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Being a bachelor and moving into the new apartment in Chennai, I knew I couldn’t go out and eat every time as it would burn a hole in my pocket and it seemed an unhealthy lifestyle.

So I decided to set up a small kitchen, got a mini refrigerator and an induction cooker for my needs, but since I’ve now got a kitchen to myself now, I thought to myself, why not experiment more?

Being an ardent follower of all the major cooking shows on TV, and having a small appeal towards baking, I decided to invest in a microwave oven.

And being from a non-technical background, I knew I had to research more about microwaves before getting the right purchase.

After two weeks for research and comparison, I shortlisted a few items, which can be considered as a good purchase for a bachelor or a small family.

So how does a microwave work?

Microwave rapid heats your food using microwave radiation, these are high energy electromagnetic waves, which interacts with the water molecule inside your food and cooks the food from the inside.

Unlike the conventional heating, microwave cooks your food evenly with a short amount of time.

The following needs to be kept in mind before going after a microwave of the 20L category.

  • Uses: For what all-purpose will you use the microwave oven for? To bake, reheat that cold chicken, and to get some basic grilling done in the shortest time, then you need one.

  • Time: If you are like me who commute to work at the last moment, we know that we need that quick snack. To get the food cooked in the shortest time possible, then a microwave is what you’re looking for.

  • To awaken the master chef: You know you have some cooking skills, but never had the time experiment with those exotic items? Getting a 20 litre microwave may just be the first step to those goals.

The following products are the best your money could buy in the 20 litre microwave category.

During my research, I captured some of the important details of these ovens in a tabular format to make the buying process easier. Hopefully, it will help you as well.

Product NameWeightTimer
WarrantyAuto Cook
Bajaj MTBX2016
Budget friendly + lightweight
11.30kgNoOne yearNoCheck Price
Solo (20MS)

Mirror finish door + overheat protection
12.45kgNoTwo yearsNoCheck Price
Godrej GMX

Powerful 2200W heater + timer display + child lock
17.39kgYesOne year
(on product)
Three years
(on magnetron)
(141 menu /
Check Price
Starter kit + touch key pad + defrost by weight function
14.30kgYesOne year
(on product)
Three years
(on magnetron)
(24 menu /
Check Price
Deodorize + steam clean + keep warm features
16.76kgYesOne year
(on product)
Three years
(on magnetron)
(71 menu /
Check Price
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This 20 Litre offering from Bajaj is the best in terms of simplicity in design and function.

It can do baking, basic grilling and defrosting (slow heating for cold food).

With the presence of heating coils in addition to the microwave, you can now grill to your delight in the right way and with the attached grill rack, you can keep the food closer to the heating coil.

The exterior looks are done with powder coated iron, pitch black finish and yellow ring highlight to the two control knobs ‒ one for the type of heating and other with the timer.

The power knob involves Low, Defrost, Medium, M.High (Medium High), High, Grill, and three Combi selection mode.

And the timer knob maxes out at 30 minutes. It is also equipped with a timer alarm.

Coming back to the three Combi selection modes namely ‒ Combi1, Combi2 and Combi3, you can program these three modes for a combo cooking microwave plus the grill. This is the feature which is advertised as multistage cooking.

With a one-year warranty on the product, this is the best product for those who are looking for a small package with the best of grill and microwave.

You just can’t go wrong with a Morphy Richards product.

This oven does not have the grill function but it focuses completely on the microwave function and it does that job well.

The brand offers a whopping 2 years on the product and the aesthetics with the mirror finish door and the stealth finish exterior, this is one of the best looking oven out there.

The knobs are built well and have five adjustable power levels to control the temperature and plus, comes with a defrost function as well and the timer knob has up to 35 minutes in its scale.

The accessories include just a solo turntable.

Those who are looking for a good quality microwave with a brand name, service and gets the job done without any hassle, this is the product to go after.

Now we are moving onto the sophisticated level of microwaves.

This product from Godrej offers microwave cooking, convection (seen in oven toaster grill) and even a grill function (presence of heating elements).

You can go ahead with full fledged baking, grilling and microwave operation as this stands out to be an all in one solution to your needs.

With tactile buttons for selecting the type of mode that you want to initiate and single dial which doubles up as a timer and eight pre-set menu selector, you can select up to 141 varied recipes of India making this just perfect for cooking of those favorite meals.

With a digital display, you can monitor the time left and child lock helps you keep your peace of mind with kids.

The jet defrost is another feature which can deforest your food based on the time setting, which is very convenient for someone like me.

Another plus point of this product comes with Godrej’s smart care warranty which services your product with no questions asked and with customer care in over 12 languages.

The aesthetics involve having a stainless steel finish with a blacked out glass front.

This easily becomes the product with the most value for money in this category and Godrej offers 1-year warranty on the product and 3 years on the magnetron (the device which produces the microwave).

This Indian brand name is famous for making durable everyday appliances and it is one of the most trusted brands in the microwave section.

Made with stainless steel, this oven also offers three modes of operation with grilling, convection, and microwave and with the option to select from 24 international menu items, you can experiment further.

With tactile touchpad (membrane-based) it is easy to clean and gives a seamless design to the overall design of the product.

The product comes with 1-year warranty on the product and 3 years on the magnetron and cavity.

The brand also provides a starter kit and a free demo of the product by an IFB specialist, if requested. Plus points for that kind of service!

The defrost feature in this product offers two types of defrosting options, which involves defrosting based on the weight of the product and time based defrosting, which ensure that you can get the best taste.

This also comes with a LED digital timer display.

You get included accessories such as daffodil with a lid, measuring tumbler, two idli stands, one roti crisper, and a ladle.

For those looking out for an industrial grade design and high standard of quality with feature packaged product, this is the one to go after.

This product can be considered as an upgraded version of the above IFB product.

The internal cavity is made of stainless steel and that improve the overall industrial looks of the product.

This has about 71 international auto cook menus when compared with the 24 auto cook menu on the previous one.

The keep warm feature keeps the food warm at a constant level using pulse microwave function which stands out from the rest. This can be activated for about 90 minutes.

Tactile touchpad handles all the multitude of functions this product offers.

This has a LED display which displays the timer.

The deodorize function is a cleaning function where the oven heats to a particular temperature to burn up the food particles inside the cavity and hence making the grill and microwave free from odour and germs.

The steam clean function makes use of steam to clean away the grease in the cavity and keeps it fresh.

For those looking for the best of all worlds, with microwave, convection, grill functions along with the additional cleaning and warm storage function supported by excellent service, and don’t mind paying the premium, this is the oven to go for.

It's time to take a quick glance at our features table that we prepared earlier. This should help you in choosing the appropriate microwave oven as per your needs.

There used to be a time when a microwave used to be a luxury in the kitchen, but now microwave ovens are pushing the boundaries by including other features to the product and that too on a budget.

From food reheating to grill and baking, investing in a good quality oven will pay itself in everyday cooking.

Hope the above observations would help you in purchasing your microwave oven as it helped me.

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