Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners in India

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Gone are the days when we used heavy and bulky vacuum cleaners to clean our homes.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are the new help to us to clean our homes more conveniently.

Where large vacuums can’t reach due to their size and weight, a handheld vacuum does all your work with a brilliant performance.

Advantages of using a handheld vacuum cleaner

  • Enough power - Nowadays, handheld vacuum cleaners come with powerful suction to give you effective cleaning with good performance and higher amperage motors.

    This is an advantage over cleaners with a canister which have high power but are heavy enough to carry everywhere.

  • Compact size - The highest advantage of having a vacuum cleaner is that it comes in a compact size which is easy to handle and store.

    It is even more beneficial for small spaces and cabinets where other cleaners won’t go.

  • Lightweight build - The best thing about these vacuum cleaners is their light weight and handheld feature.

    You don’t have to carry big canisters to every room, you can do your cleaning very easily and effectively.

  • Simple usage - With no big manuals or complicated settings, these vacuum cleaners are very simple and easy to use.

    Since they are both compact and lightweight, they are easy to use, which makes them a perfect accessory for use by people of almost all ages.

  • Fast cleanups - These cleaners complete the task in just one go and you don’t have to perform any other operations.

  • Reaches hard-to-get areas - With full-sized vacuum cleaners, it is not possible to clean every surface or to reach the hard-to-get areas.

    With handheld cleaners, it is possible to clean the homes from every corner and keeping it clean from any dust and germs.

  • Versatility - These cleaners are not limited to collect dust from stairs, carpets, computer keyboards, dashboard, etc.

    The extra accessories they come with help in cleaning almost every surface and floor to clean your house properly from 1 to 0.

  • Cost effective - These cleaners are not only highly featured for proper home cleaning, but also come in the very affordable price range.

    These are generally lower priced than other kinds of vacuum cleaners.

Disadvantages of a handheld vacuum cleaner

  • Maintenance - With all new accessories and features, these devices perform really well but require comparatively higher maintenance.

    Their dirt chamber and capacity is lower than average vacuum cleaners. Hence, proper cleaning needs to be done for proper cleaning ability.

  • Battery - These vacuum cleaners are mostly cordless. Hence, they require batteries for running properly and are not suitable for longer cleaning abilities.

  • Prone to damage - As they are portable, they are easily prone to damage or accidents at home as they are portable and can be kept anywhere.

A handheld vacuum cleaner is typically a smaller and portable version of the traditional vacuum cleaner. It is very easy to use and versatile just like the traditional ones.

We have reviewed some of the best handheld vacuums for you. Read on to get to know more about them.

To make your purchase decision easier, I've made a table which will allow you to compare the specifications of the handheld vacuum cleaners listed in this article.

Product NameMotorSuction
Eureka Forbes
Super Clean

Cleans both wet & dry surfaces + 7 accessories
0.50 L5.0
1 yearCheck Price
Black & Decker

Budget-friendly + highest dust capacity + 5 accessories
0.90 L5.0
1 yearCheck Price
Eureka Forbes
Easy Clean Plus

Good suction power + long cord + 7 accessories
0.50 L5.5
1 yearCheck Price

Highest suction power + very low noise + 3 accessories
0.50 L4.0
1 yearCheck Price
Black & Decker

most lightweight (1.5 kg) + longest cord + 12 accessories
0.37 L6.0
1 yearCheck Price
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Eureka Forbes handheld vacuum is the first on our list.

The company has always worked towards convenient and efficient services, and hence they have brought this vacuum cleaner to us.

This handheld vacuum has a powerful 800 watts suction force which cleans up the house very efficiently.

The great part about it is that it cleans both dry and wet surfaces to create a clean surrounding.

The powerful suction makes it capable of removing deep embedded dust and dirt from the upholstery and make it spotless.

Along with a powerful motor, this vacuum comes with a strong air flow measuring 14 litres/second.

The cord length of 15 feet makes it good enough to reach for farther places so that you can clean the house easily.

This handheld vacuum has a lightweight design accounting for 2.5 kg which makes it easy to handle and to store.

It comes with a shoulder strap and a dust cup with a capacity of 0.5 litres for easy cleaning and dust disposal.

The suction power is 1600 mmWC and the vacuum comes with accessories to suit the varied needs.

The company provides a 1-year warranty.

Black and Decker come again but with a handheld vacuum cleaner this time.

VH-801 is a classic handheld vacuum cleaner which comes with high performance, durability and value for the money you’ll invest.

It features both, vacuum and blower functions.

The blower allows you to blow out the dust from confined spaces.

The 800-watt motor delivers a powerful and impressive performance and cleans up all the dirt and debris within a short time.

The wash bowl has a see-through facility so you’ll be able to remove and clean it whenever necessary.

To make it easy to hold, it is designed to weigh less than 2 kg.

It also comes with a shoulder strap which helps you carry the vacuum cleaner anywhere.

The capacity of dust bowl is 900 ml so you can collect the dust while you vacuum.

The cable is 5 meters long and the suction power 1430 mm of WC makes it efficient for perfect cleaning of the house.

You can also use it for multiple surfaces like a bed, sofa, car floor and upholstery, etc.

The company provides a 1-year warranty.

The Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus Vacuum Cleaner is another great handheld vacuum on the list.

The light weight of this cleaner (1.8 kg) makes it portable and very easy to carry.

You can easily store this vacuum as it has a compact shape and design.

The shoulder strap makes it even easier to carry and do the cleaning so you don’t have to drag it everywhere.

The powerful motor is of 800 watts and performs both functions, suction and blower.

The suction power is 1600 mmWC and the power cord length is 5 meter (approximately 18 feet).

The dust bowl can collect dust up to 500 ml.

It gives the ease of easily carrying around the vacuum without much load of the dust collected.

It also comes with multiple accessories to provide convenience for effective cleaning.

The company offers a 1-year warranty on this cleaner.

RNG EKO Green Compact Vacuum Cleaner is a unique handheld vacuum in this list which has a professional 800 watts multi cyclone system.

This strong suction power creates a strong 16 KPA (1630 mmWC) force to suck the dirt and debris in and clean the surface.

Its compact size and unique design make it stand out from all other vacuums.

It has a four level filtration system along with an easily removable and washable dust cup which has the capacity to collect dust up to 0.5 litres.

The HEPA filter and sponge filter are also there for better performance.

The 4-metre long wire assists in cleaning small and confined spaces.

The cleaner weighs 1-2 kg and makes it easy for you to carry it around anywhere and store it.

It is also very low in making noise (less than 75 DB) and hence, no one gets interrupted.

This vacuum cleaner comes with accessories like main floor brush, extension tube and crevice nozzle brush connector to clean the dust more effectively.

You can also use it to clean your car and couch.

The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product.

Black and Decker VH780 780-Watt Multi-Use Vacuum and Blower is another handheld vacuum cleaner on the list.

It comes with 12 accessories for maximum cleaning which ensure proper cleaning of every corner in the house, whether it is reachable or not reachable.

It has a powerful 780 Watt motor which creates a strong suction force and gives better cleaning.

The cyclonic performance ensures long-lasting suction for effective cleaning of all dust and debris.

The dust capacity is 370 ml which gives the comfort of cleaning your house without interruption for longer durations.

The vacuum and blower clean the dust from every corner with the airflow power of 1900 l/m and suction power of 750 watts.

It also comes with some exclusive features which include the clogging indicator which helps in maintaining clean filters and ensures optimal performance of the vacuum.

The cleaner also can be used for inflating mattresses and rafts, hence, saving your money and giving full value to it.

It is also used for multiple purposes like cleaning the car seats and vacuuming all hair and fur from your sofa.

The company provides a 1-year warranty on this product.

So, which one should you go for?

All the vacuum cleaner we mentioned above are good at some points but lack some other features.

So the first thing you need to do is decide which features are essential for you to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner.

From the above list, Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus and RNG EKO Green are highly recommended as they both share similar features and designs.

The motor, dust capacity and the suction power are almost the same with a 1-year warranty on both of them. Though, they both differ considerably in their prices.

Other than these, if you want a good vacuum cleaner for multi-purpose work, the rest three are very good and fall under a similar price range.

Although they differ slightly in either their dust capacity or suction power, all of them are good choices to buy for homes.

To compare the features of these handheld vacuum cleaners, you can revisit the comparison table shared earlier. This shall ease your buying decision.

I hope this write-up helped you in selecting the right handheld vacuum for your household cleaning chores.

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