Best Cold Press Juicers (Slow Juicers) in India

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So you’re serious about this. Serious about juicing. You want the nutritional values of the fruits to stay intact even after juicing and you don’t mind spending that extra buck to have this in your kitchen arsenal. If you are this person then continue reading this article.

We’re about to discuss one of the premium category juicers available in the market that focusses in the quality of the juice that is been extracted instead of the time it takes to make it.

They are called by many names; Masticating juicers, cold press juicers, slow juicers. Did that last name catch your eye? Yes, because it is when compared with juicers such as the centrifugal, or the basic mixer grinder juicers/blenders.

If you happen to hear this for the first time, then let’s first get to know how the juicer works and why it seems like a good idea to invest in this product.

Masticating juicers are run by slow rpm motors, in the range of (40-80 rpm). It has an opening through which the cut fruits or veggies are put into and is crushed and pulverized with the help of an elongated gear (also called as an auger).

During the crushing, the juice slowly starts to release from the pulp and is collected in a chamber and the remaining dry pulp is directed to another chamber. If you are looking to juice out leafy vegetables (eg: spinach, kale etc.) then this is the best juicer for that kind of job.

The main reason why most of the other juicers are unable to produce juices with the nutrients intact is because, due to the high speed motor operation heat may creep into the juice and oxidation of the nutrients will take place. This changes the taste as well as the nutritional value of it. Also due to the rotation of the blades, air will mix into the juice making it frothy.

Also, it is worth noting that the juice made with masticating juicers will last up to 72 hours whereas the blender made juice will only last up to 24 hours.

Masticating juicer are also silent in operation with just half the decibels produced by a centrifugal juicer. They can also be used for other purposes such as making nut butters or baby food. Those who would like to know more about this juicer can refer this video.


Now that we’ve covered the details of the working and uses of masticating juicers, let us now look into the best listings that are available on Amazon right now.

We've compared the features of all these products against one another so that you can decide upon which one to go for.

Product NameWattageRPMFiltersWarranty
Havells Nutrisense
Multi-speed option
150W47 rpmOneTwo yearsCheck Price
Panasonic MJ-L500
Lowest RPM for better juicing
150W45 rpmTwoOne year /
Five for motor
Check Price
Kuvings B1700
76mm feeding tube + 10 years motor warranty
240W50 rpmOneOne year /
Ten for motor
Check Price
USHA Nutripress
Comes with 3 filters
240W65 rpmThreeTwo year /
Five for motor
Check Price
Kuvings C7000
Advanced motor
240W50 rpmOneOne year /
Ten for motor
Check Price
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The first product under review is from the Havells range of masticating juicers. This is a vertical auger juicer which is made from both high quality stainless steel and ABS plastic.

The motor speed maxes out at 47 rpm and has three speed control. This can be toggled with the set of touchscreen controls present in the body of the product.

There are three touch screen buttons on the panel: Power ON/OFF, speed control toggle and motor reverse run button and all of them are blue backlit. There is an LED display which shows the basic functions that the product is currently in.

Since this a vertical towered product, it does not occupy much space in the kitchen. We have a tall chute (the opening through which the cut fruits/veggies are directed) and a basin which is made of ABS plastic attached to the top lid of the product.

The lid of the product comes with a magnetic safety lock which ensures that the product doesn’t switch ON accidently when the lid is open. Below the lid is where the vertical auger is present which slowly grinds the pulp.

The juicing bowl which houses the auger is made of transparent plastic and has two openings perpendicular to each other.

The dry pulp moves out through one of the openings and you can place a collection jar just below it to collect it (this is rectangular in shape), whereas the next opening is a circular one with a lid. This can be kept closed during the operation and the juice extracted will get filled inside juicing bowl.

It has markings up to 300ml of storage. Once it is filled, you can open up the lid and the juice will get directed on to the juice collection storage placed below.

The juicer also comes with two complimentary triton resin plastic which is free of BPA, which effectively means the containers are of the highest quality in terms of food storage for long periods without any reaction.

Once the product is out of the box is easy to assemble and you can start juicing right away and most of the steps involved are pretty intuitive.

Havells offers two years of warranty on the product and offers a free demo by a technician upon purchase of the product.

Those who are looking to get a budget masticating juicer of the best quality and with a recognized brand name should definitely think about getting this product.

The next product under our review is from Panasonic.

This has a single tower construction, which occupies the least space in the kitchen. Panasonic is widely known for its reliable products and hence they last for a substantial period of time.

The motor runs at 45 rpms which is enough for the juicer to make foamless fresh juices for you. In this case, this is a single speed motor and all you have is a switch which toggles ON/OFF and if you keep pressing the OFF button you get to reverse mode, which is used to clean the auger of the fibers which may be jamming the rotation.

This product also houses the vertical auger which is made of stainless steel. And it is complemented with help of a wiper which can be used to clean the auger of the fibers or remaining stock that may be present after the juicing is completed.

This product comes with a frozen attachment (the blue casing) which can be kept surrounding the auger and you can juice out your frozen fruits much faster than with the regular juicing attachment. It also gives off a better texture for semi-solid food too (baby food).

The box comes with a booklet which describes the type of fruits/veggies and semi solid food items that you can churn with this product. It also comes with two additional complementary jars which can be used for juice collection and the pulp collection.

The company offers five years of warranty on the motor and one year of warranty on product as a whole.

For those who are looking to get a compact masticating juicer and with the additional features that were mentioned here and the brand name should definitely look into getting this product. For a detailed review of this product watch this video:


Enter the champion in the masticating juicer category.

Kuvings is a world wide known brand which had its origin in South Korea.

From their stable comes to Indian market the B1700, which is a heavy duty masticating juicer owing to the fact that you need not cut the fruits to smaller sizes before feeding them through the feeding tube. It is about 76 mm wide through which a large apple can be thrown into.

The motor runs at 50 rpm and drives a ULTEM alloy made vertical auger which is mostly used for manufacturing aircraft components. It is a single speed motor with just the ON/OFF button. This is a total out-of-the-box and start juicing package as there is a minimum amount of effort from the user side.

This product also comes with two containers made of high quality plastic for the juice collection and the pulp collection.

It also comes with a patented cleaning tool, which can be fitted on to a strainer and when kept under the running water and rotated, it cleans the fibres present in it.

It also comes with a stick brush to clean the unreachable parts of the auger.

There is a cap which prevents the flow of juice through the opening, and can be utilised if you are planning to mix up the juice with other fruits as well. It is also perfectly capable of making nut milk out of almonds, cashews etc.

The safety lock mechanism will ensure that the product is safe to operate as it will turn ON only after so.

The product can run up to a staggering 30 minutes continuously after which you need to give it a 20 minutes’ idle time.

This also has a limited edition variant which comes in a pearl white color instead of the stainless steel look. This is how it looks. For those who are interested in that can look into it here.

The company offers a whopping ten years of warranty for the motor and gears present inside and one year on the overall product.

For those who are looking to get the best masticating juicer from the world leader should definitely opt for this one.

Giving a fair amount of competition to the Kuvings is the Nutripress from Usha which manages to look and work as sophisticated as the previous one.

The feeding tube is about 75 mm in width making it easy to process fruits as a whole, without cutting them. This product too is an out-of-the-box ready to juice type.

It comes with a range of accessories to justify the price. A pulp container and a juice container, a fine filter which filters out almost all of the fibers present and a coarse filter which has a bigger sieve than the fine one and hence thereby producing juice with some amount of fiber in it. A frozen dessert filter which helps in easy juicing of frozen fruits and veggies and semi solid food stuff.

A spinning brush which can be attached to auger to clean the strainer and remove the fibers.

In addition to this, a cleaning brush is also provided to reach the unreachable areas.

The body of main unit contains a wide handle by which you can get good leverage while using it as well as for portability and cleaning.

Towards the top of the handle is the button which toggles the juicer ON/OFF. This also has a single speed motor running at 65 rpm which takes care of the juicing duties.

The company offers two years of warranty on the product and five years on just the motor. The box comes with a user manual and a recipe book which you can make use of to aid your juicing.

For those looking to get a premium quality Indian product with USHA’s promise of the pan India service network should go for this one.

The best is always saved for the last.

A more improved version of the above Kuvings product, this comes with a full blackened look which they call it as ‘Phantom black gloss’ shade.

The design of the product has won many awards worldwide. It features the signature 76 mm feeding tube with a red and black lid for storage.

It is a new and improved design where they have redesigned the whole juicing bowl which makes it even stronger than before.

The body of the juicer consists of a silver button which has three modes: Forward (ON), OFF (Middle) and Reverse. The reverse is favourable when the auger is jammed due to the fibers.

It comes with a redesigned auger as well, which gives better juice extraction and minimum pulp build up.

The motor won’t switch ON unless the safety lock is fixed properly. The motor is constructed in such a way that it is silent during its operation without compromising on the capability. It maxes out at 50 rpm.

The juicer is capable for fruits, vegetable and nut juicing based on your daily needs. The smartcap lets you mix and and store the juice inside the juicing bowl.

This product is also capable of making smoothies and sorbet, but the strainer required for those purposes needs to bought separately.

The box comes with the two complimentary jars and the cleaning kit, user manual and recipe book.

The company offers ten years of warranty on the motor and the gears and one year of warranty on the whole product.

For those who are looking to get one of the best looking, packed with features and the best your money could get, then it would be this one.

Masticating juicers are for those who are really serious about juicing and those who require the nutrients intact for consumption. It is a major investment which needs a good amount of thinking since generally they are on the expensive side.

So we hope our review of these products has cleared the confusion and helped you decide on which one to go for.

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