Top 5 Hand Press Juicers in India

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Hand presses or in this case, fruit presses are one of the oldest types of juicers that were used widely in America and Europe. They haven’t evolved much in terms of mechanism and since what works just works, not much has changed since then.

All products mentioned here works by a hand press mechanism which you can actuate and press the cut fruits on to the reamer, through which the juice flows down to the collection cup placed below.

They are built of iron or aluminium and are coated by antirust paint to ensure that there is no corrosion or rust. A wide variety of juices can be made using this juicer. Some of them are as follows: watermerlon, pineapple, orange, pomegranate, kiwi, lemon and mosambi to name a few.

The only additional labour that comes in while operating such juicer is cutting up of the fruits to the necessary shape and size of the ram of your juicer. The proper size cut is needed in order to obtain maximum juice extraction.

Hence, it is advisable to use mostly citrus type fruits of juicing, as it is the easiest to fit in. Due to this, they are also called citrus press.

If you’re looking to get a cost effective juicer for your home and don’t mind taking the time to press the fruits down to get that fresh juice, then we got a good collection here which you can look into.

Before we cover in depth review of the range of juicers, let us compare some of the features that they offer so that you can decide on which product you want to buy.

Product NameWeightWarranty
BTC Hand Press4kgTen yearsCheck Price
Gold Star Hand Press4kgFive yearsCheck Price
Chefware Hand Press4.5kgTen yearsCheck Price
Sumo Hand Press4.5kgNo warrantyCheck Price
Kalsi Hand Press4.5kgNo warrantyCheck Price
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The first product is the BTC hand press juicer which is a well built machine which is completely made of aluminium. It is given a silver and black combination body.

It consists of a heavy base, which gives it the necessary leverage to stand upright and attached to the base is a long rod which ends to a handle, which actuates a second arm to press the fruit placed over the aluminium reamer.

This reamer has holes all over the periphery, through which the juice will flow down a small orifice. And you can place the cup just below this orifice to collect the juice.

The reamer can be opened up and the internals can be easily cleaned for clearing up the fruit fibers which may creep in during the juicing.

The handle is long and wide enough to accommodate your hands comfortably and to gain good leverage.

The second arm has the ram which is of the concave shape and the reamer is of convex shape. They compliment each other when they are intersected with one another.

The whole weight of the product comes up to about 4kg, making it easy to move around in the kitchen.

Amazon offers up to ten days of free replacement in case of any manufacturing defect and the manufacturer promises a new product in case of any mishaps and the company offers ten years of warranty on the product.

For those looking to get a well built product, which can extract almost 90% of the juice in just one actuation should definitely think of getting this product.

The next product is from Gold star which is also a completely aluminium built product.

This is almost a doppelganger of the first product in terms of product build quality and looks and although similarly priced, in this case, the company offers five years of warranty on the product.

Since it is entirely made of aluminium, it is corrosion and rust free. Similar to the first product, the reamer can be opened up and cleaned with ease.

For those who are looking to get an alternate product with the additional warranty offered by Goldstar, can get this one for their purchase.

This product from Chefware has a much bigger reamer than the above two products and has better overall build quality.

The handle is made of thermosetting plastic. Before actuating the handle, it is better to hold the top of the juicer with one hand and hold it down, since the body doesn’t have any handle to hold on to.

This is the best choice for officer goers looking for a quick juicing.

The company offers ten years of warranty with this product and any defects will lead to the complete replacement of the product since there are not many spare parts or moving parts in this machine.

The base of the product is wide enough to keep a large basin for collection of the juice without much spillage.

There is small handle provided on the left side of the product where you can hold on to while rotating the handle.

For those looking to get a good quality juicer for your daily juicing needs and one which will last for a long time can go for this product.

This product comes in a full steel outlook although it is made of aluminium.

It also comes with a plastic cup along with the box to attached to the juicer and can be used for the juice collection.

They have given provision at the bottom as a hole to accommodate this plastic cup.

The reamer here also is completely removable and has an appreciable number of holes through which the juice goes through.

A screw-nut arrangement is present at the top of the product by which you can adjust the working height of the juicer according to your requirements.

There is no warranty offered by the seller on this product although Amazon offers the usual ten days returning scheme if there is any manufacturing defect.

Kalsi is one of the brands with good quality and durable build among all these products. It is trusted by many and there are even reviews with people still using this for seven plus years.

It comes with a branded box and the body is constructed of high quality aluminium.

There is provision (small extrusion) at the bottom which you can place the juice cup and it provides support when the juice is being extracted.

The grip is made of good quality plastic and the handle is easy to hold onto. There is no warranty offered by the company.

If any kind of issue arises, the company will completely replace the product with a new one.

The reamer is removable and can be easily cleaned. The hold knob on the top of the product is easy to hold and gives good leverage while operating the machine.

For those who don’t mind paying that extra buck to get the best quality juicer among all of these products can seriously look into this one for your purchase.

We hope all the products listed here and the information has helped you decide on your purchase and hopefully will become the daily driver for your juicing needs.

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