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Are you doing enough cleaning of your house and still find it dirty in no time? Do you find it disgusting looking at unnecessary filth and dirt all around your house and working area?

It's time for you to get rid of all the disturbing thoughts along with the specks of dust. You need a good vacuum cleaner for the purpose. And yes, you've come to the right place.

Here, I've discussed the top 5 vacuum cleaners to pick from.

Before you make a choice about the best-suited product for yourself, you'll need to know about the factors that are going to determine the grounds of your choice.

The expected use of a vacuum cleaner depends on a customer's particular requirements and specific conditions.

What to look for in vacuum cleaners?

The various factors governing the usability of a vacuum cleaner are:

  • Suction power - It's the strength with which the cleaner sucks the dirt into the machine. High suction power is required if you have a lot of floor mats or carpet materials spread around in the area.

  • Capacity - It is a measure of the cleaning ability of a vacuum cleaner. Higher the capacity, better the cleaning ability.

  • Filtration - It's the kind of filter used to eliminate the small particulate matter. Nowadays, vacuum cleaners are equipped with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, which are capable of eliminating up to 0.3 microns of dirt particles.

  • Noise level - Noise produced during the operation of the machine can be highly disturbing to people around.

  • With bag / bagless - Bagless vacuum cleaners can cut down the cost but may require more filters that need periodic cleaning. The dust while emptying the bin of a bagless cleaner can be troublesome if you have allergies or asthma.

  • Wattage - It indicates the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner. Higher the wattage, higher is the power consumed while using it.

  • Warranty - This may be a secondary factor to some but it certainly boosts the confidence of the customer in the product.

  • Cost price - If you have a thick budget, well and good. But, if you've got to go economically down this way, you'd want to consider the cleaners at a lower cost.

Listed below, are 5 vacuum cleaners that I've found to be the best amongst all available in the market. They do not only best serve their purpose as a vacuum cleaner but can also function as a blower.

  1. Inalsa Spruce 1200W Vacuum Cleaner

  2. American Micronic AMI-VC1-10Dx 1000W Vacuum Cleaner

  3. Panasonic MC-CG303R14C 1400W Vacuum Cleaner

  4. Karcher WD-3 1000W Vacuum Cleaner

  5. American Micronic AMI-VCD21-1600WDx 1600W Vacuum Cleaner

Let us see a quick comparison between the prime features of these vacuum cleaners.

Product NameSuction
Dust BagWarranty

Budget-friendly + 2 years warranty
Reusable2 yearsCheck Price

Better filtration (3-stage) than Inalsa Spruce
Reusable1 yearCheck Price

Highest suction power + 5 metre long cord
Reusable1 yearCheck Price

Most economical wet-dry vacuum cleaner
1 yearCheck Price

Most powerful + HEPA filter + highest capacity + 5 metre long cord
Reusable1 yearCheck Price
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Besides these prime specifications, there are a number of other exclusive provisions with the above vacuum cleaners.

Let’s see each of them, one by one.

This vacuum cleaner promises to eliminate all the dry debris and dust particles from your house.

It has a powerful motor of 1200W. Its suction power is remarkable.

It is capable of cleaning up even the filthiest of foot-mats and carpets in a maximum of 5 minutes’ time period.

And it will take you less than an hour to clean up your entire house, with no residual dirt. It is fitted with a reusable cloth bag filter, so there is no need of replacing it with a new one.

As soon as the bag is filled up or if the passage is blocked by large debris, the indicator goes red, so you know how to take care of it.

It is also equipped with a Temperature Overheat Protector to prevent its overheating.

Now, I would like to state some of the common problems associated with this product.

Firstly, it comes with a blower function, too, which is not very efficient in its use. So, if you’re looking for a good blower, this might not be the best option for you.

Also, the plastic of the product is of average quality and hence it may be etched with scratches pretty easily. The other problem is the quick rate of heating up of the product, so you might have to take breaks while using it.

Overall, considering its nice suction power at the most affordable cost price, it’s a decent product to go for.

This is one of the classy products available, by the American Micronic.

It has a sexy design and can be appealing by its outlook, itself.

This vacuum cleaner promises to deliver a good suction power for quick cleaning and within a decent budget.

It has a three-stage filtration process, which makes sure that the air being sucked in that is filled with all the microscopic dust particles, is clean enough before being released back out.

This ensures a hygienic environment around every time it is employed in cleaning.

It comes with a dust bag, made of non-woven fabric with a capacity of 2L, which is more than enough to capture the dry debris from all over your house. And the dust bag is removable, reusable and washable which adds to its advantage.

Also, the dust bag full indicator goes red in time for the bag to be emptied.

Its other attachments include extension pipes, flexible hose, floor cum carpet brush, upholstery nozzle for coaxing dust from sofas, chairs, etc. and a crevice nozzle to get into the tight spots such as the corners.

But, as you might also expect, it does not come with a blower function.

That is one of its shortcomings over other vacuum cleaners.

It comes with a 4m long cord, which may not be a sufficient length for cleaning at a greater distance such as the spider-webs on the ceilings of the room.

Also, it is inclined to produce quite a noise while its operation, which may be problematic for people around and even the neighbors, next door.

All in all, this product provides value for money, in my opinion. It delivers the best at a reasonable price.

This cute looking dry vacuum cleaner is compact, lightweight and a durable product.

It is portable, easy to use and can be conveniently stored in a small space.

It features eco-power and thus, saves energy.

It comes with a jaw-dropping suction power as well as an efficient blower function. Both of these functions complementarily deliver outstanding performance.

It has a controller for suction power. You can operate it in high suction or low suction mode as and when desired.

The high suction mode, although, contributes to a noisier operation, which may be pretty troublesome for some.

The blower function is very effective, on the other hand, and it is used to extract out the dust from some of the unworkable hidden spots, only to be sucked in, later, from the open area.

Its long operating cord with a length of 5m is supportive in tempting the dirt out at long distances.

It is fitted with a reusable dust bag of 1.2 L capacity, which is not sufficient enough for regular household cleaning.

This turns out to be a little disadvantage of the product.

The small dust bag fills up very soon and needs to be emptied before further use and cleaning the dust bag so often turns out to be a real chore.

But, its other bright features override this small defect and make it a recommended product in the given price range.

This one is a highly recommended vacuum cleaner in the dry and wet vacuum cleaners category.

It has a compact design and is very versatile in its use.

It is a highly efficient product that delivers a remarkable cleaning performance, accumulating both the dry and wet debris in its high capacity container of 17 litres.

It is a super powerful device capable of engulfing, possibly, all kinds of wastes that may be generated.

Its suction power is amazing which attributes to the last statement.

It has a special cartridge filter that enables you to collect both wet and dry wastes without the need of replacing the filter for them, separately.

It has a paper filter bag which may be a bit of problem since it needs to be changed after it is filled with dust.

The dust bag, thus, is non-reusable and you need to buy a new one to replace it.

Also, another small disadvantage could be its short cord length of 4m.

But, in any case, its efficiency in working does supersede every small drawback.

It also has some extravagant features including the pull and push locking system, accessory storage, blower function, and ergonomic carrying handle, which increase its worth in the given price range.

This wet and dry vacuum cleaner comes with a sleek stainless steel exterior which makes it a highly attractive piece.

It has a great suction power capable of sucking up both liquid messes and solid dirt easily.

It comes with a HEPA – High-Efficiency Particulate Air - filtration system which is useful in extracting even the minutest of dust particles that may cause allergens.

It also provides for a tank drain system for easy drainage of the wet debris collected.

And, as you might guess, it is equipped with a blower function, too, which is also highly efficient and helps in pulling out dirt from unreachable spots.

The only small defect that you might find in this one is in the form of a warning which is to be careful while using the device as the steel body of the device may attain static charge after its use for a short while, which may be dangerous for children, if around.

Besides this, it is a highly useful product and highly recommended in the wet and dry vacuum cleaners category.

What is the best choice for you?

After getting acquainted with the variety of options available, you still want some personal recommendations based on your requirements and conditions, specifically, then, here you are:

If you have a thick budget and are looking for a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, then I recommend you to go for-

If you have a moderately decent budget and are looking for eminent features in a dry vacuum cleaner, then you are recommended to go for-

If you have a low budget and are looking for just the basic features in a dry vacuum cleaner that would meet the primary requirements, then go for-

Still unsure about which vacuum cleaner to go for? Revisit the comparison chart mentioned earlier.

Hopefully this article helped you in choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your home.

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