Best Oven Toaster Grills (OTGs) in India

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Being a graduate student of hotel management, I got to learn about all kinds of various cuisines, dishes and many other culinary skills and having the dream of running a successful restaurant one day.

It was high time that I applied my skills, and since I had a flair with baking, I decided to start a bake business and market it through social media.

I decided to start baking from home on the orders that I get online and then take it forward on a bigger scale. I knew I had to start small and hence decided to invest in a good quality oven for my business.

I went to Amazon to check for good deals and was bombarded with the multitude of options! So I began researching more about ovens and since I wanted an all in one solution, I decided to look at the oven toaster grill section.

For the uninitiated, toaster grills vary from the usual microwave oven. The basic difference is the way in which the food stuff is cooked.

The toaster grill (Oven Toaster Grill (OTG)) uses a heating element, mostly at the top and bottom of the oven to cook your food, whereas microwave oven uses microwaves to excite the water content within your food stuff to cook.

OTG cooks from the outside whereas, microwave oven cooks the food from inside. That means the toaster oven is much more useful for those looking to cook a wide range of items. You can bake your lovely cake, grill that tandoori chicken, and toast a quick breakfast.

From my research, the following points needs to be kept in mind before choosing your oven.

  • The capacity: First decide upon the kind of baking/cooking that you are going to do with the oven. You can bake cakes, pizzas, muffins, biscuits, you name it! You will require a higher capacity oven for the bigger food stuff.

  • Wattage: Toaster Ovens make use heating elements to cook and bake, so it uses more power than microwave ovens.

  • Safety: Make sure the Toaster oven come with adequate safety features to protect you and your family member during its operation.

  • Time: Unlike microwave ovens, the toaster oven takes a lot more time, in its daily tasks, since it uses conventional heating for its operation. So for those looking for a quick bake should look for a microwave.

Keeping all the points above in mind, let’s dive into the best oven toaster grills offered by Amazon.

I've captured the important aspects of these ovens in a tabular format so that you can easily compare them before making the purchase decision.

Product NameWattageCapacityWarrantyFunction
Bajaj Majesty
1603 T

Affordable OTG
1200W16LTwo yearsBake / grill /
Check Price
Richards 18 RSS

European brand + rotisserie function
1380W18LTwo yearsBake / grill /
toast /
Check Price
Borosil Prima

In-built lights + energy efficient
1500W30LTwo yearsBake / grill /
toast /
Check Price
Micronic 36LDx

Largest capacity of 36L + powerful 2000W heater
2000W36LTwo yearsBake / grill /
toast /
Check Price

Smart thermostat for temperature accuracy
1500W32LOne yearBake / grill /
toast /
Check Price
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The first contender is from Bajaj, which has all you need from a basic toaster oven grill.

This product can be considered as the more budget friendly item in this list.

Moving on into the product, it has capacity of 16 litres, it can be used to bake, grill and toast with two heating elements at the top and the bottom.

The oven comes with a stainless steel and has a power coated exterior build (meaning very durable).

It has three control knobs, one to control the temperature, another to set the type of operation (top heating element on / bottom heating element on / both heating element on) and the third one is an auto shut off timer knob.

It has power consumption of just 1200W, meaning it will consume about 1.2 units of power during an hour of operation.

The oven comes with a few stainless steel built accessories such as a baking tray, crumb tray (collects all bits and pieces, hence easy cleaning!), grill rack (for fruit grilling or kebabs), tongs and skewer rods (to place your tandoori chicken).

And it come with a 2-year warranty on the product, which is great coming from an Indian brand.

So who should buy this? Those looking for a budget oven toaster grill and needs to have some average sized and non-intensive baking, this is the product to go for.

Here comes the legend from Morphy Richards, an European brand with over 80+ years heritage in making electrical appliances.

It is a baker’s dream to own a Morphy Richards product and here is one which can be within our budget.

This is an 18 litre product hence can accommodate more than the Bajaj.

This too comes with the three knob function.

But the extra function that comes with this one is the motorized rotisserie function, meaning this can be used to grill your chicken or kebab and the motor present in it will ensure uniform grilling as it rotates the rotisserie rods.

The wattage amounts to 1380W.

The build is of stainless steel and powder coated black matte exterior with premium finish.

With this oven you can make medium pizza, one full sized grilled chicken, 2kg cakes and much more.

Since it comes with a reputed brand name, you can find many takers for this product.

This is perfect for the requirements for a 4 membered family and for those with the dream of owning a budget Morphy Richards.

They offer a warranty of 2 years for the product.

We are now moving onto the heavy weight category, the next product is from Borosil, an Indian glassware and microwave product company (remember the test tubes of Borosil in the chemistry lab?).

We have now jumped to the 30 litre category with the working range of 1500W, which means, it can take on some heavy grilling and baking operations.

With a grey and galvanized steel finish, and a chrome finished handle bar, anyone seeing this one in the kitchen will definitely understand that you’re into serious business and that they are in for a treat!

A rubber bush is provided behind the case which will ensure adequate spacing between the oven and the wall for better heat dissipation.

With this you can bake higher quantities of cookies, grill a full sized chicken using motorised rotisserie function.

The temperature of operation maxes out at 230 degree celsius.

Borosil offers 2 years warranty on the product.

Another USP of this product is the convection heating, which circulates the heat from the two heating elements and provides a uniform roasting / grilling of the item, this is besides the already present rotisserie function.

This product is for those looking out for some heavy duty baking, some style quotient and looking out for premium offerings in the oven toaster grill (OTG) category.

This is a completely imported product and is sold in India with warranty.

A 36 litre capacity with a massive 2000W consumption, this can even handle a full sized pizza!

It has about six heating elements working in tandem to get the job done.

With a black exterior and chrome finished knobs and handle, this will give out a good presence in the kitchen.

With the beefing up of wattage and capacity, one might be worried about the safety features of this oven. This has two independent thermostats to monitor the heating coils on the top and bottom and plus a double layered glass door for that extra insulation and safety operation.

This product too has the convection heating feature which uniformly distributes the heat and has a 120-minute timer with alarm function enabled, so that you can safely know when the work is done.

And for the accessories, it has an oven toaster griller and rotisserie rods for motorized rotisserie functions.

Even though it is a completely imported product, American Micronic offers excellent customer service throughout the country with a responsive team and offers refunds and replacements in case of any malfunction.

For those looking for a premium heavy duty product, safety packed and good after sales support, this is the product to go after.

For those who believe in products with Japanese guts, go nowhere than to Panasonic for the OTG.

This offering from Panasonic comes with a sliver finish at the front and black finish at the other sides.

The price for this range comes to this, because of the brand name and the build quality.

This comes with a 1 year warranty, and you can purchase one more year extended from Amazon itself for Rs.499.

A 1500W rating, comes with four knobs (and in the order) for controlling upper temperature of the heating element, function knob, controlling lower temperature knob and a timer knob up to 120 minutes.

The sides of the OTG are properly ventilated for the maximum heat dissipation.

The accessories include a toaster grill, an enamel baking tray, crumb tray, an extra bracket (for additional support for food stuff) and also comes with a recipe booklet to add icing to the cake.

For those looking for a brand name and good build quality and long lasting performance and do not mind the budget, this is the product to go after.

Now that you've gone through individual reviews of these OTGs, you can refer the comparison chart to differentiate them.

Choosing an oven toasting grill over a microwave can be confusing at first, but, the OTG delivers better tasty baked home made food. It can take on a number of duties that a microwave just simply cannot.

And with the basic heating mechanism, the OTGs are easily serviceable than microwave and lasts longer.

All the above products cater to different type of baking enthusiasts and I hope my findings about the product will help you arrive at your perfect purchase!

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