Montra Madrock Vs. Cosmic Trium

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For those of you who came to this article must mean that you are faced with a dire situation. One that requires a tough decision to make.

Which one to choose between these two awesome mountain bike brands for it to be your partner on your adventures?

Well, fear not! Because the entire purpose of this guide is to help you make the right choice.

Now what we will do in this guide is compare the uses and features of the two MTBs (mountain bikes) of these two brands.

This doesn’t prove that either of them is greater than the other. Just that one of them is better for you than the other.

Both of them are awesome bicycle brands, and both are well deserved for someone in their own right. If you like one of them, that means that bike is the one for you and not that the other one is bad.

With that out of the way, let’s now start the actual comparison.

We will first see what features each of the bikes have to offer and then do an in-depth comparison of them to help you make your decision.

So let the comparison of Montra Madrock vs. Cosmic Trium begin!

FeaturesMontra MadrockCosmic Trium
Wheel Size26 inches27 inches
Weight25 kgs16 kgs
No. of Speeds2121
Frame Size17 inches18 inches
Frame MaterialAluminiumSteel
Braking SystemDiscDisc
AccessoriesFront and rear reflectorsBottle holder, front LED light,
rear danger light, etc.
Check PriceCheck Price
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This bad boy comes in with a 26-inch wheel-size and a 17-inch frame size, thus making it easy to manoeuvre and have excellent control for a wide range of tall people.

It has a hardtail suspension meaning, it should be able to handle those rocky bumps and jumps fairly easily.

The colour finish on the frame is fitting of what people expect an MTB to look like, thus giving it a classic look of the black-orange combination.

The frame is made of aluminium which gives it an upper edge against the harsh conditions that befall MTBs.

This Montra boasts 7 gears (speed types) and possesses alloy cage pedals that provide superior grip to the foot and help in pedalling.

The bike is delivered 85% assembled and the remaining can be assembled by a professional or by yourself (if you are careful enough!).

The bike weighs at 25 kilograms and has a disc braking system.

And along with the bike, you also get front and rear reflectors. It has an adjustable seat and a PU saddle.

Should you need to go on trekking or an adventurous trip on a mountain, then this mountain bike, the Montra Madrock cycle is the perfect choice for you.

All in all, it’s a great deal, with all the right features packed into one product.

There are some other choices from Montra Madrock. Such variants are useful for people with different tastes who might want a bit more features than this product. You may like some features but may want it in another combination with some extra features.

Then just scroll on to read more about them. Montra Madrock has a few variants that just might be perfect for the variations you might need. Here are a few —

Montra Madrock 27.5T Cycle (Yellow-Black): This variant has a similar frame height as to the original but has a larger wheel size of 27.5 inches, as compared to 26-inch wheel size.

It has a whopping 21 gears (speed types) to adjust to. This provides a lot more room for flexibility to the cyclist and those who would have considered customization on the Montra Madrock.

The colour scheme of yellow-black is also reminiscent of desert vehicles, making it fun to use on rough mountain tops.

Its frame is also made of aluminium alloy.

Montra Madrock 700X35C Cycle (Prussian Blue): This variant is delivered in 90% assembled state, making the remaining adjustments doable, even by the customer.

With its small frame size of 17-inches, it is ideal for short height people.

It has a rigid suspension and 21 gears (speed type) to speed control and ease of pedalling.

It comes in a vivid Prussian blue colour and has a disc braking system.

Overall, this is not just a mountain bike, but also a cycle that can be ridden in the city with style.

Montra Madrock 26T Cycle (Black): This model has an even smaller frame size of 16-inches thus allowing children of ages 11 and above to use it fairly easily.

It has front suspension and 21 gears, thus having the functionality of the original model and watering it down to be used for lower ages as well.

It has a disc brake system.

With all the variants of the Montra Madrock listed here, you must now have a clear idea of what the Montra cycles has to offer.

Let’s now head on to the second set for cycles from the Cosmic Trium brand.

The Cosmic Trium 27.5T 21-speed MTB is an awesome sight to behold as it is.

With a wheel size of 27.5 inches, it provides a great grip for the tyres and thereby increasing control and stability even in rough environments.

The wide tyres increase traction and help a lot in maintaining balance. It goes hand in hand with the disc braking system to ensure safety and an efficient braking system.

It gives you 21 gears to handle the bike’s speed, giving you ultimate control over the ride.

It has a strong and durable steel-made frame, that is resistant to rust and scratches easily and lasts for a very long time. The frame size measures in at 17-inches.

The appearance comes in a contrasting combination that makes you awestruck by the sight of it. The black and blue together complementing each other, makes the bike stand out.

It possesses a hardtail suspension that allows it to absorb shocks and bumps along the ride gracefully, thus keeping you as comfortable as possible.

To change your gears easily and efficiently the shifter supplied is the Shimano Ef-51; F/D: Shimano Tz30; R/D: Shimano Tx55D.

And when you get the bike delivered to you, you also get a wide range of accessories with it. You also get a front LED light, rear danger light, cable lock, wheel reflector, and seat pillar.

Like Montra Madrock, Cosmic Trium also comes in multiple variants —

Cosmic Trium 27.5T MTB Cycle (Ink Blue): There is not much difference between the bike above and this variant.

This variant comes in ink blue colour.

The free accessories included in this are a water bottle, bottle holder, front LED light, rear danger light, cable lock, wheel reflectors, seat, seat pillar, pedal set, etc.

This variant can be considered for those who would like a better choice with the colour of the bike.

Cosmic Trium KC0049 Cycle (Black): There are some considerable changes and differences between the original and this variant.

Although the wheel size and number of gears are the same, the gear shifters in this are EF-51.

In this variant, the front derailleur is the Shimano TZ-30 and the rear derailleur is Shimano TZ-50.

The freewheel is a Shimano TZ-21.

This variant has the black colour overall, with red streak lines and design. This makes it a highly stylish type of hybrid cycle.

Cosmic Trium Special Edition #1 Cycle (Black-Green): Again, there are no major changes between this variant and the original.

In this variant, the front suspension has a 60mm travel.

The gear shifter is of the Shimano EF51, and the number of gears available is seven.

The front derailleur Shimano is the TZ30 and the rear derailleur is Shimano TZ50.

The chain wheel crank is made from steel.

Freewheel is of the Shimano TZ21, and BB set being sealed and the pedals are of the PP models.

Rims are alloy and double-walled making them extremely durable.

Cosmic Trium Special Edition #2 Cycle (Black): This variant happens to be a special edition of the original, and so it has some extra additions as the increment of wheel size to 29-inches, and comes with all of the accessories that the original had.

It sports a similar colour scheme as the original, thus being fit to be called a special edition of the original.

Most of its specs such as the suspension and gear shifter are the same as that of Cosmic KC0049.

With this, we finish the details of the four variants of the Cosmic Trium hybrid cycle.

So, which one should you go for?

Now that we have information on the two bikes in a very detailed manner, we can proceed to compare their features side by side, so we can come to our final decision smoothly.

Once you’ve done a side-by-side comparison of all the various features in this showdown of brands Montra Madrock Vs. Cosmic Trium, you should be having a clear cut idea about which one you need to buy.

Of course, this depends on what your criteria are for buying a hybrid cycle in the first place.

Our suggestion after this review is that, if you are someone who wants to get an adventurous trip, go out on hikes, go down mountains on your bike then the Cosmic Trium should be your best bet. With its less weight, the high number of gears and bigger wheels, it sure gives you an advantage over hilly, rocky regions and provides you with a safe and thrilling ride.

On the other hand, if you are looking for some fun rides around the city, and get around doing so in style, in a professional-looking MTB, then the Montra Madrock is the one for you. Its simple yet sophisticated features make up for a great hybrid cycle that you may end up using for your day-to-day usage.

And now, the decision is upon you. Good luck!

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