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So you’ve figured out the best oven toaster grill for your baking needs but since a cake won’t bake itself, we need to get our hands dirty to get the job done.

Baking a tasty cake and coming out clean is no simple task. We need additional prescribed tools which will aid the textbook baking. Investing your money in such tools is perfectly worth and it will seem more professional (that you mean business).

Amazon offers the best deals in the baking accessory category that will allow you to handle an oven safely and master baking with the right tools. I have shortlisted a few products which I had purchased after getting my oven.

Following are some accessories, some of which are essential and some of which complements the whole baking experience. Make sure to check out the video reviews to completely understand the usage and to decide whether to purchase it or not.

Ovens can get really hot, up to 250°C. Operating an oven without the right accessories of safety can harm you in the long run and hence this should be a must investment for all those who purchase a baking oven.

This product is made by Amazon itself, under the brand name of Solimo, thick cotton-filled gloves (also called as mitts) which provide a good insulation from the heat, when the baking tray is taken out.

The pad provides good amount of grip and is machine washable.

This is a must buy if you’re planning to use the oven intensively.

Baking the cake is one thing, but getting the required taste is another.

Those who would like to strictly go for the textbook baking methods and would like to pour in accurate quantities of ingredients into the baking mix, this cup and spoon set is what you were looking for.

Made with durable plastic, this set includes 1-Piece measuring cup (240ml), 1-Piece 2/3 measuring cup (160ml), 1-Piece 1/2 measuring cup (120ml), 1-Piece 1/4 measuring cup (60ml), 1-Piece tablespoon (15ml), 1-Piece teaspoon (5ml), 1-Piece 1/2 teaspoon (2.5ml) and 1-Piece 1/4 teaspoon (1.25ml).

Believe me, this is one you just can’t go wrong with it, as it saves you from the everyday kitchen disasters.

If you’re new to the idea for using measuring cups, check out this video to learn how to use the measuring cups:


This non-stick carbon steel baking tray and is best suited for baking bread and cakes.

The carbon steel is also scratch resistant, hence turns to out to be the best bang for buck product among the others.

It weighs a mere 150g and the plus point is that it can be used in both a microwave oven as well as an oven toaster grill (OTGs).

I wrote this specifically because we cannot use any kind of metal utensils within a microwave oven and this being a carbon steel product turns out to be really good build quality and versatile.

This pan will easily last for about 2-3 years, if it is used properly.

Now you get to bake your own bread!

This pack of 12 baking cup set is made of food grade silicone material which can be used to complement the cupcake baking tray, and can be taken out ready to be served and helps the batter to not stick with the tray.

It comes in multi-colored variants and is dishwasher safe for a quick clean-up.

It is a durable product from Amazon Basics and is freezer, microwave, and oven safe (upto 500°F); which saves you from the fear that it might melt during the heating.

It measures to about 3.5cm in height.

Here's a video on how to use your silicone baking cup set:


The ready to be served function makes everything easier and cleaning of the baking tray is also reduced. Plus, cupcakes in these are Instagram worthy! #bakelife

This product from Okayji comes in three shapes, a rounded square, a heart shape and, circular shape, which helps in making the cake in your desired shape.

All these are built using high-grade aluminum, which can be used in both microwave and oven toaster grills.

The bottom is textured so that the cake can be removed easily without any hassle.

They are completely non-stick and has stainless steel hinges at the side to lock the tongs on to the pan.

The bottom panel of all the three mould sets are removable.

This product is also dishwasher friendly.

For a simple overview on how it would look like and the sizes it might come in, here is a video of a similar product such as this:


The rolex cake mould comes in three shapes, the circular one, the heart-shaped and the flower shaped one.

This aluminium build shapes are ideal for both oven toaster grill and microwave.

Light-weight in construction and with good structural rigidity, this is a must have accessory for your baking needs.

What you need to keep in mind is that the bottom panel is not grooved and is not removable, when compared with the above product. Hence, cake removal after baking can be a bit tricky in this case.

Those looking for a cheaper alternative from the Okayji cake moulds, this the one to go after.

This product also comes with a free scrubber from Milton.

Now that you have all you need for baking the cake, all the ingredients poured into the batter, it’s time to mix it uniformly to get the best taste.

Instead of painstakingly mixing all together and losing out of enthusiasm right at the beginning itself, it is better to get a 150W, simple hand mixer from Orpat, which can get the job done.

After all, making the perfect batter mix, is what makes the cake game strong.

The product comes with a product warranty of 2 years.

With an ergonomic design and five speed adjustment, this can be also used for other mixing tasks in the kitchen.

It also comes with three multipurpose blades which helps with all the mixing and the blending requirements.

The review for the product can be found here:


The beater can be safely ejected and washed easily and has a comfort grip handle so that the mixer stays within the hand without any slippage.

The package comes with three different blades to mix even the toughest of ingredients.

The blades are made up of stainless steel and hence is durable in the long run.

Planning to build a multilayer cake? Then this is the best companion you’ll have.

You’ll be able to lift your cake layers one by one using this steel cake lifter made of stainless steel and decorate them individually and put them back together.

The non slip handle is rubberised which gives you the grip while lifting and is made of food grade standards.

The main function why this helps is that, it keeps the cake intact during the lift and you can focus more on each individual layer.

With a finely chiseled edge, it is easy to get between the layers.

Here also, the material is stainless steel.

Since lifting the layer of cake can be a complicated process, here is a video tutorial which will help you on how to do the same:


We often struggle with cleaning the bake plate with the remaining getting stuck between structures. Often we need to add oil to the baking moulds to preventing it from sticking onto the surface.

This is where the parchment paper comes into play, this stands as lining between the cake and the bake plate and makes it easy for removing as well as for cleaning.

This package comes with the size of 260 mm x 20 mm and is microwave, freezer and, oven safe up to 428°F. Hence it is not limited to just the oven use.

Plus, if the food used is not sticky, the paper can be reused for other storage purposes too.

Reheating food in the oven becomes much more easier by wrapping it with this paper.

This is a life saver from the usual cleaning chores that comes with baking.

All the above items are the ones that you need to step-up your baking game and make those tasty treats for you and your family.

Hopefully these tips would help you in improving your baking game.

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