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Vacuum cleaners are not just a luxury, in fact, a necessity for clean homes and surroundings.

They not only catch and trap the dust and dirt from the environment but also give a healthy and cleaner home to you.

There are many types of vacuum cleaners in the market, made solely for different purposes.

Therefore, before making the final decision on which vacuum cleaner to buy, ensure that you have a clear idea of the types and utilities.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from bagged or bagless, handheld, canister or wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

For carpets at your home, you should go for upholstery vacuum cleaners.

Similarly, canister vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning stairs and hardwood floors.

Handheld vacuums are made for lighter tasks and also the places that are hard to reach.

Why Kent vacuum cleaners?

Kent provides the best vacuum cleaners which are equipped with HEPA technology to remove dust and other indoor air pollutants.

It doesn’t let the dust trapped in collector go back into the atmosphere, which is a unique feature not found in any conventional vacuum cleaners.

These vacuums use cyclonic technology with a high-efficiency motor and a bagless system to give a stronger suction force and better air dynamics for bet performance and spotless cleaning.

These cleaners use powerful UV light disinfection system to kill or neutralize bacteria, viruses and dust mites from flat surfaces like a bed, sofa, carpets, etc.

These cleaners have the widest service network across the nation with 1500+ service partners and Pan-India coverage.

These services and features provided by Kent make its vacuum cleaners most efficient and reliable ones.

What to look for in vacuum cleaners?

There are a few things which you should look for while buying a vacuum cleaner for your home.

  • Bagged vs bagless: The traditional bagged vacuum cleaners are now being replaced by bagless vacuum cleaners.

    This means that you won’t have to buy and replace the bag inside your vacuum cleaner. You’ll just need to empty the dust collector and wash it out occasionally.

    The bagged vacuum cleaners collect everything in a disposable bag, but as it gets filled up, the suction reduces a bit.

    It also becomes difficult to buy new bags every time and to keep up with the outdated models of the vacuum cleaner.

  • Weight: Gone are the times when you had to carry or push heavy vacuum cleaners around the house to clean.

    Fortunately, vacuum cleaners nowadays are designed to weigh less and give more ease to the user.

    Upright vacuum cleaners weigh the most and canister ones weigh moderately.

    The cordless and stick vacuum cleaners are the lightest in weight.

  • Brush roll: the presence or absence of a brush roll on a vacuum cleaner determines the type of flooring it is best suited for.

    Vacuums with no brush are good for hardwood floors or tiled floors as the stiff fibres of the roll may scratch the flooring.

    For plush carpeted floors, the vacuums with brush rolls are good as it gently agitates the carpet fibres to lift surface level dirt along with the debris at deeper layers.

    The vacuum cleaners with brush rolls and a switch to them on or off are the best to buy for multi-surface flooring.

  • Filter: Vacuum cleaners are equipped with a filtration system to trap fine particles of dust and bacteria.

    Some filters are washable, hence, affordable and easy-to-maintain.

    Other filters are replaceable and require changing in every 6 months approximately to maintain effectiveness.

    The gold standard in vacuum filtration is the HEPA filter, which stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air.

    It has ultra-fine filters which can trap even the tiniest of the particles sizing up to 0.3 microns.

    Vacuum cleaners having this filter are a big yes, and strongly recommended.

We are reviewing some of the best vacuum cleaners below to help you find the best vacuum cleaner for your home.

After putting in hours of research on Kent vacuum cleaners, I've prepared the below table. It has all the important parameters that you need to compare the top vacuum cleaners from Kent.

Product NameMotorWeightMax. Vacuum
Kent Wizard

Low-cost + 6 accessories + FOAM filter
7.20 kg24.0 KPa1 year80 dBCheck Price

Lightweight + 3 accessories + HEPA filter
2.95 kg18.0 KPa1 year86 dBCheck Price
Kent Force

Most powerful + 5 accessories + low noise + HEPA filter
5.10 kg24.0 KPa1 year79 dBCheck Price
Kent Wet &

Highest dust capacity (10 L) + can be used on wet floors + 6 accessories + HEPA filter
5.70 kg18.0 KPa1 year86 dBCheck Price
Kent Bed &

Lightest of all + ideal for beddings & sofas only + HEPA filter
2.34 kg2.5 KPa1 year80 dBCheck Price
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The first cleaner on our list is Kent Wizard Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner which comes with advanced cyclonic technology and foam filters to provide clean and dust free surroundings.

The cyclonic technology and foam filter reduce air pollution along with low dust discharge.

This cleaner weighs 7.20 kg and works on 1200 watts powerful motor.

Maximum vacuum pressure is 24 KPa and airflow is greater than 1.56 m³/min.

It doesn’t make much sound and creates no interruption in the decorum of the environment.

With the noise production below 80 dB, this vacuum ensures proper functioning without creating much noise in the environment.

The technical specifications of this cleaner are good and have proven to be fully satisfactory.

The company gives a 1-year warranty on the product.

Another one from Kent is Crystal Vacuum Cleaner with a fast spinning vortex which traps dust to ensure clean and dust free surroundings.

It is a multipurpose appliance which uses cyclonic technology to easily absorb the dust from the surface at a high speed by creating a fast spinning vortex.

This vacuum cleaner works on an advanced HEPA filter at the exhaust which reduces pollution by catching and trapping dust released in the air when cleaning.

The compact and handy design of this vacuum cleaner makes it very easy to handle.

It has rubberized wheels that makes it very easy to move the appliance.

It makes low noise of less than 80 dbs as compared to the other vacuum cleaners.

The motor is of 850 watts and it weighs 2.95 kg.

Maximum vacuum pressure is 18 KPa.

The company offers a 1 year warranty on this product.

Kent Force Cyclonic vacuum cleaner comes with an advanced force technology and HEPA (High Efficient Particulate Arrestor), which reduces air pollution with the effective cleaning of your home.

It has a highly efficient motor for the effective cleaning of surfaces, which cleans up the dust in every effective way.

The rubberized wheel which makes it easy to move of the every corner of your room and very convenient for the users.

The motor works on 2000 watts power and the vacuum cleaner weighs 5.1 kg.

Maximum vacuum pressure is greater than 24 KPa and the airflow is greater than 1.8 m³/min.

The color and design of this product is attractive.

With such great features, the company gives 1 year warranty too.

Kent Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner has a highly efficient motor to trap dust and wet spills from the surface within seconds with a strong suction force.

Its blower function is meant to remove deep dust from the surroundings to give a clean look.

It is very light, and makes a very low noise, hence, no disturbance.

The rubberized wheels make it easy to move without noise.

The wattage is 1200 W and it has 10 litres dust collection capacity.

It weighs 5.7 kg and its maximum vacuum pressure is 18 KPa.

The company provides 1 year warranty on the vacuum cleaner.

It’s a perfect buy for house cleaning.

Kent bed and upholstery vacuum cleaner is for cleaning the flat surfaces like mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, blankets and sofas.

It comes with the HEPA filter that reduces the pollution and ensures the minimal release of dust and bacteria than traditional vacuum cleaners and also sucks air and dust at high speed, creating a fast spinning vortex and separating dust in a detachable cylindrical collection bin.

This vacuum cleaner has a powerful 450W motor for high efficiency and stronger suction force.

It weighs 2.34 kg and maximum vacuum pressure is greater than 2.5 KPa.

The airflow is more than 0.4 m³/min.

With a quite different and unique look, the company gives 1 year warranty on this product.

Which Kent vacuum cleaner is right for your home?

Kent vacuum cleaners come with a wide range of features which give your home a clean and dust free set up.

The most recommended vacuum cleaners from Kent are Kent Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner and Kent Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner.

More powerful motor and higher vacuum pressure are the best features of these cleaners.

The airflow capacity is similar and the company gives 1 year warranty on each of them.

Hence, these two are the bestselling and most recommended vacuum cleaners from Kent.

However, individual needs always vary and you might want to consider other vacuum cleaners for other features.

These are more economical ones and you would want to consider them especially when you want a vacuum with lesser weight.

You can take help from the comparison chart shared earlier to simplify the selection process.

I hope my reviews on Kent vacuum cleaners gave you a clear picture of their quality and features.

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