Best Microwave and OTG Oven Stands in India

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Microwave ovens and OTGs (Oven Toaster Grills) are heavy appliances and must be kept in a solid and safe place during its operation.

Before we dive into the best accessories, let’s clear some ground regarding what to expect from the stand and where it should be placed in the kitchen.

What to look for in an oven stand?

  • Build ‒ It is better to go with a oven stand, which is made of high-quality steel and which has a good amount of thickness to it.

  • Finish ‒ Having a rigid structure is one thing, but the second thing is, how it is protected from the corrosion and rust which may occur being in the kitchen atmosphere.

  • Mount ‒ The stands mentioned below are of two types: table-top and wall-mounted.

    While the table-top is a no-brainer; the wall mounted tables may or maynot come with the additional screws. So, seek professional help while mounting them and make sure that they are mounted properly as the average weight of an oven is about 9-12kg.

Where to place the oven stand?

  • Since the microwave / OTG can get really hot, it is safe to pick an isolated place or a place where it higher from the reach of your children.

  • Ovens are supplied with ventilators behind, as well on the sides for some cases. Make sure not keep the stand close to the wall as this will hinder with the ventilation and the wall paint will end up having black grease over time.

Tools required to mount the stand

Most of the products here are wall mounted and even though we would advise you to get professional help, those who are willing to get the job done by themselves can refer to this section. Otherwise, you can move on to the next section.

  • Power Drill: Get a medium rpm drill which is safe to handle with even one hand usage that can pierce through concrete (be sure to select the right bit for drilling, you can check for this in the manual of the power drill).

  • Tape Measure: Having a tape measure can save you a lot of headaches before drilling.

  • Standard screwdrivers: These will help you in fastening the screws on to the wall with a good grip.

  • Spirit Level: After drilling and fixing the stand onto the wall, use the spirit level to check whether the stand is affixed horizontally.

Safety measures for mounting and unmounting the oven

Your everyday oven weights at an average of 10kg and needs to be handled very carefully while mounting and unmounting from the stand.

While mounting

  • Get help in lifting up the oven, if the stand is placed in an over the shoulder position.

  • Make sure that you have a good grip over the stand.

While unmounting

  • Make sure to unplug the oven from the power socket before removing it.

  • The oven must not be used just before removing, at the body will be hot and can lead to burn injury.

Here are a few accessories which can be used to keep your oven secured in the kitchen without any interference from the kids or mishap from your side.

All the products mentioned below are listed from Amazon and offered at the best deals your money could get.

This is a four-legged elevated stand for microwave and toaster grills up to 30L.

It is made from highly rigid metal with powder coated exterior.

This material is rust and corrosion free and hence can be saved from the smoke and moisture within the kitchen.

The bottom is hollow in order to facilitate ventilation from the heat produced by the oven.

This can save up space inside your cramped up kitchen. The extra space below will let you store small items thereby not compromising on the space.

The stand can take weights up to 50kg which is more than enough for the capacity of the oven.

So you have no space at all or would like to integrate the oven along with the wall and because it looks much cooler, this is an alternative that you’re looking for.

The material is made of heavy-duty steel which has a weight of about 5.1kg.

The product dimension is about 48.5 cm x 37.5 cm x 15.5 cm which roughly means that you can safely accommodate an oven up to 30L.

And this product may not be limited to just ovens, it can safely accommodate other appliances as well which may be under 50kg.

If your budget is on the lower side, you can try getting this one for mounting your product.

Two height adjustable brackets which are powder coated ensures the longevity of the product and ease of use.

The height can be adjusted from 300mm to 450mm and it has a load capacity of 50kg.

One major difference between this product and the product above is that this doesn’t have a base plate to support the item above it.

So keep in mind to place appliances which are wide enough between the two brackets.

The advantage is that there will be ventilation from the bottom too.

Seek professional help when you are mounting this bracket, or if you are planning on putting it up yourself, refer this video on how to do it:


For those first-time kitchen planners and those having to save up some space, yet utilize even the stand for the oven, this is the best cracker deal out there.

This is a two level height adjustable rack shelf, where you can accommodate your oven, utensil and even the spoons and forks with the help of the associated accessories (hooks) that come with this rack shelf.

If you have a microwave oven and an oven toaster grill, then this product is the perfect purchase you can make to save some space in the kitchen and make it look good with the chrome finish.

Please bear in mind that the racks have a max weight capacity of 30kg.

To help you assemble this product here is a video that explains how to:


This stainless steel dish rack is of a single tier but better built and aesthetics when compared with the previous one.

It comes with a plastic and stainless steel combination, you can also hang your spoons and other utensils in this rack.

It can easily accommodate a 20-28L microwave oven without any issues and is easy to assemble. The maximum weight that this product can accommodate is about 25kg.

These black finished wall mountable brackets are height adjustable and they are foldable.

It has a load carrying capacity up to 50kg and a length adjustment of 350mm to 450mm and it can safely accommodate up to 28-30L oven toaster grill or microwave oven.

The supplied screws can be strongly mounted on your wall and professional help can be sought after to get this job done.

It all comes down to the amount of space you have in the kitchen or the good wall space for mounting your oven.

Make sure that you choose a stand which can accommodate your oven's size and load. Do not buy the cheapest one just for the sake of it.

I hope the above points will help you in purchasing the right oven stand for your needs.

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