Best Hybrid Cycles Under Rs. 10,000

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Some people see bicycles as things that are only used by children.

“Those are kids’ stuff, I’m too old for that! Why do you want to get a bicycle?” These are some of the remarks people say when they are asked to take upcycling.

The truth is that cycling is an extremely healthy activity and such a thing is needed now more than ever.

In our now daily hectic life, taking up cycling as a form of a commute is the best way of getting two things done at a time.

You get your environmentally friendly mode of transport and it covers the much-needed exercise.

Next, comes the question, which cycle to buy? Which one is the best? Don’t worry, dear cyclist, you’ve found the right place to get started on your cycling adventure.

A lot of us might end up getting confused as there are so many choices out there in the market.

Here we will be discussing some of the most budget-friendly hybrid cycles that come under Rs. 10,000, so that you can enjoy the best experience of cycling without having to worry about spending a ton of money.

Onto the next big question, what price range should be considered when buying a hybrid cycle? If you are a casual cyclist who just needs something easy-going, with comfort and other advantages, then the ‘under Rs. 10,000’ price range is right for you.

This ensures that you spend as little as possible and yet manage to get the most of what you want.

Like comfortable seats, gears, adjustable handlebars, great tyre to frame ratio and many other features.

When is a cycle a 'hybrid' cycle?

A cycle is considered to be a 'hybrid' cycle when it incorporates various features of different types of cycles into one.

Some features that stand out in a hybrid cycle from a regular cycle —

  • A simple hybrid cycle will have the features of mountain bikes (MTBs) and road bikes.

  • Some of the features include wide and strong grip tyres, gears (speed types), and other sports features such as a water bottle holder or the lightweight frame.

As an amateur cyclist, you can use it for cruising around the neighbourhood in the morning or evening, to freshen up. Or you can use it to make sure you get that cardio in and burn some calories!

Whatever may be the reason, remember that cycling, in the end, will be extremely beneficial to you. It helps you exercise and keeps you fit at all times.

So here, we bring you nine of the best hybrid cycles under Rs. 10,000, after much research and comparison.

Model NameColorFrame MaterialSuspension
Omobikes 1.0
Anti-rust frame
Black-orangeSteelRigidCheck Price
Btwin My BikeWhiteSteelRigidCheck Price
Kross MaximusBlackSteelRigidCheck Price
Hero RX2 26TBlack-redSteelDualCheck Price
Hero Next SpeedBlack-greenSteelDualCheck Price
Kross Bolt 28T
Slim tyres
Black-yellowSteelRigidCheck Price
Hero Sprint Ultron 26TBlackSteelHardtailCheck Price
Hero RX2 26TBlack-redSteelRigidCheck Price
Mach City MunichBlack-blueSteelRigidCheck Price
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This lightweight cycle has so many features in it, it’s surprising how they can keep it at such a lower price.

The main features include a water bottle holder and adjustable seat and handlebars.

With a colourful and stylish frame made of carbon steel, it can very well carry a weight of up to 95 kgs.

And what’s more, is that the frame is rust-free — which means that the cycle is sure to last a very long time.

Along with the cycle, you get a reflector, mudguard, tool kit, and a complementary lock. What else do you need for your perfect hybrid cycle?

It is perfect for those mini-trips or your workout.

Wanna go around the city and yet look cool while doing so? Well, then look no further because this here is more of a mountain bike in the form of a hybrid bike!

The B-twin bike is made from a steel frame and the additional components are also made entirely of steel. This overall improves the durability of the bike considerably.

Making it quite handy in tough situations or if you want to start trying a few stunts.

It has a flat pedal with bearings and a large diameter steel tube.

One of its special features is that the wheels are supported by aluminium rims and have 36 holes on them to help improve stability and greatly reduce the weight of the cycle as a whole.

What’s more surprising is that even though its frame and multiple components are made entirely of steel, it still weighs just about 17 kgs.

And lastly, the white colour that it is available is nothing short of sporting a classy look at all times!

With 26 inches tyres and the 21 gears (speed types), this sets the standard of a decent hybrid cycle.

It pulls off the black frame colour elegantly which makes it even more tempting option to buy.

You get a free water bottle and a water bottle holder.

The seat is adjustable, making it easily accessible and usable for users of various heights and ages.

With its large number of gears, it allows you to cover most terrains and inclinations of the ground which would be pretty much inaccessible with a regular cycle.

A great choice for someone looking at a casual yet exciting cycle ride.

If just looking at this hybrid cycle doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know what will.

The Hero RX2 26T comes with an attractive frame that's both strong and awesome to look at.

The red-black colour finish is sure to catch anyone’s eye.

It comes as 85% assembled and the frame and tyre height are both 17.5 inches. This makes for a pretty sturdy cycle.

With a rigid suspension, it provides comfort over even the roughest roads.

The front and back tyres use calliper brakes that make for an effective braking system.

The wide tyres themselves make for a great grip on the road.

All in all, this is one of the most stylish hybrid cycles out there.

If you are looking for exercise, fun, fashion, style, then this one's for you.

If it’s from Hero, you can be at rest knowing that right off the bat the product is reliable, durable and has amazing quality.

The same can be said about Hero Next Speed Hi-Sprint cycle.

It boasts a 26-inch tyre that is coupled with the 18 gears (speed type), which makes for a perfect combination that you do not want to miss out on.

Its frame size is 17 inches, along with the steel frame and adjustable seats and handlebars.

For extra safety and comfort, it comes equipped with a dual suspension and manages to pull off the black-green colour combo fairly well, which is hardly an easy task.

Huge Tyres? Check! Awesome Gears? Check! Disc Brakes? Check! This hybrid cycle makes use of the best in class features available to create a beast of a cycle.

The change of gears is made easy with a thumb assist.

With a steel frame and a rigid suspension, this is one hell of a bike.

On top of that with the 21 gears, this one could be used for just about any type of rough exercise regime you might want to accomplish.

It sports a simple black matte finish that is present on its frame as well as its rims, that makes it look incredible.

It has a long life and durability owing to its steel frame, making it an ideal choice for rough and tough users.

The cycle is delivered in semi-assembled condition (85% assembled).

Customer needs to assemble it before use.

The Allen key & spanner are provided in the box for installation.

The wheel size is about 26-inches and frame size is about 17-inches, making it easier for cyclists of all ages and sizes to use it easily.

The geared cycle has Shimano 21 speed shifters (7x3), and front and rear disc-brakes.

Reflectors as well as mudguards are provided.

To narrow down the choice for the users, it is ideal for cyclists with a height between 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches.

This can be said as the cousin of the Hero RX2 26T, but it only lacks disc brakes.

It comes in a bold colour combo of orange-black, which makes it look unique among all other hybrid cycles.

Its tyre and frame size are both 17.5 inches.

It has a single-speed gear and Caliper brakes, which are used for both the tyres.

The frame material is steel and the suspension is on the hard side.

If you buy this from Amazon, then there is a free of cost assembly service, where the hybrid cycle will be assembled for you by an assembler.

Considering all this, we’d say this is a pretty decent deal, to begin with.

With a lightweight frame made of steel of height 19-inches and tyres of size 26-inches, it is quite easy to get the hang of this bike due to its lightness.

With a timba grey colour finish, it has a decent and classy look.

The Mach City Munich bike has a threadless hybrid steel fork and a slender design.

Its brake lever is made from a blackened alloy.

Moreover, the lightweight frame is welded together using TIG welding, which is a superior form of welding when compared to normal gas welding.

This hybrid cycle is more of a mountain bike type, meaning that it should be able to handle all kinds of terrain fairly easily.

And with that, you have covered our entire list! Now that you have some insight about all the various top hybrid bikes under Rs. 10,000, you should be able to decide on which bike that suits you best.

And that depends mainly on your primary usage purpose of the bike, and features that you would like or need in your hybrid cycle.

To make your purchase decision easy and convenient, you can refer the features table of all the cycles. It will allow you to easily narrow down on your final purchase.

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