Best Juicer Mixer Grinders In India

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Gone are the days when the mixer grinder has to be bulky, ugly and noisy. They have now transformed into elegant machines which gets the job done without making much noise and looks good while doing so.

The build quality of this category of products has gone up considerably, along with safety features that come along with it. With motors getting smaller but still packing a punch it helps in occupying less space in the kitchen.

The powerful motors during operation can cause the entire product to shake. Hence you should ensure that it comes with rubberized anti-skid/vacuum feet.

Some brands have gone to the extent of completely redesigning the product from scratch to make way for innovation.

As the name suggests the product should be able to carry out basic juicing, mixing and grinding with the help of a single motor. And since it can carry out all these processes, it also comes with a number of accessories with the box.

Almost all manufacturers provide the user manual for fully utilising these accessories and recipe books which will get you started right away! The ideal one you should be looking for is one which can do dry/wet grinding, mixing and chutney making.

You also need to ensure that the jars are made of food grade stainless steel instead of iron jars as this will result in the coatings reacting with the food stuff to make unfavourable results.

An important note that you the user needs to know is that while operating a mixer grinder for the first time, a burning smell will arise. This is due to the evaporating varnish present on the motor windings.

Most of the products listed here will have a three speed setting with an additional pulse setting (which gives a momentary grind and the knob will come to the normal position once you let go of it).

Getting an all-in-one product is the right choice for the cost conscious customer, but if you’re looking to get a product specifically for juicing, you can check our slow juicer and centrifugal juicer articles.

If you’re looking to get a powerful juicer mixer grinder for your home, keeping in mind of the cost then you’re at the right place. We have researched far and wide to list out the best product for you.

To make your purchase decision easier, we have prepared a features table of these products so that you can quickly compare them.

Product NameWeightNo. of

Automatic grinding on jar placement
2.69kgTwoOne speedTwo years
(on motor)
Check Price
Havells Genie
Budget friendly + 5 years warranty
3.71kgThreeThree speedFive years
(on motor) /
Two years
(on rest)
Check Price
Philips Amaze
HQ stainless steel jars + ABS lids & bottoms
3.56kgThreeThree speedTwo yearsCheck Price
Sujata Powermatic

900W powerful motor, can run for 90 minutes
6.30kgTwoThree speedOne yearCheck Price
Philips Viva HL7715
76mm feeding tube + drip stop function
6.30kgThreeThree speedTwo yearsCheck Price
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They say that the best things come in small packages. We are going to begin with a product which is unheard in the way of its operation and which can efficiently carry out all tasks without a sweat.

The Wonderchef Nutriblend is a 400W juicer grinder which is in the form of an elongated rugby ball shape. This is of a tower structure which saves a lot of space in the kitchen if you were to invest in this one.

The main body of the product houses a small 400W motor and jars provided along with it which can be attached to the main body by inverting and docking by a press and twist.

The innovative feature is that once you press and twist the top jar on to the body, the motor starts operating and the grinding takes place inside the jar. There is no knob to carry out any form of speed control.

The quality of the mixing or the grinding depends on how long you keep the jar pressed on to the main body.

The main body comes in three colours, namely: Black, white, red and purple. Engraved on these colours are the beautiful floral prints which enhances the appeal of the product.

The product comes with two jars coupled with blade caps and they are as follows:

  • Long jar (500 ml) coupled with blending blade: This can be used for blending smoothies, mixing ingredients.

  • Short jar (300 ml) coupled with the grinding blade: This jar is used for making your favourite chutney and grinding other hard spices with ease.

These jars are made of high quality plastics and are tested to be unbreakable.

The grinding and blending blade caps can be removed by turning and contents can be stored with the help of two lids namely:

  • Main lid: Which can be attached to both the long jar and short jar by turning.

  • Seasoning lid: This lid can be attached to the short jar and the lid has numerous holes of varying diameter on top of it which helps you to sprinkle the contents of the food stuff right after grinding. This is helpful for seasoning on a wide variety of food stuff.

The body of the product is supported during its operation with the help of rubber footing, which creates a vacuum at the point of contact and gives stability.

In additional to all of this, the box comes with a 184-page recipe book made by a famed nutritionist and special recipes from the world renowned chef Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor. All variants of the product are also autographed by him.

The company offers two years of warranty on just the motor and has an efficient customer care team whom you can rely on in case anything goes wrong with the product.

For those looking to get a product which consumes very less space and power and which can cover the daily mixing/blending/grinding requirements of two to three persons in a family should definitely look into investing in this product.

The next product in our best juicer mixer grinder line-up is the Genie from Havells.

Havells is known for creating high quality electrical appliances ranging from lighting solutions to power generation.

With an L–shaped design and geometric contours, this product is an instant looker.

It comes in two colours namely: green and grey.

The product is very compact in its dimensions and hence can be easily stored without much of a hassle.

The product is powered by a powerful 500W motor and can be speed adjusted with the help of a sturdy knob and can accommodate all of your fingers.

It has a three speed setting and a pulse function (which gives a momentary grind).

The product comes with three stainless steels jars, which are as follows:

  • Blending jar (1.5L): Preferable to be used of making smoothies and shakes.

  • Grinding jar (1.0 L): Can be used of multipurpose grinding and churning of ingredients.

  • Chutney jar (0.4 L): Used for grinding hard spices and making chutney.

The blades present inside all of these jars are made of one of the highest quality stainless steel SS 304, which lasts for a lifetime.

It comes with a plastic spatula which you can make use to take out every last bit of the grinds from the jars.

The length of the power cord comes to around about 1.4 m which is helpful in the kitchen.

It also comes with a built-in over load protection switch which turns off the motor if it exceeds its working limits.

The company offers a five-year warranty on the motor and two years of warranty on the body.

For those looking to get a sturdy built, powerful motor aided product and which is budget friendly should go for this purchase.

The next product in our line up is an integrated one with fittings on the main body that you can remove and refit according to the task that you need to carry out.

The product is powered with the help of a 600W motor which would produce some amount of noise, owing to the power rating.

Out of the box, the main body comes with the juicer configuration, which consist of a transparent pulp container on the side which can be detached.

A top lid is attached to the main body with the help of two locking members at both sides and it has an opening through which the fruits or veggies can be directed with ease.

There is a detachable spout towards the left side of the main body, where you can keep a collection jar for collecting the juice while juicing.

The patented standard sieve which is seen across all other Philips juicer products also takes its place here and it helps in maximum juice extraction.

The body of the product is in an off blue (celestial blue) and white combination. Moving on to the grinding and blending capabilities of this product, it comes with the following jars for carrying out the tasks.

  • Blending jar (1.5 L)

  • Multipurpose jar (0.75 L)

  • Chutney jar (0.4 L)

All the jars are made of high quality stainless steel and the lids and the bottom are made of durable ABS plastic. They are tested to be leak-proof at all times.

A plastic spatula is provided to take out the content from the jar after use.

The company offers two years of warranty on the product and being a Philips product it lasts for a very long time without any kind of breakdown.

For those looking to get a highly reliable product from a reputed brand and which can take on higher quantities of ingredients should look into getting this one.

We now have a powerhouse from the Sujata range of products which is the Powermatic Plus.

Although both mixing and grinding can be done with the help of the two additional jars that comes with this, it is more concentrated on the juicing category.

It is powered by a 900W motor which is of heavy duty in nature.

The body is made of sturdy plastic with reinforcements all around and the insides are made of stainless steel.

The body is in a white plastic build and houses the motor, pulp extractor all together. The plastic is shockproof and is unbreakable.

At one side of the body comes the orifice, below which you can keep a collection container to extract the juice.

A transparent lid is placed on the housing which is locked using two clips on both sides of the product.

It has a medium size direct tube through which you can feed the fruits/veggies and has a pusher which helps you push the fruits into the blades.

The motor runs on double bearings which extends the life of the product by a large margin and assists its heavy duty operation.

The blades are accompanied by a honeycomb mesh which helps with the finer extraction of juice from the stock.

Compared with others in this list, the Sujata Powermatic Plus can continuously run for a whopping 90 minutes hence making it suitable for non-domestic uses as well.

It also has a two-speed motor with the controls placed near the bottom of the central tower housing.

The dry pulp will be collected on the rectangular collector which is placed next to the motor and it is easy to clean as well.

The box comes with two jars namely: a mixer jar and juicer jar, which can be attached to the motor driving unit based on your requirements. They are made of stainless steel and high quality plastic.

For those looking to get a powerful juicer mixer grinder which can handle heavy duty usage and can easily last for a very long time and can even be chosen for handling the duties of a juice store can choose this product blindly.

To see the product in its full operation please refer to this video:


In additional to this, there is another similar Powermatic plus which comes with an additional chutney jar. It is called as Powermatic Plus CH. You can check out that product here.

An elegant tower structure juicer mixer grinder from Philips. It comes in a white and maroon combination.

The product is powered with the help of a 700W motor which housed inside a sturdy plastic body.

The main body consists of two halves, the bottom half containing the motor and other electrical parts and the top half having the provision of the juicer.

The top half contains the sieve and is covered with a transparent lid with a direct tube (feeding tube: 76 mm in diameter) for directing the fruits or veggies into it.

The neck is large enough that you could put in fruits without even cutting them (eg: one whole apple) and the pusher which is provided can be used to push the fruits into the sieve without back throw.

To the side of the body is long spout, under which you can keep a glass or a container to collect the juice during its operation.

You can stop the dripping of the juice from the spout by rotating it upwards.

The dry pulp which comes out during juicing is collected in a transparent plastic fitting behind the juicer and it can be removed and washed once the juicing is done.

The product comes with three jars for various purposes and is made of high quality plastic and stainless steel.

They have sturdy curved handles which allow you to get a good grip over them which usage.

The jars are as follows:

  • Blending jar (1.5L)

  • Multipurpose jar (1L)

  • Chutney Jar (0.4L)

Both the multipurpose jar and the chutney jar have a rubber bush on which the lid is placed to make it air tight.

On the body there is hard plastic knob which has a three speed setting and pulse function to control the speed of the motor during operation.

It also comes with vacuum footing, which therefore plants the product firmly on the ground.

This product has premium quality written all over it.

The company offers two years of warranty on the product and with Philips’s service centres spread across the country, there is nothing to worry about if something goes wrong.

And this product can easily cater to the needs of 4-5 people on a daily basis.

The working and demo of this product can be seen here:


Getting a juicer mixer grinder with so many options in the current market can be confusing. We hope our review of these products from Amazon has narrowed down your options and has helped you with the purchase!

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