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The Indian kitchen hardware market is changing with times and people are getting more educated regarding the new products that are coming up which can be used for specific tasks. One such product is the centrifugal juicer.

We had a lot of queries regarding the listing of this type of juicer. This is a good indication that the ‘use the mixer grinder for everything’ mentality is changing.

Centrifugal juicer makes use of a high speed motor which drives the cut/whole fruits or vegetables at high rpms along the circumference of the casing and the juice is forcibly extracted (by centrifugal force), leaving behind just the stock.

Centrifugal juicers can take care of hard and thick fruits/vegetables such as apples, carrots, beetroot and also soft and watery fruits.

The quality of the juice obtained will be moderate owing to the method employed in making the juice but the massive advantage is getting large quantities of juice in a short time and the ease of removing the stock and cleaning of the product.

And for those looking to consume nutrient rich juice daily should look into getting the cold press or slow juicers.

This juicer is apt for those who need the juicing to be done quickly and those who are packed all the time.

Another point to be noted is that due to the presence of a powerful motor, safety is of utmost importance and hence most of the products listed here won’t turn ON unless it is docked and locked properly.

The motor also gets hot in a short time and therefore extended usage of the centrifugal juicer is not advisable. This heat may also creep into the juice as well.

The products listed here have variable speed control hence, so make sure to choose the right speed for the type of fruit or vegetable that you are going to juice i.e choose the speed based on the hardness.

Owing to the higher running speeds, the motor will also produce high noise during operation. Most of them are made like a tower structure and therefore occupies less space inside the kitchen.

Let us now look at the best range of centrifugal juicers which are available on Amazon.

Before we cover in-depth reviews of the best centrifugal juicers that you can get for your money, let’s see the major features of these products listed in a table so that you can decide upon your purchase.

Product NameRPMFeed TubeJugWarranty
Prestige PCJ 7.0
Budget friendly
60 rpmMediumYesOne yearCheck Price
Sujata Powermatic
Powerful motor
22000 rpmSmallNoOne yearCheck Price
Phillips Viva HR1832
Drip-stop technology
47 rpmMediumYesTwo yearsCheck Price
Phillips Viva HR1855
75mm feeding tube
80 rpmXLNoTwo yearsCheck Price
Phillips Viva HR1863
Aluminium body + 800ml jug
80 rpmXLYesTwo yearsCheck Price
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A very modern looking product from the Prestige stable. It comes with a stainless steel and black ABS plastic combination build.

It is powered by a powerful 500W motor which drives the super sharp stainless steel blades which cuts your whole fruits or semi cut fruits into small pieces which are then driven into the centrifugal rotation.

Since the blades are made of stainless steel, they are resistant to corrosion or rust and will take care of the duties for a very long time.

The base of the body has the anti-skid suction feet which prevents the product from overturning during its operation. The body of the product comes in three different housings.

  • Juicer housing: This houses the motor and the centrifugal space and has provision for the top lid and the additional locking mechanism.

    This additional locking mechanism ensures that the lid stays in place and does not let the motor turn ON, unless it is locked in properly. On this body we have the two speed rotating knob for the speed control.

    This housing also has an orifice/spout in one side through which the juice starts to come out once it starts the operation.

  • The pulp collector: This is a black plastic body which is attached to the main body and this is where the pulp from the fruits or vegetables are extracted and collected. This makes it easy for cleaning and removal of the stock.

  • Juice collection jar: This is a plastic transparent jar in which the juice that comes out of the orifice/spout is collected while the product is in operation.

The step-by-step process on how to arrange all these parts together and to understand the right way of usage, you can use this video from Prestige itself for reference:


The top transparent lid also comes with a wide feeder tube through which you can direct the semi-cut fruits or medium sized fruits with ease and has a pusher apparatus, which is also made of plastic. It can be used to push the fruits into the cutting blades even when it is in operation.

The power cord is detachable and hence storing or transporting of the product becomes much easier. The body of the product can be wiped clean using a damp cloth or use mild soapy water for cleaning.

The maintenance and cleaning tasks on this product is bare minimum, thus saving a lot of time for the user.

The company offers one-year of warranty on the product and Prestige has a wide network of service centres throughout India, so that you don’t need to worry about finding a technician in case something goes wrong.

For those who are looking to get a domestic juicer which can take care of most of your juicing need without much maintenance and looking for a budget offering can go for this one.

For those looking to get a powerful offering in the centrifugal juicers section can definitely look into Sujata’s Powermatic range.

It is powered by a 900W motor which itself explains the heavy duty nature of this product.

The body is made of sturdy plastic with reinforcements all around and the insides are made of stainless steel.

Sujata is one of the oldest brands of kitchen appliances in India and many households still trust the quality and reliability that it is known for.

The body is in white plastic build and houses the motor, pulp extractor all together. The plastic is shockproof and is unbreakable.

At one side of the body comes the orifice, below which you can keep a collection container to extract the juice.

A transparent lid is placed on the housing which is locked using two clips on both sides of the product.

It has a medium size direct tube through which you can feed the fruits/veggies and has a pusher which helps you push the fruits into the blades.

The motor runs on double bearings which extends the life of the product by a large margin and assists its heavy duty operation.

The blades are accompanied by a honeycomb mesh which helps with the finer extraction of juice from the stock.

Compared with others in this list, the Sujata Powermatic can continuously run for a whopping 90 minutes hence making it suitable for non-domestic uses as well (such as a juice shop, where the juice is needed in large quantity in a short period and demands longer overall running periods).

It is also a two-speed motor with the controls placed near the bottom of the central tower housing.

The dry pulp will be collected on the rectangular collector which is placed next to the motor and it is easy to clean as well.

For those looking to get a powerful centrifugal juicer which can handle heavy duty usage and can easily last for a very long time and can even be chosen for handling the duties of a juice store can choose this product blindly.

To see the product in its full operation please refer to this video:


Next up we have a series of Philips products and this product is a 500W motor powdered juicer and is made specifically for domestic use.

The company guarantees that you can make up to 1.5 litre of juice in one go.

The body is elegantly made and can be a looker in the kitchen. It is made of a black and transparent ABS plastic combination and has a single tower body hence occupying less space in the kitchen.

The sieve which houses the blades is inverted in the Viva collection of products for maximum juice extraction and the top is covered with the help of a transparent lid which converges to a wide long feeding tube. It is through here that you direct the fruits with the help of a plastic pusher (which is made of SAN plastic; which is semi transparent and it has a high thermal and mechanical resistance).

It has a snug fit with the feeding tube which ensures that no pieces of fruits are stuck anywhere in between.

There is a spout under which you can keep a container to collect the juice. The spout also comes with the drip-stop technology, where you can just rotate it side ways to stop the dripping of juice.

As said before, since this is an all-in-one tower structure, the pulp collector is also integrated into the body of the product which can be opened up and cleaned once the operation is done.

There are safety clamps on either side of the product which ensures that the top lid is safely secured and the base of the product comes with anti-skid feet.

The box also comes with a juice jug of 500ml which is a nice addition to the whole package.

All parts of it are dishwasher safe and hence it can be opened up and cleaned accordingly.

The only disadvantage is that the viva collection is mostly operated in a single speed setting.

The company offers two years of warranty on this product.

Those who are looking to get an elegant quality juicer for their kitchen and which meets the needs of 2-3 people can look into this product.

The complete dismantling and the working of the product can be seen here:


The next product is also from the Viva collection and this time it is the HR1855, which has the same looks and features of the above product.

But the major difference is that you can make up to 2 litres of juice in one go with this product.

Although this product looks somewhat the same, the product is much bigger. Philips has taken into account the customers' specific need for a bigger juicer, and has made the changes to the design accordingly.

To start, the spout is rectangular and longer making is easier to collect the juice.

The pulp storage too is bigger and hence more amount of stock can be collected.

The motor is now much more powerful. It now has a 700W which takes care of the juicing duties.

The feeding tube (75 mm) is much wider and can take in large fruits in one go (eg: it can take one whole apple).

The sieve is much bigger and it is easy to clean and is dishwasher friendly.

One main difference is that it doesn’t have the drip-stop feature in this product.

But the new feature that comes in is the pre-clean function, where you can pour water into the product before the juicing and it creates a fountain inside which rinses the leftover fibres and starch which maybe present in the sieves.

This also comes with the one speed setting which can be controlled with the rotating knob placed near the base of the product.

It does not come with any additional juice jar with the box.

The product is overall easy to clean and the company offers two years of warranty on the product.

Those who are looking to get a bigger alternative and extra juicing capability which can serve to about 3-4 persons can go for this product.

The complete unboxing and detailed explanation of the product can be found here:


Next up we have the premium centrifugal juicer from the Philips stable and that is the Viva HR1863/20.

This is powered by 800W motor for the juicing duties and can deliver up to 2 litres of juice in one go.

The build of this product is different from the other Viva products listed here in the sense that it is a black and steel combination and most of the body is made of aluminium instead of the ABS plastic. This makes it really sturdy and long lasting.

This also comes with the XL feeding tube which can direct large fruits without cutting them. The pulp container has a 1.2 litre of storage capacity and since it is a transparent casing, it is visible for the user.

Plus, it also comes with an 800ml juice jar which you can make use of to collect and store the juice from the juicer.

It has an integrated power cord storage, making it storage friendly as well.

It comes with the pre-clean function and the quick clean sieve which makes it easy for the removal of fruit and vegetable fibre and minimises the time in cleaning.

The company offer two years of warranty on all Viva series and it is the same here.

For those who are looking to get a better built, high capacity juicer for their home and which can meet the needs of 3-4 people with ease can definitely go for this one.

The complete real world usage of this product can be seen here:


Hope you have understood the working and the features of this range of centrifugal juicers and the information listed have met the requirements that you were looking for! Happy juicing!

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