Best Fat Tyre Cycles Under Rs. 20,000

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For those who are uninitiated, fat tyre cycles are the next iteration of the MTB (mountain bikes).

The difference between the fat tyre cycles and regular mountain bikes is not just in the tyre width. It has a lot of other features that make it stand out among the other regular mountain bikes.

The fat tyre cycles are designed to reduce the total pressure of the bike and the biker on the ground by adding an extra area for the wheel to cover.

They allow for low ground pressure rides in many unstable regions such as rocky, snowy or sand terrain.

This is the only reason why fat tyres make for better options even under tough conditions such as when riding in snow, or mellow sandy beaches.

The fat tyre bikes are best suitable for a variety of terrains where the normal mountain bikes would fail to cover. The unique features of fat bikes are the fat tyres that range from size 3.8 inches in width and higher.

They are usually heavier than the average mountain bike.

They possess some gears (speed types) as compared to some mountain bikes having just one gear (speed type).

So when you decide to have a serious adventure riding down a mountain or on snowy terrains or the shallow sandy areas, fat bikes are your best bet.

Here in this article, we will begin by discussing some of the best fat tyre cycles under Rs. 20,000.

Model NameColorFrame MaterialSuspension
Sturdy Bikes Fat Bike #1
Foldable variant
WhiteCarbon steelHardtailCheck Price
Love Freedom Fat Bike #1YellowSteelHardtailCheck Price
Dexter Fat BikeBlueCarbon steelFrontCheck Price
Axan Fat BikeMilitary greenCarbon steelFrontCheck Price
Love Freedom Fat Bike #2BlackAlloyFrontCheck Price
On Track Fat Bike
Wanda tyre
OrangeCarbon steelDualCheck Price
Sturdy Bikes Fat Bike #2BlackSteelDualCheck Price
Marlin Rockrider Fat BikeBlueSteelRigidCheck Price
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With 21 gears (speed types), 18-inch sturdy steel frame and a front suspension fork, this fat bike is a salient example of what any fat bike should have.

It has a disc braking system, with the brake disc of 160 mm size.

With the bike, you are also provided with an accessories and mudguard set.

The bike weighs about 23 kilograms, and has an overall height of 76 centimetres.

Its unique features include super comfortable upgraded saddle, high carbon steel, dual disc brakes, Shimano shifters, 26 x 4 inch tyres.

It is suitable for height ranges from 5 feet to 6.2 feet.

It comes in a unique white colour, and has a hardtail suspension.

Some of the popular colour variants of this Sturdy Bikes fat bike are given below —

  • White / foldable variant — This variant has a lot of similarities with the above one. It has 21 gears, 26 x 4 inch tyres, 18-inch frame. But what’s new with this frame is that it is foldable, making it compact in storage, as it would take less space, allowing you to take it where it's not possible to take a normal bike.

    It has a quick front release tyre, and has updated Shimano gear shifters and derailleurs when compared with the first one in this list.

    It weighs about 20 kilograms, thus making it manageable to carry even by hand. And once it folds, it can easily fit on your car for easy transportation.

  • Black variant: With a similar configuration of tyre size, width, frame height, gears as to that of the original, this variant of the Sturdy Bikes is not foldable, unlike its other variant.

    This one comes in a jet black colour.

    It weighs around 23 kilograms, and its frame is made from carbon steel.

  • Green variant: This variant comes with a quick-release seatpost, and uses carbon steel for its frame material.

    It weighs in about 25 kilograms. Its overall height is about 115 centimetres.

    This variant comes in a light green colour.

This cycle's carbon steel frame and its rich yellow colour, makes it stand out as a unique fat bike.

The cycle features a double disc brake mechanism with 160 mm rotor disc, and comes in medium and large frame sizes.

This bicycle also has a 26-inch wheel, 21-speed gears, easy fire thumb shift, and Shimano gear systems for a seamless cycling experience.

The tyres are 4 inches wide, making for very tight grip-providing wheels when on rough grounds.

It can carry a maximum weight of 130 kgs.

Also, it comes in a variety of colours such as red, blue, black and yellow.

It is ideal for all-day cycling.

Its vibrant colours and attractive design catches everyone's eyes.

The 18-inch frame and quick release seatpost, make it ideal for folks with heights ranging from 5 feet to 6.2 feet.

This fat bike has an ergonomic design that comes with an adjustable seat height, and a fashionable blue colour combination which is an ideal choice for teenagers and adults.

The Dexter mountain bike has front fork-based suspensions to absorb bumps along uneven paths, and provide maximum comfort to the rider.

It has 21 gears (speed types) to allow more flexibility to the rider in choosing speeds, and has a wheel size of 26 inches with the tyres being 4 inches wide.

The frame of the bike is made from carbon steel, which causes the bike to be relatively light in weight, without giving up on strength or durability, thus making it light, yet strong.

It also has 160 mm disc brakes for its braking system.

The Dexter mountain bike weighs around 17.7 kilograms.

This fat tyre bike is perfect when you want to enjoy quality time with friends or family. It will ensure you a fun time at the beach, city or on snowy mountains.

Be it exercise or fun, this bike has got your back.

It has a quick-release seat post, and the height of the seat is adjustable.

Its 18-inch carbon steel frame is suitable for heights ranging from 5 feet to 6.2 feet. Its load capacity is of about 130 kgs.

It comes with 21 gear combinations (7 x 3).

The size of the tyres is 26 x 4 inches.

Its front and rear disc brakes frame are of 160 mm discs.

The cycle comes as 80% assembled.

The bike weighs about 24 kgs, and possesses front-fork suspension for perfect comfort, making it ideal for morning leisure or exercise rides.

It comes in an extremely unique military green colour. Apart from that, it is also available in black, golden and orange colour variants.

Axan provides you with a 1-year warranty on the frame of the bike. What else could you ask for?

Being simple and sweet in looks is what this fat tyre bike is all about.

It has a 26-inch wheel size.

It has a sturdy alloy frame and alloy rims that make for an extremely durable lifetime.

The tyres are the standard 4-inch wide making for great grip and stability.

The bike provides 21 Shimano gears (speed types).

It also has front suspension for safety and stability. It has a dual disc brake system for extra control over the terrain.

The bike weighs around 24 kilograms. The frame comes in deep black colour.

This On Track fat bike comes with lockout suspension to make sure that you are provided with the extra level of security.

It also comes with 21 gears (speed types), and is easy to disassemble as the front wheel is of quick-release mechanism.

The braking mechanism consists of dual disc brakes.

The wheel size is 26-inches and the width is 4 inches.

The frame of the bike is made from carbon steel.

The bike comes in an orange-black colour combination that is stylish and fashionable.

The frame model is of Jaguar type.

Overall, it is a great fat bike for your day-to-day exercise, or your leisure activities.

This fat tyre bicycle comes with a rigid downhill fork, and a frame size of 18-inches.

This makes it suitable for people of height up to 6 feet.

The front and rear mechanical disc brakes are of 160 mm width. This ensures a strong grip and stability of the bike across various terrains.

The tyre size is of 26-inch diameter and 4-inch width.

An accessory set is also provided with the bike along with a mudguard set.

The main suspension of the bike is provided by the large spring on the the rear side.

The bike comes with 21 gears (speed types).

The frame is made from steel, and it comes in a jet black colour.

The Marlin Rockrider fat bike comes in a wonderful blue shade, and with great safety ensured by its dual disc brakes.

It has 7 Shimano gears (speed types).

The wheel size is 26-inches, and it is 4-inches wide.

The frame is of height 18-inches, and it is made of Hilten steel.

This makes the bike accessible and usable to people of height from 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet.

Its braking system is of disc type.

It also comes in a flashy and appealing vibrant orange frame colour.

And that finishes the comparison of all the best fat tyre cycles under Rs. 20,000.

Now that we have completed the detailed features of the various bikes individually, let’s now proceed to the side-by-side comparison of all the bikes for a quick recap. With all the features of the various bikes together in one place, it makes it easier to compare them.

We’re sure that you would be having a clear idea of which fat tyre bike you need to buy after going through this article.

So get out there, and enjoy a ride with your new bike! 🚴

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