Best Hybrid Cycles Under Rs. 20,000

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In today’s fast-moving world, it’s important to keep pace with it but many times people forget to take care of their health.

People think of cycling as an exercise or a healthy hobby but you can also use them to commute to your office which solves both the exercise and the commuting.

The trend and love for bicycles have caught up again and everyone these days is looking to buy the best bicycle. These include many youngsters, kids, oldies and women for that matter.

However, with a variety of bicycle brands and a multitude of features, they find it hard to choose the right bicycle for their needs. They may not know the difference between a hybrid, mountain bike or a road bike.

They may not know about the gear usability or how to go about choosing the right frame size. They also are unaware of bib shorts and their significance.

Cycling today is more than just sitting on a bicycle and pedalling. It is more about comfort, luxury, fun, safety, long-lasting, endurance, fitness and more.

One such type of bicycle that can offer the above benefits is the hybrid bicycle. If you are looking to buy a hybrid bicycle for commuting, then you have landed on the right place.

It is often good to have a pre-decided budget in mind before going shopping. It gives you the best ideas to choose from and also improves the decision making process.

So today we have come up with the list of best hybrid cycles under Rs. 20,000 in India. This is a good budget if you are looking for a quality entry-level hybrid cycle in India. It includes models which will suit the requirements of most people.

However, before we list down the products, let's go through some of the basic information about hybrid cycles that you should know about.

What is a hybrid bicycle?

The hybrid bicycle is a cross between MTB (mountain bikes) which are durable and built for off roads and road bicycles which are light and built for speed.

The hybrid bicycle is designed to handle multiple terrains, provide comfort as well as speed for its user. However, it is obvious that these bicycles are not as durable as the MTBs and are not as fast as road bicycles.

Common characteristics of a hybrid cycle

  • The tyre is narrower compared to MTBs but is wider compared to road cycles. And the wheel size is generally bigger compared to MTBs and more similar to the size of the road bikes.

  • Hybrid cycles have flat or slightly raised handlebars for a comfortable ride.

  • They have comfortable and broader saddles like MTBs.

Types of hybrid cycles

Although there is no 'official' classification of hybrid bicycles, however, if you watch them cautiously, you can see that not every single hybrid bike is the same.

They are working to give shifting dimensions of speed and solace to the biker. Here we have used these two major highlights to classify them —

  • Tyre Thickness: Thicker the tyre, the better the comfort it provides. However, thicker tyres also mean more rolling resistance, hence these bicycles are slower compared to bikes with thinner wheels.

    Most hybrid bicycles use 700c tyres, however, the thickness is varied as per the design and intended use.

  • Handlebars: Raised handlebars help you with a more upright and comfortable riding position. While the sportier models will have lower handlebars.

What to look for in a hybrid cycle?

  • Frame Size: Always check the bicycle frame size on the product page before you place an order. Use a frame size according to your height.

    If you are unsure of the frame size, visit a cycle shop nearby and try a few different sizes.

  • Check the wheel size: 26 inch tyres are one of the most common sizes of tyres in India. You will easily be able to buy replacement tyres or tubes in almost any bicycle shop in India.

  • Number of gears: We would suggest buying a gearless cycle or a cycle with a minimum number of gears. This makes your cycles easy to commute but also cheaper.

    You will need more gears based on the terrain you plan on riding your cycle. If there are multiple uphill/bridges etc, go for a higher geared cycle.

  • Brakes: They are the most underrated feature on any bicycle.

    Considering the Indian traffic conditions and rains, it will be good if your bicycle has basic mechanical disc brakes with a good bite. They perform well even during rains and will keep you safe on the roads.

So till now, we have talked about the characteristics of a hybrid bike, its different types and some buying tips that will help you make the right decision while choosing your bicycle.

Now, we will review some of the best hybrid bicycles under Rs. 20,000 available in the Indian market.

Model NameColorFrame MaterialSuspension
Cosmic Trium KC0049BlackSteelHardtailCheck Price
Montra HeliconMatte blackSteelRigidCheck Price
Cosmic Trium MTBWhite-orangeSteelHardtailCheck Price
Cosmic TriumInk blueSteelHardtailCheck Price
Cosmic Trium 29TGreySteelHardtailCheck Price
Hercules Roadeo A50BlackAluminium alloyHardtailCheck Price
Cosmic Flash 26TGrey-whiteSteelRigidCheck Price
Montra TranceBlackAluminiumHardtailCheck Price
Montra Trance DBlackAluminiumHardtailCheck Price
Montra Trance ProNickel redAluminiumRigidCheck Price
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Cosmic Shuffle is a rigid frame bicycle and is ideal for someone who does not want the extra weight and rolling resistance that the front suspension brings.

For someone who is looking for a budget hybrid bicycle to commute to work or college, this bike can be a perfect pick.

If you maintain this bike well, it should last you for many years to come.

Some of the key features include 21 gears with Shimano shifters, double alloy wheels, adjustable seat and handlebars etc.

The frame is made out of steel which makes it extremely durable.

This is one of our favourite budget hybrid bicycles in India.

The matte black finish of this bicycle is one of the best offered by the Montra brand.

This bicycle is made from aluminium alloy and comes with dual disc brakes.

The bicycle uses a rigid fork and comes with no suspension.

Montra Helicon disc offers great biting power which performs better compared to the entry-level disc brakes offered on most budget bicycles.

This bike also comes with Kenda K1176, 27.5 x 1.75 tyres.

They are mounted on XMR 27.5 double-wall alloy rims.

A great bicycle from a not so known brand in India.

One of the main features of this bike is that you get so much value for the money for what you pay for this.

It is one of the best gear cycles in India below Rs. 20,000.

Some of the key features include a mild steel frame, 21 gears with Shimano fire shifters and tyre size comes at 28 inches.

The bicycle has a front suspension.

The bicycle comes along with accessories like a bottle holder, water bottle, lock, front and backlight for the bike.

This is a great comfort mountain bike (MTB).

MTBs are generally meant for off-road riding. They are also built for riding long distances.

The high handlebars help you keep an upright posture while riding.

This is also a good bicycle for casual rides and exercising.

The design of this bicycle is quite fluid and modern.

The mudflaps used on the bicycle have its pros and cons. They are made out of plastic and hence are cheaper and lighter. However, they can easily break during a mishap.

The frame is made of steel.

It is slightly heavier compared to other bicycles on this list. In a way, this makes it good for exercising as you need to put in extra effort on it to get it going.

It has 21 gears with Shimano shifters, and both the front and back tyres are equipped with disc brakes.

The bicycle comes with 21 gears.

This is a hardtail model with front suspensions. You can easily ride it on moderately rough off-road trails

This bicycle uses a Hi-Ten steel frame and has wire brakes on both wheels.

Tyres used are 700×35c supported by double-walled alloy rims.

If you are looking for a fast bicycle to be ridden on city roads, you can prefer this cycle.

This bicycle is an ideal choice for teenagers or people who are young at heart.

The decals used are bright and colourful. You are sure to be instantly noticed on the road.

The bicycle is built well. It feels very durable and robust while riding.

It comes with a decent front suspension and the handlebar used is in a BMX style.

The best part about buying Hercules cycles is that you can find shops that can service this brand easily throughout the country.

The service and parts are also cheaper compared to some of the not so popular brands or foreign brands.

Cosmic Flash is a bicycle with amazing looks and design.

This bicycle has the most comfortable seating position compared with others on this list.

This is a hardtail bike.

It uses the Suntour NEX alloy suspension on the front. This suspension is equipped with a hydraulic lockout.

The cycle comes with Shimano gears (Shimano Acera on the rear wheels) and a total of 21 gears.

This model uses Kenda K184 700 X 35C tyres.

There are mechanical disc brakes on both the wheels.

This is an entry-level hybrid bicycle from the Montra brand that has an alloy frame and comes equipped with a 21-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain and disc brakes.

The bicycle has 700 x 35C Wanda tyres that are attached to XMR 700C alloy rims.

This bicycle is an ideal bicycle for beginners looking for a hybrid bicycle and looking to get daily commuting done and occasional long rides.

Given the price point, this bicycle is a top-rated entry-level hybrid bicycle.

A new entry into the market from the 2018 batch of bicycles from Montra brand, the Trance D has taken the market by storm.

This bicycle is perhaps one of the most bought bicycles since its launch earlier this year.

The Montra Trance D is a hybrid bicycle with an alloy frame and comes equipped with a 21-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain.

Additionally, the bicycle has a front suspension fork with 50 mm travel and mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear.

The bicycle comes with a pair of Seyoun 700x35c tyres which are attached to XMR 700c alloy rims.

Given the specs and components of this bicycle at the given price point, this bicycle is a definite front runner for hybrids at our budget.

The bicycle is ideal for city commutes, on rugged roads, long-distance rides, exercising and recreational distance riding.

A very cost-effective but a quality bicycle from the Montra brand.

One of the best bicycles you can use to commute to work every day and also use it for light touring to nearby places over the weekends.

This is a hardtail model with front suspension.

The bicycle is equipped with 21-speed gears and a double disc brake for enhanced braking during the rains.

The frame of the bicycle is made using aluminium alloy.

It uses 700 x 1.50 (38-622) rims.

It has a quick-release system on both wheels.

That concludes our list of top hybrid cycles in India under Rs. 20,000.

These are some of the good options to choose from and the comparison table provided at the beginning will help you in making your decision process much easier and accurate.

So let the adventure begin!

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