless vacuums for you choose amongst them.

Although every user has separate preferences, we are sure you will find the perfect bagless vacuum cleaner from our list.

I've compiled the important parameters of the top bagless vacuum cleaners available in the market right now into a tabular format. This shall help you to pick the right one for your needs.

Product NamePower RatingCord LengthWarranty
Osmon OS 800BL
Low-price + powerful
800 Watt5.0 meters1 yearCheck Price
Bissell Aero
Vac 2-in-1

600 Watt4.5 meters1 yearCheck Price
KENT Wizard Cyclonic
Makes very less noice
1200 Watt4.5 meters1 yearCheck Price
Black & Decker
VH780 Multi-Use

12 accessories + longest cord
780 Watt6.0 meter1 yearCheck Price
Osmon OS 1400BL
Multi-cyclonic technology + automatic cord winding
1400 Watt5.5 meter1 yearCheck Price
Black & Decker VM2825
Most powerful + 6-stage filtration + automatic cord winding
2000 Watt5.0 meter1 yearCheck Price
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The first product on our list is brought to us by Osmon.

With a very different design and technology, this bagless vacuum cleaner is highly customizable and perfect for all your cleaning needs.

By customizable, we mean that you can turn it from a stick vacuum to a hand vacuum, or to a stair vacuum and back again.

The capture nozzle is designed to absorb even the larger particles very efficiently instead of pushing them around.

Whether the dust is between the couch cushions or under the seats of your car, the crevice tool sucks it all.

It has a permanent, washable filter and removable dust cup to make cleaning very easy for you.

Making your work even easier, is its cord length of 16 feet which allows you to clean from wall to wall.

Its weight is less than 2 kg, which means that you can carry it easily around your house and use it as whatever you like.

The powerful 800 Watts motor and XL dust cup ensure that your work gets done faster without having to dispose of the dirt again and again.

The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product.

Another bagless vacuum cleaner is Bissell Aero Vac 2-in-1 bagless stick vacuum cleaner.

Bissell is a 140-year-old USA based company giving promising products to its customers.

So is this vacuum cleaner.

It effectively cleans both soft surfaces like carpets and hard surfaces like floors, table tops.

You can use it as a long stick cleaner for regular surfaces as well as a corded handheld cleaner for corners and places that are tough to reach.

A super cool feature of this cleaner is cyclonic action with micro-particle filtration to clean your home with precision.

The weight of this cleaner is around 2 kgs which is extremely less and makes it easy to move around.

Also, its compact design and small size make it is easy to store.

The design is very attractive and it comes in a decent grey colour.

The motor is powerful and works on 600 Watts.

The company offers a 1-year warranty on this cleaner.

KENT Wizard Vacuum Cleaner is another smart choice to go for.

It is because of the advanced cyclonic technology which it is equipped with.

It cleans the place very smoothly and gives you spotless surroundings.

The FOAM filters reduce air pollution and ensure that dust doesn’t spread much in the room.

Another great feature of this cleaner is its noise cancellation. It is designed in such a way that it doesn’t make any noise and hence, doesn’t disturb other activities.

This vacuum cleaner has a strong suction force to efficiently clean the area and keep it dust-free.

Its weight is 7.20 kg hence, it is a bit heavy to move.

But it operates at 1200 Watts and gives ultimate cleanliness to your room.

Black and Decker VH780 780-Watt Multi-Use Vacuum and Blower is one of the best cleaning appliances you can have for your home.

This bagless vacuum cleaner comes with 12 accessories for maximum cleaning.

These accessories include- crevice tool, fabric brush, 3 blower attachments, carpet glide, 3 suction attachments, 3 pieces plastic tube and hose assembly.

The accessories ensure cleaning of every corner in the house, whether it is reachable or not reachable.

The powerful 780 Watt motor creates a strong suction force and gives better cleaning.

The cyclonic performance ensures long-lasting suction for effective cleaning of all dust and debris including the stubborn ones.

The vacuum capacity of 370 ml gives you the comfort of cleaning your house without interruption for longer durations.

The vacuum and blower clean the dust from every corner with the airflow power of 1900 l/m.

Some great features include the clogging indicator which helps in maintaining clean filters and ensures optimal performance of the vacuum.

The cleaner also can be used for inflating mattresses and rafts, hence, saving your money and giving full value to it.

It also cleans the car seats and vacuums all hair and fur from your seats and sofa in minimal time.

The company provides a 1-year warranty on this product.

Another bagless vacuum cleaner from Osmon, it has the multi-cyclonic technology with HEPA filter to suck the stubborn dust and dirt very effectively.

The specialized hard floor turbine foot gives effective cleaning to the floors as it picks up the dirt, fur and debris while being gentle on your floor.

It comes with a fairly long power cord length of 18 feet.

And when you’re finished, the cord automatically rewinds with a push of a button.

The metal telescoping allows you to clean around under furniture and reach areas like drapes and ceilings.

The technical specifications include a powerful motor of 1400 Watts and it operates on 220-240 volts.

The dirt tank is very easy to open and clean and ensures the no-mess disposal of waste.

The compact design and lightweight ensures its easy carrying around the house.

The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product.

This another bagless vacuum cleaner from Black & Decker the best one yet in terms of performance, durability and value for money.

It has a large floor head for maximum floor coverage and a compact design that saves the storage space.

The canister for collecting dust has a translucent design and one-touch quick empty feature gives convenient cleaning.

The dust bowl has 1.8 litres capacity.

One extraordinary feature of this vacuum is 6 cyclonic dust separation technology which accelerates the airflow into a swirling cyclonic motion and forces the dust to separate out before they reach the filter.

It keeps the suction strong and consistent throughout the vacuuming.

6-stage filtration gives effective cleaning and long-lasting performance.

Another great feature of this vacuum is the stainless steel telescopic tube with a cleaning radius of 5 meters.

The crevice tool and furniture brush give versatility to the product and you can clean your computer keyboard, television and any other electronic gadget easily.

It operates on 2000 watts powerful motor at 210-250 volts.

The company gives a 1-year warranty on the vacuum cleaner.

From the above comparison, it is quite clear that every bagless vacuum cleaner is good and comes with many features.

Although it is tough to recommend only one of them.

But if you regularly vacuum your house, Black & Decker VM2825 and Osmon OS 1400BL are recommended.

A powerful motor with extensive features and accessories make them an economic purchase for your home. Their features provide great value to your money and you would be satisfied with the company and the product’s performance.

However, if you use the vacuum occasionally, means it isn’t much necessary for you to buy a wholesome product. Then you can go with any of the remaining items.

They come at modest prices and provide the same cleaning as each other. Although their features are somewhat limited, there is no compromise in their performances.

Still not sure which bagless vacuum fits your needs? Revisit the comparison chart to compare their features side-by-side. This will probably give you a clearer picture.

I hope my research on bagless vacuum cleaner market in India helped you in identifying the right one for your needs.

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